Demo Mondays #22 – Jungle Market

April 3, 2018

The Jungle Market is the #1 online marketplace for Amazon sellers to hire top-rated freelancers to help grow their Amazon businesses fast and affordably. Whether you need new photos for your product listing, a refresh of your product description or an audit of your Amazon business, you can find it all on the Jungle Market.

Jungle Market is one of the tools from Jungle Scout suite and is presented by the product manager Joel Popoff.

List of features covered in this video:

00:34 What is Jungle Market is and for whom is it tailored?
02:17 In which countries Jungle Market works?
03:06 At the time of the recording Jungle Market is in private beta
04:08 Overview of the Jungle Market homepage
04:42 The three most popular services mentioned in the 8000+ customer survey responses: Graphics & Design, Photography, Copy & Translation
05:12 Upcoming services: Video & Animation, Digital Marketing, Business
05:52 The biggest difference of Jungle Market from other talent marketplaces
07:05 Overview of the page for service buyers
07:29 Overview of the page for service providers
07:59 Dashboard of the Jungle Market app
08:25 Search filters in the left sidebar: categories, price, delivery time
09:01 Example of the service listing
10:03 Looking at the profile of the vendor
10:21 First step in placing the order: contacting the vendor
13:00 Ordering the service
14:30 After the order is placed, the vendor has 3 days to accept it
15:50 Showcase of the vendor’s account – accepting the orders
16:47 Steps for the buyer once the order has been completed by the vendor
17:51 What happens when the buyer is not happy with the vendor’s service?
19:11 Marking the order as completed
20:13 Process of becoming the vendor on the Jungle Market
21:22 Overview of the vendor application process
23:01 Creating a gig using vendor’s account
27:17 Updating the user account profile
29:37 Buyer of the services has no other hidden fees
30:47 Are Amazon agencies accepted by the platform?
32:59 What future features are planned?
35:08 What’s the best way to reach out to Jungle Market’s support?

Transcript – Walk-through of Jungle Market

[00:01] Augustas: Hello everyone. Welcome back to another session of Demo Mondays. Demo Mondays is a video series published on Mondays where I invite Amazon seller software tools provider and I ask them to present their products just like this on the screen. And today, my guest is Jungle Market.

[00:25] Augustas: And Jungle Market is presented by Joel Popoff.

[00:31] Joel: Hello Augustas. Thank you so much for having me on the show today.

[00:36] Augustas: Nice to meet you! So, could you tell us a little bit about this brand new software and tool which is called Jungle Market. What is it? What problem does it solve? And for what kind of people is it tailored?

[00:48] Joel: Yes, absolutely. So, Jungle Market is our fifth tool in the Jungle Scout suite. We’ve created already four different tools for Amazon sellers. We got Jungle Scout that’s all about product research. We got Jump Send which is about launching your first product on Amazon. We got Fetcher that’s all about accounting. And then we have Splitly which is A/B testing and conversion rate optimization. What Jungle Market solves is a big problem that we’ve actually had for quite some time. Jungle Scout’s mission is to better the lives of Amazon business sellers and to make their businesses more successful. And we weren’t able to do this with our current tools because we can’t open a photography studio and we can have a digital marketing agency and provide all these things. There are so many needs an Amazon business owner has and we just weren’t able to provide every single one of these needs with the current tools that we have. So, basically, the Jungle Market was to reach out to all these amazing freelancers and vendors around the world that offer services that are tailored towards Amazon sellers and sell those services on a marketplace. And that’s how the Jungle Market was born.

[02:15] Augustas: This was missing in the industry. And in what countries do Jungle Market work at the moment?

[02:26] Joel: Currently, Jungle Market is international. Anyone around the world can purchase on the Jungle Market — everything is charged in USD. But if you do want to become a freelancer and sell your services on the Jungle Market, we only accept, currently, vendors that are available in anywhere that Stripe is available. Currently, there are 25 countries that Stripe is available for you to sell your services on the marketplace. Just google Stripe countries and you’ll be able to see them right away. It’s mainly North America and Europe, but they are releasing new countries all the time.

[03:07] Augustas: Great. So, at the time of this recording, Jungle Market is in private beta. So most of the things that we’ll be seeing today are on the staging site, right?

[03:22] Joel: Yes. A lot of the site is going to be on staging, but we will show you the live private beta of the site as well. We’ve been building up for this pre-launch for quite some time and we actually just released it about four days ago. So, it’s not even a week old yet — the private beta. And right now, if someone does want to sign up, they would have to submit their email and wait for us to accept them in. But we will be releasing the live version of the website in the next month or two.

