Demo Mondays #18 – Sellery

March 4, 2018

Sellery is an Amazon real-time repricing tool. with an almost unlimited number of unique pricing combinations that adapt to market conditions and allows you to personalize your pricing strategies. Utilizing smart filters that monitor the market and react to changes instantly, sellers can improve their competitive position. Includes dynamic net margin management, customizable pricing strategies, private label solutions, scheduled repricing, and real-time previews

Special offer - extended 28-day trial! Extended 28-day trial
Special offer - extended 28-day trial!
Use a discount coupon code DEMOMONDAYS when signing up for Sellery and get an extended 28-day trial.

Sellery is presented by the senior account manager Michael Butcher.

Features and topics covered in this video:

00:38 What Sellery is and what problem does it solve for Amazon sellers
01:40 What is the target user of Sellery?
02:40 What marketplaces are covered by Seller app?
03:13 Connecting Amazon seller account with Sellery
04:02 Dashboard – three main areas: Receiving, Inventory, Settings
04:42 “Inventory” section
04:49 Inventory: Smart Lists and their customization
07:27 Smart list showing listings where Amazon is a seller
07:48 Smart list “Can’t compete for the buy box”
08:40 Smart list showing FBA inventory which have not been sold for a long period of time
09:20 Overview of the data points (columns) of the Inventory data table
09:55 “Pricing Log” tab
10:34 Automating the process of creating a minimum price
12:53 Settings – Pricing Rules – core functionality of Sellery
14:00 Pricing Rules – Competition Filters
15:17 Pricing Rules – Pricing Strategy
17:10 Pricing Rules – Buy Box and Exceptions
20:17 Pricing Rules – real time preview panel
21:15 Settings – Pricing Overview
24:33 “Receiving” section
25:34 Details of the Sellery pricing suggestion for scanned ASIN
26:13 Settings – Filters and sorters
27:07 Settings – Sorters
27:47 Settings – pre-defined Condition Notes
28:12 Settings – SKU section
28:29 Settings – possibility to turn off inventory management
28:57 Settings – adding different users to the account
29:12 Settings – Cost section – calculating minimum price
29:42 Settings – Uploading items in bulk
30:11 Settings – Exporting Sellery data
31:19 Settings – Custom Fiels
31:41 Settings – Accounts – adding new Amazon marketplaces
33:10 Settings – Shipping Carriers and Shipping Overview
34:08 Settings – Warehouses
35:18 Settings – Subscription
36:22 Pricing overview
37:48 Getting access and help from real Sellery experts (included in the price)
39:11 Support – how people can reach out to get help? How to get in touch with the experts?
40:02 How Sellery deals with dynamic changes on the product listing
42:50 Upcoming features:

  • price optimizer
  • allowing to schedule specific pricing rules
  • business accounts
  • new FBA shipment module

47:18 Offer: 28 days free trial. Use code DEMOMONDAYS

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Augustas Kligys

Augustas Kligys is the founder of Orange Klik and has been delivering in-person and virtual events for Amazon sellers since 2016, including European Seller Conference, Seller Fest and PPC Congress.

Known in the business as the "Amazon Summits Guy", Augustas helps Amazon sellers achieve success through delivering expert sessions and online guides.

Focused on helping Amazon sellers build and scale their business, Augustas has spent the last years developing an industry-leading knowledge base, with over 500 sessions featuring Amazon industry leaders, experts, speakers and tools.

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