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Helium 10 vs ZonGuru Review

When it comes to product research for Amazon FBA, there are a few tools that sellers choose right away, including widely known Helium 10. However, the demand for tools is growing and now we have new competitive tools to choose from, one of them being ZonGuru. In this Helium 10 vs. ZonGuru review, you will learn about both of them from the perspective of an Amazon seller and find out which one is the best choice to do your Amazon product and keyword research.

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Instant Video Ads for Your Amazon Listing

Creating Amazon sponsored brands videos for your product listing is definitely a way to differentiate yourself from competitors. It will not only generate more conversions but also increase your brand awareness.

If you think creating video ads is complicated and time-consuming, here is a solution that will change your mind – this time Joseph La Selva from Perpetua shows us how to use a new Video Creator feature to instantly create appealing and catchy video ads for Amazon listing without video editing software.

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How to Create A+ Content (EBC) on Amazon

How to create A+ content (EBC) on Amazon to improve your listings? Chris Rawlings from Sophie Society shares an A+ content formula for your Amazon listings that you can implement right away.

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Finding the Best Product to Sell on Amazon – ZonGuru

When starting to sell on Amazon, the first challenge you need to overcome is finding the best product to sell – for this, you might want to look for niche products. But what data to actually use when doing your initial Amazon product research?

At this stage, you are most likely to look at various tools to help you with it. ZonGuru tool is one of the options when it comes to managing your Amazon business, from product research to business automation. Today Jon Tilley, the CEO of ZonGuru, will tell you more about their newest Niche Finder keyword database to find product ideas and Easy Source in a world’s first collaboration with to find great suppliers.

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Improve Organic Ranking on Amazon by Using PPC

If you are not ranking on page one on Amazon, it means you are invisible. Ranking as high as possible in the search term results is one thing that every Amazon seller aims to do. Obviously, when we talk about ranking, we often refer to Amazon PPC as well, but what about the organic ranking and share of voice?

Today Joseph La Selva from Perpetua, an AI-powered optimization platform for sponsored ads on Amazon, tells us everything you need to know about the importance of organic ranking and share of voice – what are these metrics and how to improve them.

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Get Your Amazon Business Plan Ready – Jérôme de Guigné

Starting an Amazon business without a clear long-term plan can be one of the triggers of why your business does not develop the way you’d like. Most of the time, sellers don’t have business plans simply because they’re lacking the necessary knowledge of how important it is and, finally, do not know how to prepare one. This time Amazon business expert Jérôme de Guigné from will explain how having a sustainable business plan is impacts your long-term business goals.

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Advanced Amazon PPC Tips – PPC Winner

It’s already holiday season which is one of the most intense periods for Amazon sellers. What to do to beat the competition and increase sales? How to improve PPC and become more visible? Today Assaf Vigdor from PPC Winner shares some tips and hacks that will help you to master Amazon sponsored ads.

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Prepare Listings Before Launching a PPC Campaign

Many PPC campaigns are not fully prepared for advertising and it’s obviously affecting sales and organic rankings. Today Assaf Vigdor from PPC Winner share best practices and advice on how to improve your listing and which elements are critical before launching a campaign.

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Get Your Amazon Business Ready for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is the most awaited period for most of the Amazon sellers. In order to get the most out of it, one should be well-prepared. That’s why this time Assaf Vigdor from PPC Winner shares how to increase your sales and increase revenue during the holiday season.

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Automated Follow-Up Email Sequences – FeedbackWhiz

How to easily set up Amazon email follow-up sequences?

Henson Wu from FeedbackWhiz walks us through the step-by-step demo of how to use their tool to set up automated email campaigns to get more reviews.

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