For Experts & Speakers

We organize virtual and in-person events for Amazon private label sellers and we offer industry experts to grow their authority by speaking on our stage.

What we can offer:

Our main goal is deliver to the attendees of our events as much practical information as possible. Only very few experts are able to teach actionable stuff, but if you do, we might consider you for our upcoming conferences and virtual summits.

We are quite selective when it comes to choosing the speakers - but if you are focused on sharing your knowledge rather than promoting yourself, you might be a good fit!

Do you answer "yes" to most of these Qs?

  • Are you an experienced Amazon FBA seller, who managed to build a successful business?
  • Do you have a solid experience helping other Amazon businesses?
  • Are you passionate to share your knowledge in front of the audiences?
  • Do you enjoy giving out actionable steps or less public information with fellow Amazon sellers?
  • Are you ready to present strategies, which Amazon sellers can implement right away?

If you answer "Yes" to many questions above, please submit speaker application in order for us to consider you as a speaker.

If you would like to speak at the PPC Congress - the event dedicated to Amazon advertising, use the button below instead.

Some of the Experts Featured in Our Events

Kevin King, Danny McMillan, CJ Rosenbaum, Liz Martin Adamson, Franz Jordan, Seth Kniep, Jana Krekic, Brian R. Johnson, Michael Hartman...