Sell Your Amazon FBA Business – Full List of 50+ Acquirers and Brokers

Many Amazon sellers who have built profitable business at some point decides to sell it. But after making such decision, what to do next?

There are some options, including listing your business for sale online, selling it on an auction website but the most effective one is to reaching out directly to business acquirers or brokers.

We want to help sellers like you and make this process simpler. For this reason, in this blog post we put together the most comprehensive list of Amazon FBA business acquirers and brokers.

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Amazon FBA Business Acquirers

A company that obtains the rights to run another business is called a business acquirer. Amazon third-party business acquisitions are booming right now and you might have already heard of a few better known names in the industry, like Thrasio.

Below you will find 30+ business acquirers from which one can be the best match for you.

The Fortia Group

Location: US, EU

Interested in Amazon businesses that are independent European eCommerce brands with over 2 years operating history, revenue greater than €1m across all channels, healthy margins, outstanding RRR (reviews, ratings, rankings) and significant long term growth potential.

The Fortia Group is a technology led, and data science driven, eCommerce company that acquires and grows European eCommerce brands. They acquire brands selling on any marketplace in Europe (e.g. Amazon, Allegro,, CDiscount, eMag, ePrice, Fnac, Otto, or selling DTC (direct to consumer).

Olsam Group

Location: London, UK
Interested in Amazon businesses that generate from $100k to $10 mln. turnover in a year, and have 15%+ margins.

Olsam is a technology-driven consumer goods company that acquires, operates, and scales category-leading e-commerce brands for the long term.

Olsam’s team has worked internally at Amazon in the London HQ; supported on M&A transactions at some of the world’s most well-known financial institutions (Rothschild, Deloitte, Alvarez & Marsal); and built up their own brands into best-sellers that have been awarded the Amazon’s Choice badge and thousands of 5* reviews.

Backed by some of Europe’s leading investors, with $500M under management and 40 IPOs, Olsam is building a European consumer goods conglomerate that acquires and scales category-leading brands across global marketplaces, whilst creating a workplace where people love what they do.

Accel Club

Location: Delaware, USA
Interested in Amazon businesses with up to $3 million in turnover per year/ $500k per month

Accel Club buys and operates profitable and fast-growing independent sellers (3Ps/FBA businesses) on Amazon esp. with great brands They focus on private label mainly but are also open to talking to resellers as well.

Moonshot Capital

Location: Toronto, USA

Moonshot Capital is an investment fund managed by experienced entrepreneurs and investors seeking to acquire, accelerate and grow e-commerce businesses. They invest in businesses with specific revenue & EBITDA criteria and work with them to drive growth and operational improvements.

They are experienced business operators and not just private equity or strategic acquirers, therefore operate differently than the typical investor in a way that is most flexible for business owners.


Location: Walpole, USA
Interested in Amazon businesses with good reviews, rating, and rank, lower amount of SKUs (fewer products but more sales), at least $1 mln. to $15 mln. in revenue on a trailing 12 months basis.

After acquiring your business, Thrasio puts it through a 503-point migration process—ushering it through diligence, creative, brand management and marketing. Through its lifecycle, more than 50 Thrashers live and breathe your brand as it becomes a profit-doubling machine.

Boosted Commerce

Location: Los Angeles, USA
Interested in Amazon businesses that make from £75k profits, no black hat, 15%+ margins.

Boosted Commerce is an acquisition company that focuses on third party FBA sellers on Amazon. Their team is composed of entrepreneurs and self-starters that know how to expand and continue to grow your business while maintaining the integrity of your brand.


Location: Boston, USA
Interested in Amazon businesses
that sell 90% products through Amazon, generate at least $200K in SDE (profit) in the last year.

Founded by experts in technology, operations, strategy, and the Amazon ecosystem, Perch is a technology-enabled consumer products company that acquires and operates Amazon FBA businesses at scale.

Razor Group

Location: Berlin, Germany

Razor is the new-age consumer holding with a clear strategic focus on specific product categories, long-term value enhancement and first-class customer satisfaction. 

Razor Group buying process takes only 6 weeks – from the valuation of your Amazon FBA business to getting all the documents cleared and finally transferring your well-deserved money to your bank account.


Location: Toronto, USA

Founded in 2020, Acquco is an institutionally-backed acquisition company based in New York City. they are focused on third-party FBA sellers on Amazon. Led by a team of veteran operators and ex-Amazonians, they allow for founders to successfully exit their Amazon business in less than 30 days. We offer flexible terms and do not prevent entrepreneurs from selling again on Amazon.


