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Amazon Listing Optimization: CTR, Product Images and PPC – Danny Carlson

Optimizing your Amazon listing is one of the best things you can do to reach a wider audience for your Amazon business. But what a good optimization means? There are some techniques that guarantee your product always lands on the top of the keyword searches, gather more clicks, and eventually, get more sales. In this video, Danny Carlson from Kenji ROI shows you a couple of tricks on how to turn your basic organic listing into a more optimized one through product photography and PPC Campaigns.

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How to Launch a Profitable Amazon Product – Seth Kniep

Finding the right product to sell on Amazon is the most important yet the hardest thing to do. Basically, you have nowhere to go if you don’t find a profitable product that sells on Amazon – you don’t have huge traffic, your sales are low and, as a result, you become invisible. In this interview, Seth Kniep, the CEO and Co-founder of Just One Dime, shares many valuable tips on how to find and launch a successful product on Amazon.

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PPC Congress 2019 in Amsterdam – Behind the Scenes

This time together with Danny McMillan we are talking about of the most exciting Amazon seller event coming up this year – PPC Congress 2019. The event is focused on Amazon advertising and will be held on October 3-4th, 2019 in Amsterdam.

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Your Guide to Feedback and Product Reviews on Amazon

Feedback is valuable information, used to make an important buying decision. All top-performing companies take feedback policy very seriously – they do not only know how to accept positive feedback and deal with a negative one but also constantly ask for it. It is simply the most effective way to reach out to your future buyers and give yourself an opportunity to grow. And there are plenty more reasons behind why it is even more crucial for Amazon sellers.

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Welcome to the Amazon Jungle – Just for Brave Explorers!

Amazon is exactly as the name suggests. A fierce, dense  jungle that will eat its inhabitants alive if you don’t stick to the trail, and bring your supplies! Many a young entrepreneur has jumped into the jungle, with the mindset of “I can conquer the world, all I need is a motivated mindset, with a side of hustle,and a guru to guide my way.”

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Amazon SEO: how to get your listings rank high

If you want to sell on Amazon Europe, it is essential that you know how Amazon SEO works. These are the crucial aspects that you cannot ignore if you want your listings to appear first in the marketplace search results.

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2018 Listing Tips for Amazon Sellers in Europe, What makes a killer product listing?

Our friends at Judolaunch have shared their product listing tips and strategies for Amazon sellers in Europe. Enjoy the reading!

Whether you are just starting your Amazon journey or you are an Amazon business veteran, Judolaunch is here to help you create the optimal product listings, automate seller account, boost product ranking – all in order to increase sales on every Amazon marketplace.

Use the link above to get 10% off for their product launching services in Europe, North America and Japan!

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Freight Shipping to Amazon EU Warehouses: from A to Z

We talked to Shypple and they kindly provided a brief introduction to freight shipping. Especially on shipping from China up to Amazon warehouses in Europe. Enjoy their insights!

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Product Selection in Amazon Germany with Greg Mercer

This is a session from the European Private Label Summit 2017 – the online conference for Amazon FBA sellers in European marketplaces.

I have challenged Greg Mercer, the founder of Jungle Scout, to demonstrate how to find a product in the marketplace without knowing the language. Greg does not speak a word of German, but using the JungleScout tools he managed to identify a potential product idea.

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