[03:54] Augustas: And if you’re watching this recording months later, you just go to and sign up there. So, let’s see what’s inside, how does it work and let’s learn about Jungle Market.

[04:10] Joel: This is the homepage of the site, and the big selling proposition that we try to sell to everyone on is it is “The best Amazon freelancers. All in one place.” And right now, we are offering three services to anyone that is an Amazon seller or is looking to become an Amazon seller. It is Graphic Design, Photography and Copy and Translation. And you might be asking how did we decide on these three specific services. Before any of this had even happened, we did a survey and got about 8,000 responses back from our customers. We wanted to ask them “What services did you want the most?” And these were the three services that they were most interested in having. It made sense because these are three services that basically every single Amazon seller wouldn’t kind of need or be interested in purchasing when they are creating a listing.

[05:14] Joel: The next three services that we will be rolling out in the upcoming months once we have enough vendor signed up and ready to create listings is Video and Animation, Digital Marketing, and Amazon Business Services — which would be product research, consulting, accounting, legal, this will cover a bunch of different stuff.

[05:40] Joel: So if you’re looking to buy services on the Jungle Market, you can learn a bit more how to buy. If you want to sell services on the Jungle Market and become a certified freelancer, we’re going to talk all about how you can do that as well. And definitely the biggest thing that the Jungle Market is currently able to do — that our competitors like Fiverr, or Upwork, or Freelancer or some of these massive marketplaces, aren’t able to do quite yet — is we verify every single person that sells on the Jungle Market. So if it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for our customers. Every single person that does want to sell their services on the Jungle Market has to go through our application and get approved to sell on the Jungle Market. Every single person that sells, they’re not just your regular photographer or regular graphic designer. These are people that specialize in providing services for Amazon sellers. We really did want to reach out and collect people that have done this to understand all of Amazon’s terms and abide by them all. So if you’re looking to buy, we will walk you through the steps on how to buy, and we’re going to go through this all today. And then we have some Frequently Asked Questions that most people want to know about the service. And if you are looking to sell services, it is the same type of thing. We walk you through step-by-step of how to get verified and create your first listing and start selling your services on the Jungle Market.

[07:47] Joel: So right now, we’re gonna jump into the app and I’m going to show you exactly how the gallery works. So this is the Jungle Market app, and here’s our gallery right now and all of our current listings. Again, this is brand new, so we’ve just got these vendors signed up in the last couple of days and it continues to grow every single day. So probably the next time you check it out, it will be doubled in size every single time. We have, right here on the left, your search filters. Right now, you can search by three different categories, but we’ll be adding three more categories — and probably over the next couple quarters, even more categories. But right now we have the three categories that were the most popular for our users. We have your price filter, and if you are in a rush or you need something quite quickly, you can also filter by delivery time. So I will jump into one of these listings.

[09:08] Joel: And so here is a product photographer. We got Stance Creative here. He’s actually from the same place as I am from — he’s from Calgary. And you got your listing description and explaining what you’re going to get. This is actually really important: “Requirements needed to get started.” We encourage every single person that is looking at purchasing any type of services on the marketplace to always read this because this is what any vendor will require for them to get started on your order. You’ll also see how many photos are included, the type of the file formats and then any extras and the delivery time. So it gives you a pretty good overview of each person.

[10:09] Joel: Since his listings are brand new, you’re not going to be able to see like reviews and stuff yet, but if you are looking at any of the reviews or people that have followed this vendor, you can view it all in their profile. And so if we are looking at placing any type of order, what we’re first going to want to do is contact the vendor.

[10:32] Joel: I’m going to just go onto my staging site. Right now, we have Maverick the Monkey, and he is an Amazon seller. And we have Sam, and he is a freelancer on the Jungle Market. If we want to first order a service from Sam, what we’re going to want to do is contact him. In the beginning, I would try to be as descriptive as possible when you’re looking at purchasing any type of services on the Jungle Market and try to provide them with exactly what you want. So if I was going to go through the process of messaging Sam and asking about his business, some of the things I might ask him is, “Where should I send my product? If you’re going to take product photos, you need to have my product, so I need your address.”