Location: London, UK

Heroes is a technology-driven e-commerce company that acquires, operates, and scales small and medium-sized brands with category-winning products on global marketplaces. We focus on Amazon FBA brands with outstanding customer reviews and a proven track record of leading bestseller lists in high-growth niches.

The Hut Group (THG)

Location: Manchester, UK

The Hut Group, also known as THG, s a British e-commerce company headquartered at Manchester Airport, England. It operates over 100 international websites selling Fast-moving consumer goods (“FMCG”) direct to consumers through its proprietary e-commerce platform. As of 2015, The Hut Group’s sales had predominantly been outside the UK.

Volition Capital

Location: Boston, USA

Volition Capital is a growth equity firm that principally invests in high potential, founder-owned companies across different technology sectors. The firm specializes in partnering with founders to help them achieve their fullest aspirations for their business.

One form of the partnership comes through investing capital for the purposes of accelerated growth, strategic acquisitions, and shareholder liquidity. Another form of the partnership comes simply from bringing all of its resources to bear to help their founders be successful.

The company has a team that has 75 years of collective investing experience helping dozens of companies navigate to successful IPOs and acquisitions. Assets invested in the current portfolio of 26 companies are approximately $400 million. Much of their success has come from investing in capital-efficient technology companies in sectors such as software, the Internet, information services, and tech-enabled services. The firm gravitates towards high growth companies that have demonstrated traction in the market and are looking for a partner to help them achieve clear market leadership.


Location: London, UK

Dragonfly is an acquirer and developer of standout eCommerce businesses. They look for eCommerce brands that customers love (and they often aren’t afraid to show it). These are brands that have the potential to be taken to the next level. Most importantly, they have a deep appreciation for brands that were created by inventors who saw a genuine need in people’s lives and wanted to create something to fill that need. They are not interested in generics, commodities, or clones.


Location: UK

Interested in Amazon businesses that sell in Home & Kitchen, Garden & Outdoor, Sports & Wellness, Pets & Hobbies, Arts & Crafts categories. Mainly buys brands that make 200k-750k USD in sales.

eBrands acquires and finances Amazon FBA brands with potential category-winning products.

D1 Brands

Location: New York, USA

D1 Brands is the only FBA acquirer built by Amazon-native third-party sellers. Their team has built multiple private label brands on Amazon over the last decade.


Location: Miami, USA

GOJA creates, buys, and invests in great brands by leveraging people, technology, and 11 years of Amazon expertise. In 2009, GOJA recognized the potential for marketplaces and began building the infrastructure for the CPG company of the future. Today, GOJA is one of the largest Amazon sellers in the world, a leading distributor for premium brands like Canon, Sigma, and Tamron. These brands came to rely on GOJA as a strong Amazon partner, valuing the sales and positive reviews they generated.

Elevate Brands

Location: New York, USA

Elevate Brands (formerly Recom Brands) acquires consumer leading Amazon brands and then elevates them to their full potential. They believe firmly in treating sellers fairly and with utmost professionalism. They are a cash buyer of Amazon FBA businesses backed by strong investors. Their team prides themselves on their streamlined underwriting process and typically close deals within 30 days.

Brand1 Ventures

Location: London, UK

Interested in Amazon business that are European / US FBA businesses in Health, Beauty, Personal care, Children, and Pets categories. Looking for businesses that have operated for at least a year and already have $1m+ annual revenue.

Brand1 Ventures is Europe based Direct-to-Consumer online brands investor and accelerator. They target brands in Health, Beauty, Personal care, Children, and Pets categories in Europe and North America.

Their team combines professional experience in e-commerce, marketing and market research, logistics, technology and automation, and finance. 

Savitar FBA

Location: Madrid, Spain

Interested in Amazon businesses that sold between €500k and €20m on Amazon over the last 12 months 

Savitar is the leading acquirer and operator of European Amazon-first brands. It targets great brands with amazing products in high-growth niches to acquire, operate, and grow using their vast experience acquiring and scaling businesses while leveraging their knowledge of the Amazon eco-system and wider e-commerce space.

Centro Brands

Location: USA

CENTRO is built by sellers for sellers and has a team of former top tier Amazon executives, world class Amazon experts, and thought leaders that made the decision to find, buy & build incredible Amazon businesses – like yours – into Category Dominating Brands.

On average, they will move forward with your brand within 5 days and sometimes sooner. That means that in 5 days, they'll have learned enough about your brand to make a go / no-go decision.

Altacrest Capital

Location: Dallas, USA

Interested in Amazon businesses with minimum EBITDA of $2 million, strong free cash flow characteristics, compelling organic growth, controlling ownership opportunity.

