For ServiceS & Software Tools

We help Amazon service providers and software creators to get more clients by showcasing their expertise and offers in front of Amazon private label sellers.

We know it can be hard to find channels to present your products and services in front of the Amazon private label sellers. Orange Klik has built a unique platform where service providers can have a chance to get an exposure through a video.

To help service providers and tools get more exposure and more customers, we offer various packages that get your expertise and offer in front of the right audience.

For Software Creators

There is no other place where you can find 70+ software demos designed specifically for Amazon sellers. Do you have a tool or software to showcase and teach people how to use it? You can be a guest in our Demo Mondays series where you can walk us through your product and tell how exactly sellers can make the best of it.

Price: $500 USD + affiliate commissions

Ready to demo your software? Contact us at

What you get:

  • Demo video presented by you is uploaded to the Youtube channel with 6810 subscribers.
  • Promotion of the video on Orange Klik's social media channels - Facebook (1600+ followers) and LinkedIn.
  • Mention in the weekly newsletter that has ~6000 subscribers.
  • A dedicated blog post on our website.

For Service Providers

Most of Youtube channels in the industry feature just a handful of well known services for Amazon sellers. It can be frustrating for less known companies, who have a unique message to share. The way Orange Klik creates and spreads the content through multiple channels gives an opportunity for any kind of Amazon service providers - big or small, new or experienced - to tell about themselves and reach their potential customers through videos and blog posts.

This package includes 2 videos:

1. Educational (10-30 min).
In this video, we would like you to share tips or other useful content that sellers could implement right away in their Amazon business.

2. Promotional (5-15 min).
This video is dedicated to talk about your services:

  • How does it help Amazon sellers
  • How to make the best out of it
  • Best features and what sets you apart from competitors
  • Why sellers would want to use your service

Price: contact us

Interested to book this package? Drop us an email at

What you get:

  • 2 videos featuring you uploaded to the Orange Klik's Youtube channel. Currently, the channel has 6810 subscribers.
  • Promotion of both videos on our social media channels - Facebook (1600+ followers) and LinkedIn.
  • We will mention your educational video in our weekly newsletter which has ~6000 subscribers from the US and Europe.
  • (upon additional agreement) A dedicated blog post on our website created around the content you present in the educational video.

Dedicated Email

Getting in front of your target audience is essential to build your brand awareness and letting customers know what you have to offer. Over time, Orange Klik has built the audience of ~6000 email subscribers mostly from the US and Europe that you can reach out to in order to promote your service.

Price: contact us

Want to spread the word about your service? Contact us at

What you get:

  • A dedicated newsletter where we will present your service only.
  • Exposure of your service to the target audience of ~6000 email subscribers from the US, Europe and the rest of the world as well.

Interested to Sponsor an Event?

There is no better place to connect with the Amazon community than in-person events. By joining as a sponsor, you get the chance to introduce your services to Amazon sellers and network with other service providers.

Price: contact us

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Reach out to us at

What you get:

  • Networking with potential clients.
  • Exposure of your product or service to the target audience.
  • Dedicated space for your booth at the venue.
  • Logo placement on promotional material, website and social media posts.

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