[11:42] Joel: So that’s probably one of the main things that you’re going to have to ask anyone if you are ordering product photography. I’d also want to provide them maybe a Google Doc, or you could create and provide different images of your competitors, what they make, and give a good idea of the same type of photos that you want that your competitors might have, or maybe other sellers on the Internet that you really liked the way the photo was placed. So try to really be as descriptive as possible for them so that they have a really good idea exactly what you’re looking for. If you are vague, then it’s a lot harder for them to read exactly what you are looking for. If you do want to get your sample back from them,

[12:37] Joel: you probably have to send them a return postage or package. Any type of questions or details — it’s going to be different in every single scenario — try to cover all your bases and ask as many questions as possible before actually placing your order. And then once me and Sam have fully went through the process — I’m really happy with him, I’ve read his reviews, I think his product’s great — I know exactly what I’m going to get for the $200 price range. If you are looking at having multiple types of packages, if I’m releasing like two or three or four new products and they’re all about to be shipped to Amazon and I need to get some packaging design for all of them, I am going to change the quantity. But again, let the vendor know exactly how many units that you want and what you are looking for and try to be as descriptive as possible. So right now, everything is powered by Stripe — we accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex. And I’m going to Proceed To Order. So once I go through this process of purchasing a product, I’m gonna walk you all through how a seller would get certified as a freelancer. If you want to leave any last-minute comments, you can send them off to Sam before placing your order. I’m just going to enter in the credit card details right now.

[14:30] Joel: OK. And so basically, how this is going to go down is once you place your order, the vendor has three days to accept it. If the vendor is on vacation or the vendor is super swamped that week and they’re not able to get your order, they might reject it or they might let you know that they can’t accept the order right now. If it does happen and they do reject it, nothing is charged and your credit card is not charged at all. If they do accept it, then your credit card is charged, but the money will be held in escrow for the time being — because the vendor’s creating whatever you ordered.

[15:24] Joel: OK, so we’ve confirmed it, the payment was authorized and I have sent Sam his first order. So now, we’ll come back again — I got to go back and forth between the two users. And so right here, you can see that Sam has received a request and now he needs to accept it. So he’s going to come here. I think this is a little bug that’s on the staging site, but that’s fixed — I don’t know why it’s on here right now. So I’m going to accept this request right now and I am going to confirm it again. Again, I can send him a message. And it has been accepted. So right now, I’ve accepted the funds, the money is now held in escrow with Stripe, and I’m going to start talking back and forth with Sam and we’re gonna work together and collaborate to get this order completed.

[16:54] Joel: So let’s pretend like a week later, Sam has delivered me my product. He can either deliver it through Dropbox or through Google Drive or whatever cloud software he normally uses to complete orders. So right here, we can see that it has been accepted. So next steps, once we’re happy, we’re going to mark it as Completed. And then if we are unhappy, we’re going to ask Sam for a revision.

[17:34] Joel: It’s going to go back and forth. You can obviously provide as much feedback as possible to the vendor — the more, the better. Don’t ever think that you’re overloading them with information. Try to be as descriptive and provide them with as much information as possible. Now in this scenario where, if you’ve went back and forth multiple times and you’ve exhausted yourself and trying to receive the exact type of order that you wanted — let’s pretend I was just very unhappy with Sam and he’s just not understanding it and he’s not able to provide me with the exact type of package that I wanted — I can always visit the Help Center and either get more information from the FAQ or the Buyer or the Seller Help Center, or I can always use Contact Us. And because the money is held in escrow, it hasn’t actually been released to Sam’s account yet.

[18:45] Joel: Obviously, we don’t want any type of fraud — we do everything possible to ensure that there ABSOLUTELY is no fraud on the Jungle Market. But if he wasn’t a hundred percent satisfied with his product and he had to go through the Contact Us, we can always take the money back. But I would hope, almost a hundred percent of cases, that would never have to really happen. So if I’ve received the order and I’m really happy with my photos, I’m going to mark the order as Completed.

[19:21] Joel: And I have the chance to either give Sam feedback or skip it. We obviously encouraged every single person to provide feedback, because at the end of the day, this is a marketplace and it is just like Amazon — where being able to read positive and negative reviews is incredibly important. Um, so were you positive feedback and so the vendor also can come back and provide you with positive feedback as well.

[19:57] Joel: So after I’ve clicked that Mark Completed button, the funds are then transferred into Sam’s account within three to seven business days. That’s usually about the amount of time that Stripe takes to actually process an order. So now, I want to walk you guys through the process of becoming a seller. So again, we really do try to accept the absolute best freelancers on the site — this is something that no other marketplace is really doing, especially with the Amazon niche. Currently, the vendors on the site, you’re not going to really find them on too many other places because the Amazon niche is so specific. So this marketplace is really geared towards those really specific people that are either freelancing on their own or have their own personal websites and haven’t really listed on Upwork or Fiverr before because they haven’t found that specific type of user that wants their services.

