About Us

We help Amazon sellers to get access to the knowledge of industry experts by creating video interviews and events.

Our Story

Everything starts back in 2016 when the founder Augustas Kligys saw that a lot of Amazon sellers were missing information about Amazon Europe. At that point, Augustas decided to create his first virtual European Private Label Summit, where sellers from around the world could learn about 5 European Amazon marketplaces. In fact, this online event was the first virtual summit in the industry of its kind, dedicated solely to those selling private label products on Amazon.

Virtual summits created by Augustas were getting more and more popular among the Amazon sellers as well as the industry leaders who were ready to share their knowledge with thousands of Amazon entrepreneurs. As a result, more online events were produced in the following years, delivering knowledge of the experts to over 10,000 attendees across the globe. You can see the timeline of all our events in the events page.

Since 2016 we have created over 700 interviews with industry experts, which were either part of virtual summits or were published on our Youtube channel. Up to this day, we are continuing to feature Amazon experts and software products designed for Amazon sellers as well as educate and inform them about various service providers available on the market.

In 2019, we saw a lack of regular high quality events for Amazon sellers in Europe. Our flagship European Seller Conference 2019 was a huge success attracting 180 attendees from 40 countries. This inspired us to bring more Amazon conferences to other countries as well.

Our mission is to connect Amazon sellers with industry experts by creating video interviews and producing highly demanded in-person events for local and international Amazon seller communities.

Why "Orange Klik"?

Well, it's simple.

ORANGE color is part of the Amazon's logo, and the KLIK is a combination of the first 3 letters of our founder's last name (KLIGYS), and a mouse click, which is heard when someone shops online on Amazon.

Our Team

Augustas Kligys

Founder, Video Host

Lisett Lees

Video Host

Ieva T.

Senior Content Manager

Valentas L.

Video Editor

Diego V.

Content Manager

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