Altacrest Capital is a Dallas based private investment firm focused on investing in Consumer Products (extensive experience in eCommerce) and Business Services companies. They seek to invest in family-owned and owner-operated businesses through buyout, recapitalization or growth equity investments. They partner with existing or newly appointed management teams and operators to provide capital, expertise and relationships to promote growth.

As they are usually the first outside investors in a company, they partner with management teams to navigate that transition carefully and work with teams to create platforms to allow them to focus on improving and growing the business.

Tiny Capital

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Tiny Capital makes investments in both private and public companies and have a base of permanent capital from a family office. Since 2006, they have started, invested in, or acquired over 70 companies. Occasionally, they make minority and venture investments, but these days mostly focus on acquiring majority stakes.


Location: Berlin, Germany

SellerX buys and grows Amazon businesses. They are a VC-backed start-up with a growing, diversified portfolio of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers. Their goal is to make at least 20 acquisitions over the next 12 months, then to further optimize and grow the assets post-acquisition.

Founded by two HBS graduates: one who built an e-commerce business to €700mn+ in revenue as co-founder, and the other a former Goldman Sachs SSG with extensive PE roll-up experience. Together, they raised over €100mn in seed financing led by Cherry Ventures, Felix Capital and Silicon Valley-based TriplePoint Capital with participation from Village Global.

Global Wired Advisors

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Global Wired Advisors is a different kind of online business intermediary. They combine deep merger and acquisition expertise with decades of online and e-commerce business building experience. They begin by completing an in-depth review of your business and then utilize their experience and market knowledge to get it ready for sale. Then produce a professional marketing package for your company and present it to their global network of qualified investors.

SellerX guides you through the negotiation and closing process, handling the workload while you continue to run your business. They also provide a comprehensive post-closing consulting package to the buyer (free of charge to you) that creates additional value for you as the seller.

Northbound Group

Location: USA

Northbound Group is your path to a successful exit. They help eCommerce businesses with: Strategic finance - our industry-leading strategic valuation model and team of experienced financial professionals provide CFO-level advice to increase your profits and sales; Corporate development - with former Amazon Sellers on their team, they offer in-depth strategic advice and operational insight to drive your business to new heights; Mergers and Acquisitions - they are Sell-Side Specialists.

Berlin Brands Group

Location: Berlin, Germany

Interested in Amazon businesses that have GMV corridor of min. 500k and max. 30M, but still flexible in some cases, non-Amazon businesses also welcome, e.g. D2C shop owners, as of today not looking for Food, Fashion and Beauty related products.

The Berlin Brands Group - part of Chal-Tec GmbH - is a globally active vertical commerce company with brands from Home & Living, Consumer Electronics, Sound & Light and Sports, united under one roof. Since its foundation in 2005 by Peter Chaljawski it is one of Germany's top-selling digital companies.

The Berlin Brands Group (BBG) encompasses its portfolio’s entire value chain: from product development, conception and design to production, marketing and customer service. From its headquarters in Berlin, the vertical commerce company manages the brand development and multi-channel distribution of more than 2,500 products for consumers in 24 countries worldwide. More than 700 employees currently work at the six locations in Berlin (headquarters), Kamp-Lintfort (logistics centre), Bratislava, Istanbul, Hong Kong and San Francisco.


Location: Berlin, Germany

Zeelos was founded by a multidisciplinary team from the fields of technology, supply chain and brand management. Their investors are experienced founders, CEOs and family offices. Zeelos acquires and operates Amazon FBA brands from successful founders and offers you the opportunity to sell your company to experts at the right time and thus create the conditions for sustained future growth. They are flexible in terms of structure and either pay you out or offer you the option of future profit sharing.


Location: San Francisco, United States

Heyday's mission is to help e-commerce entrepreneurs reach new heights by providing the capital, tools and insights to accelerate their brands in the marketplace ecosystem. Heyday, which was co-founded by Sebastian Rymarz and Adam Gerchen in August 2020, partners with sellers to acquire, launch and incubate successful brands on digital marketplaces like Amazon. The platform is being built upon technology, data and operations tailored specifically to marketplace commerce.

Cap Hill Brands

Location: Seattle, USA

Cap Hill Brands is a consumer products company that acquires and operates great e-commerce and DTC brands. It was founded by experts in e-commerce marketing, operations, and strategy -- and are backed by venture capitalists specializing in the consumer and e-commerce sectors.

They ook for long-term businesses with strong competitive advantages. If you're exploring options for selling your business, they are a premier partner with a phenomenal track record of leading brands to new levels of growth online.

Diverge Group

Location: UK

Interested in Amazon businesses with revenues of £1m - £20m, strong brands with a defendable position in the market, exciting growth opportunities (UK and international).