[21:18] Joel: This is the absolute perfect platform for those types of people. So we’re going to go to Apply Now and we have an application process. So the application process right now takes about 20 to 25 minutes for the average vendor to complete. And it goes through a bunch of different details — what their profession is, what they specialize in, whether they’re an Amazon seller or not. We try to get as much information about them as possible, their education. It is a pretty hefty application process, but at the end of the day, we want to protect our Amazon sellers and we want to ensure that the people that are freelancing on the site do provide the absolute best service as possible. Once you’re done completing the application, you’ve accepted the terms, you’re going to submit it and you’ll receive an email with all of your answers and then someone from our customer support team will review your application. We don’t have an exact timeframe yet because it’s still in the early days, but we’re going to try to review it as fast as possible, and then provide you with either an acceptance to the marketplace or provide us a little bit of feedback of how you can get accepted. We basically go in the back end and approve you as a certified seller and then you can start creating a listing.

[23:03] Joel: So I’ll just go through that process as well. So we are going to pretend to create a gig. There’s quite a different variety of different gigs that you can create, but we’re going to just create a logo for now. With the title, try to be as descriptive as possible and explain exactly what you’re offering to the Amazon business owner.

[23:57] Joel: Pricing — it’s best to look around and see what other people are priced at as well. Whatever you’ve priced it at on your website or other freelance websites, feel free to do the same on the Jungle Market. Basically, how the Jungle Market does make revenue is we take a 20 percent commission from anyone that is selling on the site. We don’t charge any listing fees for buyers or sellers, but the only way that we do actually take funds is a commission — and you’ll see right here. If I’m creating a listing, I’m going to be taking 20 percent — I think this is wrong because it’s the staging website — but we would be taking 20 percent, then you would receive the rest. You want to create as detailed of a description as possible. You can also include YouTube links, which is pretty awesome.

[24:59] Joel: You don’t actually have to specialize in video to create a really cool YouTube link that describes your product. If you do have skills in creating videos, definitely create a really short video explaining what your services and what you’re offering. In requirements, try to be as descriptive as possible and ask for anything that you’re going to need to get started on a project. This is super important because this is what anyone looking to buy your service will need to follow for them to start an order. And then, it dives a little bit more into detail of the type of logo. Every single listing, the questions that we ask are totally different. So for this one, we’re asking the type, design, is it minimalist, what I’m offering it in, what’s some extra stuff that’s included.

[25:55] Joel: Initial concepts — this is how many different concepts I’m going to provide you to choose from. We have different revisions and then when it’s going to be offered. Then you can also add the languages that you’re fluent in, and then any educational info and where you’re at. Again, with any type of marketplace — whether it’s Amazon or eBay or Airbnb — images are crazy important, so make sure to provide as many images as possible. Even if you’re doing something like copywriting, provide an image of copywriting that you’ve done for someone in the past. But with certain things, you’ve got to be careful — like accounting or legal. But you can still go to or and get a free stock image. We definitely do require every single person that is creating a listing to have at least one profile image.

[27:01] Joel: So if you don’t have a specific image for your type of business, just go to one of the free stock websites and upload an image from there so that it isn’t bare-looking. For both Amazon sellers and for vendors, as soon as you do create an account, you want to come and update your profile. We’re going to ask for your first name and last name when you’re setting up your account, but you’re going to want to add a display name — we obviously don’t want to show your personal information to people. So, display name would be whatever you want displayed to everyone, it is available. Location — this is not displayed to anyone unless you are creating a listing. But if you are just purchasing services on the site, then we don’t disclose any of that. Phone number is never disclosed. And then, you can go and upload a picture and tell people a little bit about yourself.

[28:11] Joel: If you want to come in here and either delete your account or upload your email address and change it, or change your password, you can do that in your Account Settings. Notifications — if you are selling services on the Jungle Market, I really advise you to not click off these. Because these notifications are really important — that’s how buyers will contact you and how you’ll know if you’ve had an order.

[28:50] Joel: And then Payment Details. So all payment processing is done securely through Stripe — very similar to other large marketplaces like Indiegogo. That’s what they use for all their payment processing. You can come here and update your details and provide your banking information. And any purchases that are completed will be directly deposited into your bank account by Stripe within three to seven days. That’s about it. I think I’ve covered just about everything on the Jungle Market. Do you have any other questions?

