Amazon Press Releases: New Product Launching Strategy?

Can Amazon press releases be a new product launching strategy? How does it improve your Amazon ranking?

Shane Oglow, the president of prREACH company that helps Amazon seller to create press and video releases to help Amazon sellers rank higher, explains how press releases benefit your Amazon business, how to use it for a successful product launching, and how to prepare one.

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Avoid These 11 Amazon Sponsored Ads Mistakes

What are the most common Amazon Sponsored Ads Mistakes and how to avoid it?

This time Lazar Zepinic from Sellers Alley talks about the most common mistakes he sees in Amazon sellers advertising accounts. These tips on how to avoid such mistakes are valuable for both beginners and advanced Amazon sellers trying to figure out their PPC accounts. 

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Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP): Reach Your Audience & Accelerate Sales

What is an Amazon DSP and how to start using it for advertising your products on and off Amazon?

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How to Analyze Amazon PPC Data: No More ACoS?

Many people think that ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) is a key metric used to measure the performance of your Amazo PPC campaigns. But is it really the main thing you should focus on?

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Seller Fest Lithuania 2019: Top Amazon Experts Are Coming to the Baltics

We have exciting news – Seller Fest is coming to the Baltics! This time Seller Fest Lithuania will be held on September 14-15 in Vilnius, the historic capital of Lithuania. Today we talk about this event with another Lithuanian, Paulina Masson, the founder of Shopkeeper

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Passive Income Online? – Final Piece Talk #3

What does passive income mean? Can you generate passive income as an FBA seller?

In this FINAL PIECE TALK episode, Augustas Kligys and Olav Vannik discuss on a passive income idea, what this concept really means, and what mindset one should have to achieve it.

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Amazon Appeal Plan of Action: Step-by-Step Process with Or Shamosh

What is an Amazon appeal plan of action and how to properly handle Amazon suspension?

This time Amazon policy expert Or Shamosh from SellerAppeal shares a couple of situations where the Amazon account might be suspended and explains which suspensions you could appeal yourself and where you might want professional help.

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Demo Mondays #50 – Gorilla ROI – Google spreadsheets for Amazon sellers

Gorilla ROI is a Google Sheets Add-on that allows you to connect and import data directly from your Amazon Seller Central account into Google Sheets. Instead of exporting and manually processing the numbers, you can have your existing spreadsheets update by itself. Get direct and flexible access to your Amazon data without having to know code. Do things like bulk convert your ASIN’s to SKU’s or FNSKU, breakdown the fees and charges per sku, pull historical inventory level for projections, load the number of units sold by month, week, last year, last month and more. Streamline your data and work so you can focus on more important things in your business.

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India Sourcing Trip 2019: A New Destination for Product Sourcing

In this video, we have a very interesting talk with Meghla Bhardwaj about sourcing products from India and India Sourcing Trip – a sourcing, learning, and cultural tour to the Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair in October 2019.

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PPC Congress 2019 in Amsterdam – Behind the Scenes

This time together with Danny McMillan we are talking about of the most exciting Amazon seller event coming up this year – PPC Congress 2019. The event is focused on Amazon advertising and will be held on October 3-4th, 2019 in Amsterdam.

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