Demo Mondays #42 – Quantify Ninja

Every month, an increasing number of sellers starts selling on Amazon, making the reign fiercely competitive, and turning it into a game in which only the fittest survive. If you want to not only survive but lead the way, you simply can’t rely on outdated sets of tools and techniques anymore. You must be able to monitor and improve your account, and create a strong direct connection with your customer through follow up emails and external marketing. Quantify Ninja meets those challenges by providing a state-of-the-art solution, an ever-evolving set of tools wrapped up in a stunning, easy to use, intuitive interface.

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Demo Mondays #41 – Shopkeeper – Automatic Profit Calculator

Shopkeeper (formerly known as AMZPing) is an easy to use software, which shows Amazon sales and inventory data across all marketplaces in one place.

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Mindset for Successful Start on Amazon – Final Piece Talk #2

In this FINAL PIECE TALK episode Augustas Kligys and Olav Vannik talk about what do you need to start selling on Amazon. We talk about places where you can incorporate US company and the mindset you need to set before committing to this journey.

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Demo Mondays #40 – Teikametrics Flywheel – Sponsored Products Optimizer

Teikametrics Flywheel is a Retail Optimization Platform (ROP) that uses Big Data to help sellers and brands automate and optimize advertising on Amazon. Flywheel provides visibility into key metrics coupled with powerful machine learning and data science technology which takes action to help brands scale – all in a seamless, intuitive interface.

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Amazon Business: from Selling Door to Door to $50K/month – Final Piece Talk #1

This is the first episode of the FINAL PIECE TALK. In these video series Orange Klik founder Augustas Kligys and an Amazon seller & coach Olav Vannik talk about different business related topics.

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Demo Mondays #39 – CyberAMZ – Intelligence platform for Amazon Sellers

CyberAmz is a good choice for both new-comers and experienced Amazon sellers. Our tools help sellers track the performance of their products and a little bit more. With features like tracking the keyword rankings, page position and search volume, you will also get info about your competitors, like keyword positioning (on the same graphs)

Our Chrome Extension helps in discovering your competition’s keyword strategy on any page you browse on Amazon.

You can also gain access to useful information that delivers compact data about product price, accurate search volume, cost per click, review count, and what we like to call – Geek Score – it’s special metric, based on your data, that helps classify your most important keywords.

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Amazon Listing Copy – LIVE Q&A with Hypnotic Copywriter Diane Boerstler

Diane Boerstler, the founder of Amazon Sales Guru answers your questions about Amazon Hypnotic Copywriting

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Amazon Expert Q&A – Q4 Strategies with Danny McMillan

Danny McMillan – Global speaker and host of Seller Sessions: The no 1 Podcast for Advanced Amazon Sellers

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Amazon Review Abuse, Seller Account issues, Plan of Action, Hijackers with Chris McCabe

Chris McCabe, founder of eCommerce Chris, answers your questions related to Amazon Account Suspensions, Product Review Abuse, Listing Hijackers, Account and ASIN Reinstatements.

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Amazon Listing Translations by Native Translators

YLT Translations helps you conquer the Amazon World!

YLT stands for Your Listing Translations and they have been helping more and more Amazon sellers both new and established, who are looking to sell in Europe and Japan.

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