Demo Mondays #6 – Bindwise

Bindwise Alerts is a simple yet powerful way to set up automatic delivery notices to yourself on any topic that could potentially threaten your Amazon Private Label business. For example, you can get info about hijackers who jump on your listings, counterfeit product, random changes in your Product Detail Page, your unnoticed violations on Amazon or seller performance worsening, and much more.

What makes Bindwise different is that it sends you the missing insights which Amazon doesn’t inform you about. Bindwise fills this gap.

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Here is the list of features and topics covered in this video:

00:42 What Bindwise is and what problem does it solve for Amazon sellers?
02:22 What type of Amazon sellers Bindwise is targeting?
03:32 What marketplaces work with Bindwise?
03:53 How Bindwise connects to the user’s Seller Account
04:57 Setting up the first Bindwise alerts in 1 minute: connecting the store and setting up the event
06:30 What happens when alerts are switched on
07:13 Demonstration of sample email alerts
07:35 Alert: New hijacker on the listing
09:00 Alert: Hijacker removed from the listing
09:20 Dashboard of all active hijackers and information about ASINs sold by them
10:14 Alert: monitoring your seller metrics
11:14 Alert: Feedback management – negative seller management
12:56 Alert: Product listing problem
15:03 Alert: Shipment confirmation reminder
16:37 Notification: Loyalty detector
18:09 Pricing
19:26 Support – how fast Bindwise responds to the queries
20:30 Support includes suggestions what action to take once the alert is received
21:05 Bindwise works with multiple seller accounts
21:52 Offer: use coupon code DEMOMONDAYS to get 20% off.


DEMO MONDAYS is a Monday video series hosted by Augustas Kligys, where the creators and owners of Amazon seller softwares are invited to demonstrate their tools to the audience. Watching these presentations will help you decide, which software to choose for your Amazon business.

About the Author Augustas Kligys

Augustas Kligys is the host and creator of several popular virtual summits for Amazon sellers. The first one is European Private Label Summit, which covers a lot of important topics for those willing to grow their Amazon FBA business in European Marketplaces. The second - Seller Optimization Summit - was an event, where speakers shared their Amazon business optimization secrets and mindset, which helps to elevate your business to the next level. Augustas also hosts weekly DEMO MONDAYS video series, where Amazon seller tools are demoing their products.

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