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We connect Amazon private label sellers with leading industry experts and their knowledge to help you turn your Amazon business into a massive success.

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Gary Huang, founder of 80/20 Sourcing,  explored live some of his favorite AI tools that can supercharge your Amazon selling strategy and increase sales. We discovered how a few tools can improve different parts of your Amazon business while saving you time.

Anthony Cofrancesco, from DataDive,  showed us the evolution of selling on Amazon FBA and showcased how to use Data Dive tool to put in practice competitive and effective strategies such as product validation, listing optimization, and keyword tracking.

In-Person Conferences

Most Amazon sellers run their businesses alone and lack the opportunity to network and be a part of the community. For this reason, Orange Klik primarily focuses on organizing events for Amazon private label sellers, so that you can learn from industry experts, network with sellers from around the world and grow your Amazon business.

Find out more about what in-person conferences we are organizing on the Events page.

Upcoming Events

Below you will find a list of events we are working on. Feel free to reach out to us at if you would like to sponsor or visit this page if you would like to apply for a speaker spot.

Free Online Event - August 5-9, 2024

The long awaited Seller Fest Online virtual summit with 20 interactive real-time presented live streams is planned to take place in late July 2024. Over 40 Amazon experts will share what's working right now for Amazon sellers worldwide.

Prague, Czech Republic - March 5-8, 2025

97% of attendees are flying in to this event. A unique opportunity to meet Amazon sellers and experts from over 30 countries around the world. In the 5th edition of this event in 2025 we are expecting more than 200 attendees. 70% of Amazon sellers attending this event are generating at least $1,000,000 in yearly revenue.

Over 800 interviews with industry experts

Stay up to date with Amazon's constant changes by subscribing to our YouTube channel and join other 19800 fans. We interview industry experts and speakers, in order to provide up-to-date tips and recommendations for Amazon private label sellers.

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