Create Automated Follow-Up Email Sequences to Get Amazon Reviews – FeedbackWhiz

How to easily set up Amazon email follow-up sequences?

Henson Wu from FeedbackWhiz walks us through the step-by-step demo of how to use their tool to set up automated email campaigns to get more reviews.

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Amazon Email Campaigns That Get You Customer Reviews – FeedbackWhiz

Most sellers get very few reviews on Amazon and it definitely doesn’t help the business at all.

This time we are talking to Henson Wu, the co-founder and CEO of FeedbackWhiz, who shares some general tips on how to properly use email campaigns to get product or seller reviews and what are the biggest customer approach mistakes that get sellers suspended.

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Demo Mondays #52 – PPCEntourage – Entourage margins

If you suspect (even a little) that hundreds, or maybe thousands of dollars are slipping through your fingers because you don’t have a way to monitor the expenses tied to each of your products…

Then you need Entourage Margins — the software explicitly designed to identify where every penny that is being drained from your profit margins is located on a SKU-by-SKU basis by focusing on and fixing the following ‘margin eaters’; PPC Ad Spend, FBA fees, Promo Fees, Returns, and Other Amazon FBA Fees.

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Streaming Product Videos on Amazon Live with Ehud Segev

When buying on Amazon, customers always look for a product that not only has high ratings but is also well-described in terms of its appearance, size, and other features. The best way to do so is a new feature that Amazon has presented recently – an Amazon live stream feature by which people can see how the product looks from different angles which is a hard task to do using only images.

Ehud Segev from Amazon Top Rated Live has started doing live streaming a few months ago and his company was the first one that started putting videos inside other people’s listings. Right now he is ready to share everything you need to know about live streaming on Amazon.

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Q&A with Amazon Advertising Expert Brian R. Johnson

Brian R. Johnson is the founder of Canopy Management advertising agency for million-dollar brands and one of the most respected Amazon advertising experts in the industry. Today we asked him questions about Amazon PPC that every advanced, as well as beginner seller, should know.

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Sourcing Profitable Products Outside of China with Sophie Howard

Are you interested in non-Chinese product sourcing alternatives? Today Sophie Howard will discuss product sourcing alternatives for your Amazon FBA business and new opportunities for non-Chinese products.

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The Power of Live Events: Tips How to Make the Best of It – Klik Chat #2

In the second KLIK CHAT episode, we talk about different Amazon sellers events – virtual summits and live conferences. Together with Paulina, Augustas, Kristina, and Tobias, we share our experiences from attendees and organizers perspective and give advice on how to make the best out of attending live events.

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PPC Congress 2019: Networking & Mastering Amazon Advertising

Today we talk with Liran Hirschkorn from Amazing Freedom about different Amazon events, how networking grows your business and about one of the most exciting upcoming events – PPC Congress 2019 and the art of mastering Amazon PPC.

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Best Converting Amazon Follow Up Email Subject Lines – FeedbackWhiz

Subject lines are crucial when it comes to selling your product to a customer. If you want your customer to open your email and buy your product, you must first focus on composing your subject line and to make sure it’s engaging, catchy. and brief.

Today we are talking to Henson Wu from FeedbackWhiz about what subject lines convert the best. Henson also shares some tips on which subject lines have the highest open rates and which ones are better to avoid.

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Virtual Assistant For Your Amazon FBA: How To Find a Good VA?

The biggest mistake Amazon sellers do is thinking that they can manage all the tasks by themselves. And do it even better than anybody else.

Gilad Freimann, who is running the Virtual Assistants Academy, doesn’t think that way. Today we are talking to him about different types of assistance for Amazon sellers, why and when do they need them, and how to find a reliable and virtual assistant.

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