Diverge Group invests in UK-based consumer businesses with great product and strong brands. They bring leadership, deep knowledge and friendly capital to entrepreneurs looking to transition their business and preserve their legacy.

The company offers flexible solutions, a fair price and the opportunity for you to benefit from the future success of your business. They ensure continuity for customers and employees by helping the business to grow and flourish.


Location: Switzerland

Flummox is a platform that acquires and scales promising European online consumer brands that are profitable and ready to be expanded into flourishing businesses.

Flywheel Commerce

Location: New York, USA

Interested in Amazon businesses with the $1-5M annual revenue range.

Flywheel Commerce is looking for Amazon businesses of all types, from single SKU businesses to hundreds of SKUs. They typically look for sellers in the $1-5M annual revenue range, but will evaluate both smaller and larger businesses.

The company has three core pillars to our process for buying:
Speed. They do not want to waste owners’ time. If there is a fit on both sides, they'll proceed quickly. If not, they can introduce you to trusted business brokers who can help. They aim to complete the full process in fewer than 45 days.
Flexibility to put together deal structures that help owners meet their objectives. Interested in taking some money off the table, but continuing to work and own a big piece of the business? Interested in selling 100% of the business? They're open to all kinds of discussion.
Certainty. Once in diligence they have 100% close rate.

Forum Brands

Location: New York, USA

Interested in Amazon businesses with 70% or more of sales through Amazon FBA, demonstrated financial success of at least $150K in Net Profit (SDE) in the last year.

Forum Brands buys digitally-native consumer brands and build them into category leaders. They partner with owners of the best everyday products selling through Amazon FBA and other 3rd party marketplaces. As long-time investors, operators, and industry experts, they represent the most trusted buyers in e-commerce.


Location: New York, USA

Interested in Amazon businesses of leading categories and products that have strong sales history, rankings, reviews and opportunity for scale.

Greenhaus is a forward-thinking consumer products company seeking to acquire, fund, and support the long-term growth of Amazon private label businesses. They look for leading categories and products that have strong sales history, rankings, reviews and opportunity for scale.

Inflection Brands

Location: USA

Inflection Brands is an entrepreneur-focused acquirer and operator of Amazon FBA businesses supported by a team of industry veterans and world-class operating systems. With decades of combined M&A knowledge and experience operating 750+ products on the Amazon marketplace, they are the ideal partner to enable brands to reach their full potential.

Next Century Capital

Location: USA

Next Century Capital is the fastest growing acquirer of Amazon FBA Businesses. It has a wealth of experience purchasing FBA businesses from all over the world. Their goal is to get you to your goal as efficiently as possible. Most closes are completed within 30-45 days of Letter of Intent, although the record is an amazing 7 days.

Orange Brands

Location: Germany

Orange Brands is building a highly specialized operating and scaling platform to bring Amazon microbrands to the next level in Germany in Europe. That’s why Orange Brands is not only an investor, but by heart is a brand accelerator.

River Sea Network

Location: Boston, USA

River Sea Network is an acquirer with committed capital allocated to purchase Amazon FBA businesses. The team behind have prior experience as FBA operators, resulting in an efficient and seamless acquisition and transition process. They expect to close deals and wire cash to the seller within 30 days of signing a letter of intent (LOI).

Suma Brands

Location: Minneapolis, USA

Suma was founded on the belief that the next generation of household brands will rise out of the Amazon marketplace, like our namesake the Sumauma tree rises out of the Amazon rainforest. Its purpose is to find, acquire and help those brands realize their potential, both in the Amazon “jungle” and beyond.


Location: Germany

Thirstii is the leading and highest rated European Amazon Businesses buyers. They will buy your Amazon business within only 4-6 weeks at a fair value.

Umbrella Fund

Location: Houston, USA

Umbrella Fund is a fast growing Amazon FBA and E-commerce Business acquirer. Founded by successful E-commerce and FBA business owners, Umbrella Fund is on it's way to becoming a leading acquirer in the Amazon and E-commerce space.


Location: Barcelona, Spain

Yaba buys, finances and supports the growth of businesses based on Amazon FBA. They look for category-leading products with strong sales history, reviews, ratings, and ability to scale.

Ecom Brokers

Location: UK

Founded by Ben Leonard and Allison Walker, Ecom Brokers have been there and done it - on all sides. Based in the UK, Ecom Brokers works with businesses all over the world. When Ben and Allison worked together on the sale of Ben’s eCommerce business - they noticed a gap in the industry. Where was the brokerage that had the experience of the seller, the broker, the accountant and the eCommerce expert? That's why Ecom Brokers is the eCommerce brokerage by eCommerce people.

