Amazon Seller Software Demonstration Webinars

There are hundreds of tools for Amazon sellers, but nobody wants to spend time testing them and deciding if they are a good fit to the business.

DEMO MONDAYS invites software creators to do a step-by-step walk-throughs of their tools and answer core questions about their products.

The presentations are hosted by AUGUSTAS KLIGYS and are published on Mondays.

Do you have a software for Amazon sellers, which you would like to feature in Demo Mondays? Write us at and we will introduce you to the conditions.

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December 9th, 2019

December 16th, 2019

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PPC Ninja offers advanced Amazon PPC Tools and Services for Amazon Sellers and Agencies. So many sellers find their PPC failing despite trying multiple PPC tools and services. But an automation tool is only as good as the foundation on which the PPC strategy stands. PPC Ninja offers short engagement (micro services) to help you clean up and optimize your campaigns and listings at an ASIN level, so that PPC tools can then work smoothly and give you the returns you want. Average 9.5 out of 10 star rating by happy customers. Amazon advertising is a battlefield. Let's prepare you for victory.


You’ll love the exposure you can get

By far the best FBA outlet out there, able to offer HUGE value to both Amazon Sellers and Amazon Services alike. If you are a seller you’ll love the demo formats and the online summits. If you are a Service, you’ll love the exposure you can get.

Stefano Starkel
CEO at Zon.Tools

Brought us a ton of sign-ups

I had the pleasure of working with Augustas from DemoMondays. Augustas knows the Amazon space really well and setting up content and flow was a breeze.Scheduling and recording was quick and easy too. I highly recommend working with Augustas as his videos has not only brought us a ton of sign-ups but also really good SEO.

Henson Wu
Co-founder at FeedbackWhiz

Past Presentations

Quantify Ninja
Landing Cube
PPC Winner
PPC Ninja
Seller Metrix
Jump Send
Seller Chatbot
Jungle Market
Trendle Analytics
Helium 10
Efficient Era
River Cleaner
Gorilla ROI
PPC Entourage
Sonar Tool
Entourage Margins
Jungle Scout

This is what we learn about Amazon tools:

Ideal User

What kind of Amazon sellers the software serves best?


What Amazon marketplaces integrates with the tool?


What features are offered and how to benefit from them in the Amazon business.


Step-by-step presentation of the tool. See how it will feel using it! 

Archive of Software Demos

Demo Mondays #55 – PPC Ninja
PPC Ninja offers advanced Amazon PPC Tools and Services for Amazon Sellers and Agencies. So many sellers find their PPC[...]
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Demo Mondays #53 – Seller Metrix – Amazon Analytics Tool for Sellers
Instantly see your Amazon sales and profit on your personal dashboard. We will display your financial metrics like Sales, Profit,[...]
Demo Mondays #52 – PPCEntourage – Entourage margins
If you suspect (even a little) that hundreds, or maybe thousands of dollars are slipping through your fingers because you[...]
Demo Mondays #51 – Sermondo-Directory of Amazon seller services
Sermondo is a global directory platform on which Amazon sellers find service providers they need in order to manage and[...]
Demo Mondays #50 – Gorilla ROI – Google spreadsheets for Amazon sellers
Gorilla ROI is a Google Sheets Add-on that allows you to connect and import data directly from your Amazon Seller[...]
Demo Mondays #49 – FeedbackExpress
FeedbackExpress will help you build up your positive seller feedback, and also helps you dealing with, and manage any negative[...]
Demo Mondays #48 – PPC Winner – Magic PPC Automation
PPC Winner is a new advertising software that was developed by professional Amazon sellers. Their revolutionary system, FULLY AUTOMATES Amazon[...]
Demo Mondays #47 – Landing Cube
LandingCube helps Amazon sellers boost sales & rankings while building a customer list, with landing pages & chatbots. Our best-in-class[...]
Demo Mondays #46 – Pixelfy – Track Your Amazon Links
Pixelfy will help you to track your links and improve the rankings of your products on Amazon. Harness every link[...]
Demo Mondays #45 – eDesk by xSellco – Simplifying eCommerce Support
Our connected helpdesk brings together all your customer, product, order and shipping details in one screen. Everything you need to[...]