[29:44] Augustas: Yes. You mentioned that Jungle Market makes money by taking a fee of 20 percent. So, only the service providers are charged, not the buyers, right?

[29:54] Joel: Yes. With a lot of the other marketplace platforms, there are processing fees or service fees that are charged on top. And something that is pretty great about the Jungle Market is you get exactly what you’re paying for. So if you see it listed for $297 or $395, you are going to pay exactly that price. If you are anywhere else outside of the United States, keep in mind that it is all charged in USD. So if you check your credit card statement and you noticed that it is different, keep in mind that it was charged in USD and it would be swapped out on your credit card statement. But you are not charged anything after this — this is exactly what you’re going to see when you check out.

[30:51] Augustas: Do you accept agencies? I understand it’s a perfect platform for freelancers. But agencies who have a lot of services on their list, can they sign up on your platform?

[31:16] Joel: We definitely do want the highest quality of vendors on the website that do make it their mission — that they basically breathed the same mission as us — as helping Amazon sellers better their businesses. Right now, the marketplace is definitely aimed at your everyday type of freelancer that is either looking at making money full-time or looking at making money part-time on the platform. If your agency does provide package type of pricing, you can definitely come on here and you can add a package — whether it’s digital marketing or if you’re doing paid ads or consulting. Right now, creating a package is the only type of category, but we’re just in the process of adding hourly as well. So if you do charge an hourly fee for consulting, and once we do roll out Amazon Business Services and a couple of the other categories, you’ll be able to charge on an hourly basis for consulting or for PPC or for whatever you need. But at the moment, it honestly depends on what the agency’s business model is. We’re also looking at providing an affiliate program. So if the Jungle Market business model doesn’t fit your business model, but you still want to get involved and you still want to refer your clients to the Jungle Market, we will have an affiliate program rolled out where you can do that and then you’ll receive some affiliate cash for providing referrals to the site.

[33:01] Augustas: I would like to know — of course, the platform is just in the early stages — what kind of features are you planning to implement, let’s say in the next 12 months or so?

[33:16] Joel: Yeah, totally. So basically with the Jungle Market, we wanted it to get rolled out as fast as possible. It definitely does function like a normal marketplace, but it is definitely missing some features that we definitely want to be rolling out in the next couple of months. Those would include the ability to add additional offers to your product. So, let’s pretend you offer 10 photos or something per package. We want to be able to add additional perks — like if you wanted additional editing or you wanted your photos to be lifestyle photos or something else — so that anyone that is selling on the marketplace can make more revenue and offer additional services. Some of the other things is just adding an FAQ so that sellers can create FAQ questions for every single one of their listings,

[34:29] Joel: adding the affiliate program. But the site’s like four days old. So we want to learn from our users instead of guessing our features — that’s not really the way that we build tools. Our users determine what we should add and what we shouldn’t add, and we prefer not to guess what our users want. The entire purpose of this private beta is to learn as much from our users as possible and to collect as much information from them, so that we can build the exact type of marketplace that they are looking for. And we can provide new features instead of guessing what those features might be.

[35:11] Augustas: Great! And the final question is about the Support. If someone wants to get in touch with you, what’s the best way to do that?

[35:16] Joel: Yes, it would be If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll get back to you within, usually, about 24 to 48 hours for any questions.

[35:30] Augustas: I imagine you are very busy with this new platform. So, thanks for sharing how it works and good luck in your business. Bye Bye.

[35:38] Joel: Thank you so much, Augustas. Have a great day guys.

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Augustas Kligys

Augustas Kligys is the founder of Orange Klik and has been delivering in-person and virtual events for Amazon sellers since 2016, including European Seller Conference, Seller Fest and PPC Congress.

Known in the business as the "Amazon Summits Guy", Augustas helps Amazon sellers achieve success through delivering expert sessions and online guides.

Focused on helping Amazon sellers build and scale their business, Augustas has spent the last years developing an industry-leading knowledge base, with over 700 sessions featuring Amazon industry leaders, experts, speakers and tools.

Augustas Kligys is the founder of Orange Klik and has been delivering in-person and virtual events for Amazon sellers since 2016, including European Seller Conference, Seller Fest and PPC Congress.

Known in the business as the "Amazon Summits Guy", Augustas helps Amazon sellers achieve success through delivering expert sessions and online guides.

Focused on helping Amazon sellers build and scale their business, Augustas has spent the last years developing an industry-leading knowledge base, with over 500 sessions featuring Amazon industry leaders, experts, speakers and tools.

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