Events for Amazon Sellers

We organize conferences for Amazon sellers in Europe and beyond, featuring international Amazon experts, to provide community, support and insider knowledge on what works best for growing your Amazon business.

Organizing Amazon Sellers Events is Our Passion

Here you will find information about all events organized by Orange Klik from the very first virtual summit in 2016 up to this day.

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Upcoming Events

Below you will find a list of events we are working on. Feel free to reach out to us at if you would like to sponsor or visit this page if you would like to apply for a speaker spot.

Free Online Event - August 5-9, 2024

The long awaited Seller Fest Online virtual summit with 20 interactive real-time presented live streams is planned to take place in late July 2024. Over 40 Amazon experts will share what's working right now for Amazon sellers worldwide.

Prague, Czech Republic - March 5-8, 2025

97% of attendees are flying in to this event. A unique opportunity to meet Amazon sellers and experts from over 30 countries around the world. In the 5th edition of this event in 2025 we are expecting more than 200 attendees. 70% of Amazon sellers attending this event are generating at least $1,000,000 in yearly revenue.

In-Person Conferences

Orange Klik is focused on organizing live in-person conferences where Amazon private label sellers can keep up to date with the Amazon scene and collaborate with like-minded sellers and experts. Since 2019, we brought 6 events in 5 different countries with the European Seller Conference being our flagship event (see the timeline below). Our goal is to bring our events to countries where Amazon seller communities have no local Amazon sellers events happening and lack the opportunity to learn and network with industry experts.

annual event for Amazon sellers in Europe who make 1 to 5 million in sales.

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Attendee-generated content that solves your biggest issues. Many opportunities to network, meet new friends and partners.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Local Amazon Sellers Events

Local events for Amazon sellers in different countries. The focus is on the sellers in a specific country or a region.

Location: different countries

PPC Congress

The first and only event focused on Amazon advertising for sellers, PPC consultants, agencies and PPC software companies.

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

What Attendees Are Saying About Our In-Person Events?

Feels like a tribe

I love this event. This event is awesome. It's a tribe. Everyone has this feeling of trust, so everyone's kind of open to help each other out. And also the speakers - Augustas is really strict with the speakers so everybody makes content specifically for this event and specifically for this crowd. So really people are sharing their best secrets of what's working for them on Amazon now. And it's not like top 10 blog article-type stuff. That's what I appreciate about this place.

Chris Rawlings (USA)
Founder & CEO at Sophie Society

Meaningful connections

What I think is interesting about this event specifically is the depth of the community. There's a lot of events you go to where people are mingling and people are talking to each other, but this feels a little bit like a family. Even new attendees like myself that have never been to Prague, never been to this event, feel welcome. I feel like I have a lot of opportunities to actually build meaningful relationships with people, and I think that it takes a special event to foster that type of attitude and community. So I think it's a special one.

Tim Jordan (USA)
Chief Community Officer at Carbon6

It went beyond expectations

The event actually went beyond the expectations. There's plenty of really knowledgeable speakers, a lot of nuggets, a lot of hacks that you can literally apply as soon as you leave. And there's a lot of like-minded people who really make you see how possible it is to grow on Amazon.

Francesco Ruberti (Italy)
Amazon seller

Best events in Europe

The event is amazing. As always, Orange Klik is organizing the best events in Europe. Plenty of people, plenty of knowledge and experts. I learned a lot. Even though I'm a quite experienced seller, being in the space since 2011, every time I come here, I learn something new because things are progressing and people who come here they share their experiences so we can progress together.

Malgorzata Kaszkur (Poland)
Amazon seller

Timeline of Events Organized by Orange Klik

Below you will find the complete timeline of our events starting from the most recent ones:

European Seller Conference 2024

The 4th edition of this conference took place in March 2024 in Prague. It attracted 185 attendees from over 30 countries. Most of them were Amazon sellers generating at least $1 million in annual revenue.

Seller Fest Baltics 2023

Seller Fest Baltics is designed to cover a wide range of topics and provide valuable knowledge for Amazon sellers selling in any marketplace.

European Seller Conference 2023

During EUSECON 2023, selected Amazon experts gave presentations on the latest topics and trends in the industry. Visitors had the chance to get more insights and chat with speakers personally during the networking night.

Orange Klik Barcamp 2023

Orange Klik Barcamp was an event where content was generated by attendees. Based on what topics you, as an Amazon seller, want to learn about, we organized multiple breakout rooms throughout the day.

Seller Fest Lietuva 2022


Seller Fest Lietuva – one day event for local Amazon sellers community in Lithuania with 10 local Amazon experts, all presentations in Lithuanian. Event was sold out to 160 attendees.

Seller Fest Online 2022 November

Our Seller Fest Online 2022 November edition is the 4th event in the Seller Fest Online series. This time we bring 25+ Amazon industry experts to share their tips and recommendations on launching Amazon products successfully, running profitable advertising campaigns and bringing external traffic to your Amazon product listings for even more revenue.


Seller Fest Online 2022 June

At the virtual Seller Fest Online 2022 June edition summit 30+ world-class Amazon private label experts shared their insider secrets to building a 7-figure Amazon FBA business.

Orange Klik Barcamp with Dragonflip 2022

Orange Klik Barcamp with Dragonflip 2022 took place in Lisbon, June 10th, 2022. Event brought together 100 attendees from 25 countries. Barcamp is an ‘unconference’ type of event, where attendees generate content that helps them to address their biggest issues.

Seller Fest Online 2022

At Seller Fest Online 2022 you’ll get all the information necessary to run a successful Amazon FBA business in 2022 – from 20+ lucrative industry experts.
During the 5-day event with four daily live sessions, you’ll learn the secrets and skills to success from master marketers and genius 7-figure Amazon experts.