The Mothership

Location: UK

The Mothership was founded in 2021 by a group of 4 product and technology entrepreneurs. The Mothership acquires, develops and sells top selling products on Amazon across a number of different categories. The company hires smart and driven people that collaborate and thrive on building a company that is disrupting the way commerce is done.


Location: UK

Primeridian acquires small and medium sized businesses.


Location: Spain

Valoreo is a conglomerate of brands with the best performance in digital commerce. They don't just acquire brands and businesses, but invest in the products in which they see the full potential to take them to the next level. With extensive international experience in investments, operations, branding, technology and e-commerce, they can be your ideal partner to scale your business.

They focus on working with brands that are in categories with high potential for growth. Brands that, through the reviews, have been shown to provide an excellent experience to the user and are top-sellers in the region.


Location: New York, Paris, Berlin, London

Branded is one of Amazon’s leading FBA platforms having become a home to some of the most beloved brands online. Branded's goal is to acquire proven Amazon brands and grow them by 100x leveraging their global network and expertise in marketing, merchandising, supply chain, and product development.


Location: Spain, Portugal

Interested in Amazon businesses that generates 500k-10 million revenue

BrandHero is a technology-driven brand of brands. They acquire and scale e-commerce brands such as Amazon FBAs.

Amazon FBA business brokers

Amazon brokers act as intermediates between you, the one selling the business, and your business acquirer. A broker will assist you along the way and make sure the process goes as smooth as possible. So if you don't want to spend time looking for a potential acquirer and deal with a bunch of documents, then you definitely want to hire one.

Below there are a few options to consider when looking for an Amazon FBA business broker. 

Quiet Light

Location: Mooresville, USA

Quiet Light sells websites and their team of professional advisors consists only of entrepreneurs who have successfully owned, bought, and sold their own six and seven figure businesses. With their unparalleled experience, they know how to successfully navigate the often complex, frustrating, and difficult process of selling an established and profitable website.

With the proven process and proven team, Quite Light is able to sell your website for greater value in a more secure transaction which leaves everyone happy.


Location: UK

Interested in Amazon businesses with minimum of €1m enterprise value.

Hahnbeck is an M&A consultancy (similar to a broker) based in the UK, specialising in e-commerce. They are in constant contact with all of the main acquirers of FBA businesses and only take on a small number of clients at a time. Hahnbeck focuses on larger businesses (minimum €1m enterprise value). They provide an investment banking level of service at a much more reasonable price – their fee is 4% + VAT.

DJC Digital Brokers

Location: New York, USA

Interested in Amazon business in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada and Mexico with a minimum of $500k of revenue and $100k of profit up to $10 million in sales and $5 million in profit. Deal with multi-channel and single channel eCommerce businesses with Amazon presence.

DJC Digital is the brainchild of veteran New York-based former financial-services-exec-turned-digital-marketer, David Carroll. They are a small team of digital property experts working together to serve the needs of digital property buyers and sellers. DJC Digital Brokers are digital and financial generalists and have broad experience with M&A, digital marketing, fundraising, strategic partnerships and transaction execution. Closed over 50 transactions totalling $15 million since 2016.

The FBA Broker

Location: Austin, USA

The FBA Broker ran by Coran Woodmass helps founders of consumer product brands prepare & sell their business for the highest value and best deal terms.

They are specialists in e-commerce (with an Amazon sales channel) based M&A. Right now their registered buyers have over $1 Billion in available capital ready to buy your consumer product brand. Specialist in eCommerce (with Amazon sales channel) M&A. 17+ years experience in marketing, sales, management, and negotiation.


Location: Berlin, Germany

Dragonflip is a marketplace for buying & selling e-commerce companies. They are the leading European corporate broker for e-commerce companies and product brands, operating since 2017.


Location: Israel

Fortunet is a boutique investment banking firm specializing in M&A and fundraising for E-commerce businesses and, in particular, Amazon FBA businesses.

Fortunet represents businesses for sale of different sizes, ranging from equity value of $500K to $60M. They work closely with different buyers, including e-commerce companies, private equity firms, VCs and private investors.

Empire Flippers

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Empire Flippers has helped customers buy and sell over $50 million worth of Ecommerce, Adsense, Affiliate, SaaS, FBA, and many other revenue-generating assets. Their buyers and sellers span the globe and we’ve fine-tuned their process and team to ensure you have a safe, secure buying and selling experience.

Empire Flippers is an Inc. 500 company and the #1 curated marketplace for buying and selling established, profitable online businesses online.