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Best Converting Amazon Follow Up Email Subject Lines – FeedbackWhiz

Subject lines are crucial when it comes to selling your product to a customer. If you want your customer to open your email and buy your product, you must first focus on composing your subject line and to make sure it’s engaging, catchy. and brief.

Today we are talking to Henson Wu from FeedbackWhiz about what subject lines convert the best. Henson also shares some tips on which subject lines have the highest open rates and which ones are better to avoid.

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Virtual Assistant For Your Amazon FBA: How To Find a Good VA?

The biggest mistake Amazon sellers do is thinking that they can manage all the tasks by themselves. And do it even better than anybody else.

Gilad Freimann, who is running the Virtual Assistants Academy, doesn’t think that way. Today we are talking to him about different types of assistance for Amazon sellers, why and when do they need them, and how to find a reliable and virtual assistant.

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Demo Mondays #51 – Sermondo-Directory of Amazon seller services

Sermondo is a global directory platform on which Amazon sellers find service providers they need in order to manage and grow their Amazon business – all around the world. Sellers can search, compare and rate companies from over 20 service categories, making it the easiest and most transparent way of choosing the right service providers to work with.

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Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP): Reach Your Audience & Accelerate Sales

What is an Amazon DSP and how to start using it for advertising your products on and off Amazon?

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How to Analyze Amazon PPC Data: No More ACoS?

Many people think that ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) is a key metric used to measure the performance of your Amazo PPC campaigns. But is it really the main thing you should focus on?

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Amazon Appeal Plan of Action: Step-by-Step Process with Or Shamosh

What is an Amazon appeal plan of action and how to properly handle Amazon suspension?

This time Amazon policy expert Or Shamosh from SellerAppeal shares a couple of situations where the Amazon account might be suspended and explains which suspensions you could appeal yourself and where you might want professional help.

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India Sourcing Trip 2019: A New Destination for Product Sourcing

In this video, we have a very interesting talk with Meghla Bhardwaj about sourcing products from India and India Sourcing Trip – a sourcing, learning, and cultural tour to the Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair in October 2019.

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Trademarks for Amazon Sellers in US and EU

In this video we talk to Alex Chernenko, who explains about trademark registration for Amazon sellers in Europe and in the US.

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What’s new at Seller.Tools 2019 – Suite of Tools for Amazon sellers

In this video I am going to talk to Troy Johnston from Seller.Tools, who will tell us what is new in their application and what services they provide to Amazon sellers. And if you want to watch the demo of Seller.Tools, simply click here.

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Return Costs for Amazon Sellers and how to Reduce them

In this video I talk to Vladi Gordon from sellerboard who explains to us what happens when customers return products to Amazon, what losses the seller suffers and how to reduce such costs.

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