Amazon Seller Fest Israel 2019 in Tel Aviv

In this video I am going to talk about Amazon Seller Fest Israel, the event that will take place in Israel, in Tel Aviv, on July 7th. The event is organized by Orange Klik and Quantify Ninija, and I am going to interview Yinon from Quantify Ninja.

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Demo Mondays #48 – PPC Winner – Magic PPC Automation

PPC Winner is a new advertising software that was developed by professional Amazon sellers. Their revolutionary system, FULLY AUTOMATES Amazon PPC campaigns. Here are few of the system capabilities: Automatically generate PPC campaigns; Manages campaigns from A to Z; Conducts keyword search; Optimizes the daily bidding to save hard $; Increases impressions and product position.

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Return Costs for Amazon Sellers and how to Reduce them

In this video I talk to Vladi Gordon from sellerboard who explains to us what happens when customers return products to Amazon, what losses the seller suffers and how to reduce such costs.

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Demo Mondays #47 – Landing Cube

LandingCube helps Amazon sellers boost sales & rankings while building a customer list, with landing pages & chatbots. Our best-in-class Amazon landing pages, available in 4 beautiful design layouts, allow you to deliver single-use promo codes in exchange for emails or Messenger subscribers. Or bypass landing pages altogether with our Messenger Ad feature, which allows you to send coupon codes directly in Facebook Messenger and automate review followups.

LandingCube has super-easy integrations with the Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, 8 email service providers and ManyChat.

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Demo Mondays #46 – Pixelfy – Track Your Amazon Links

Pixelfy will help you to track your links and improve the rankings of your products on Amazon.

Harness every link you share. Monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place to increase your Amazon Sales.

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Demo Mondays #45 – eDesk by xSellco – Simplifying eCommerce Support

Our connected helpdesk brings together all your customer, product, order and shipping details in one screen. Everything you need to respond and resolve customers queries is available from one manageable location.

eDesk enhances your support team’s productivity while also helping you provide customer pleasing responses at the click of a button. Unique features such as AI generated responses and auto-translate allows any agent to respond at any time. With eDesk you can automate your marketplace feedback, requests and reviews, to improve your reputation with minimal effort. Attract more customers and increase sales with a higher number of positive reviews. Streamlined support and happier customers generates more sales for you. You will have instant visibility on every aspect of your performance. Improve your reputation and sell more at higher prices.

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Demo Mondays #44 – Sellozo – Amazon Management and Optimization Tools

Sellozo offers an à la carte, comprehensive suite of intelligent tools for Amazon Sellers. We automate the tedious stuff, analyze a wealth of data, and package it all up into intuitive reporting and tools, powered by real data and backed by exceptional support, that Amazon Sellers need.

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Welcome to the Amazon Jungle – Just for Brave Explorers!

Amazon is exactly as the name suggests. A fierce, dense  jungle that will eat its inhabitants alive if you don’t stick to the trail, and bring your supplies! Many a young entrepreneur has jumped into the jungle, with the mindset of “I can conquer the world, all I need is a motivated mindset, with a side of hustle,and a guru to guide my way.”

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Amazon SEO: how to get your listings rank high

If you want to sell on Amazon Europe, it is essential that you know how Amazon SEO works. These are the crucial aspects that you cannot ignore if you want your listings to appear first in the marketplace search results.

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Demo Mondays #43 – sellerboard – Most Accurate Amazon Profit Dashboard

sellerboard is a profit analytics and management accounting software for Amazon sellers. It’s our job to make sure you know your true numbers in real time. sellerboard takes all expenses into account, such as returns (including cost of damaged returns), storage fees, long-term storage fees, inbound shipping and about 70 other “hidden” Amazon fees and let’s you drill down into every product, variation, fee and any period of time. On top of this, sellerboard features an inventory manager with automated restock alerts, an email campaign tool for review generation and the “Money Back” reports which you can use to request reimbursements from Amazon for lost and damaged products. All that starting at 19$ a month.

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