Klik Box Summit 2021 September

Klik Box Summit 2021 September is where 20+ world-class private label experts share what’s working right now in the Amazon FBA business. Over 20 LIVE streamed sessions teaching you actionable techniques to increase Amazon sales. The tools to implement the actionable steps you will be learning during the event sessions – are the true keys to success in your Amazon business!

Seller Fest Online 2020

Seller Fest Online was an exclusive 9-day virtual summit, running on September 22-30, 2020, featuring talks from 45+ Amazon industry experts on a broad range of subjects. The summit sessions were split into 7 different modules, starting with product research and following by ranking, product launches, PPC, going international, business management and growth.

European Seller Conference 2020

European Seller Conference 2020 this year traditionally took place in Prague, Czech Republic. The event brought together 100+ attendees and well-known industry experts from around 40 countries to discuss the biggest Amazon trends in 2020.

PPC Congress 2019

PPC Congress is a unique conference focused on Amazon PPC and dedicated to sellers, Amazon PPC services and specialists. The first event took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with over 130 attendees and 20 advertising experts, who shared various up-to-date Amazon PPC strategies.

Seller Fest Lithuania 2019

Seller Fest Lithuania

Seller Fest Lithuania was the first event for Amazon sellers community in Lithuania. The goal of the event was to connect Eastern European Amazon sellers who came from Poland, Latvia, Belarus, Estonia. More than 100 attendees and Amazon experts shared their tips and strategies on various topics, such as listing optimization, translations, VAT, product launching, and more.

Seller Fest Israel 2019

The first Seller Fest event for the Amazon sellers community in Israel. The event was specifically designed for sellers who operate in the USA marketplace and attracted 160+ attendees who learned from respected Amazon experts, such as Kevin King and Tomer Rabinovich.

European Seller Conference 2019

European Seller Conference 2019 was the very first in-person conference that took place in Prague, Czech Republic and brought together more than 170 attendees from around 40 countries. To this day, the event is one of the main Amazon seller events in Europe.

European Private Label Summit 2018

The third edition of successfully received European Private Label Summit organized in 2016 and 2017. Lasted for a few days, this powerful online summit offered masterclasses with experienced Amazon sellers and eCommerce specialists who found innovative ways to become successful through a variety of techniques.

AMZ Q4 Strategy Summit 2018

By bringing together 15+ FBA experts in one event, AMZ Q4 Strategy Summit’s goal was to provide all the techniques and methods of developing a successful and scalable FBA business during Q4, the most important time of the year.

AMZ Seller Summit 2018

The AMZ Seller Summit was created to give Amazon sellers a clear step-by-step guide for increasing Amazon product listing conversions, driving internal and external traffic to their listings and knowing how to find the most profitable products.

European Private Label Summit 2017

During the European Private Label Summit 2017, a powerful group of over 30 entrepreneurs provided sellers with valuable content for every aspect of the Amazon FBA spectrum to ensure that sellers are taught everything they need to know about selling in Europe.

Seller Optimization Summit 2017

seller optimization summit

Seller Optimization Summit was designed to give a clear step-by-step process for increasing Amazon product listing conversions with the help of more than 40 experts and online entrepreneurs.

European Private Label Summit 2016

The European Private Label Summit was created to assemble the most experienced and successful Amazon sellers to the European market from across the world to share their secrets, tips, and systems for building profitable businesses.

Virtual Summits

Orange Klik started its journey by organizing the European Private Label Summit in 2016 and 2017 as a means of helping other Amazon sellers capitalize on the thriving European e-commerce market. At the moment we have 10 virtual summits in our portfolio and recently we are specializing in, what we call, "Youtube summits". Check one of the Seller Fest Online events to learn more of what we are offering for the industry.

What Attendees Are Saying About Our Virtual Summits?

What a huge achievement!

I just want to say thanks for putting this whole thing together. What a huge achievement! I've only had time to watch a few sessions so far, but each and every one has been fantastic and will help us make more money (and some will save us money - which gives us the same result). I'm so glad that I bought the All Access Pass so I don't have to rush through them. Well done - you are awesome!!

Hilary Holliday (Australia)
Amazon seller

Excellent speakers

This is my third Seller Fest Online. I have been selling on Amazon for 10 years but always gain plenty of useful information and insights/tips that I can apply to improve my sales. All the speakers are excellent and communicate well. Thanks very much for such useful free help and advice. I look forward to the next one.

Phil Coles (UK)
Amazon seller

Nuggets of invaluable information

The great thing was that every presenter left little nuggets of invaluable information that you would never see across YouTube videos, I learned some awesome information and tips to help me on my journey, and the conference as a whole validated my own decision that this is right for me. I have changed my mind as to how to move forward many times but the speakers have collectively given me a stronger knowledge foundation from which to build. Great job from the presenters, fantastic show from Orange Klik, thanks Augustas for answering my emails quickly and you can definitely count me in for the next one.

Ivan Vizor (UK)
Head of Key Accounts at Brilliant Solutions

Not another seller summit

I started this online summit with the mindset of "another seller summit." After a few guest speakers and presentations, I realized that this summit was different, it was less pushy, and much more in-debt. Then as a bonus, mister Kevin King in a few hours long live Q&A, so great! Many of the presenters were from Europe or better said, not all coming from the USA, which is usually the case. Nothing wrong with that, is just a different market and situation in the EU. To conclude, very pleased and happy I invested these days and hours, real value and recommend you to check it out.

Richard Schouten (Spain)
Owner / Manager at RDS Brands