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Download Amazon product reviews as Excel/CSV file

Ivelin Demirov, the founder of River Cleaner, has recently announced that his Chrome Extension now allows to download all the reviews of the product. As of this writing, it works for the US and EU marketplaces. In this article I will explain step by step how you can download the reviews as CSV file, which you can open with the MS Excel or Google Sheets. I will also give you few ideas how you can use this reviews data.

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30% Higher Amazon Conversions with Hypnotic, Covert CIA Interrogation Tactics

Learn how to leverage the covert power of hypnotic language patterns, embedded commands & conversational wizardry to increase amazon conversions by 30% or better plus a “quick & dirty” overview of the 3 hypnotic secrets to a 100k/month amazon listing.

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Optimizing Amazon Listings for the NEW Keyword Phrase Indexing

What we learned about Amazon keyword phrases indexing from performing over 35 000 indexing tests.

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Multi-language listing for Amazon Germany

Amazon Germany now allows shoppers to select their preferred language for the website. Read further to find out how you might take advantage of it and increase your sales.

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Using HTML Characters in the Product Bullet Points


Use the this trick on your own risk, as some sellers have reported that their listings were suspended due to HTML usage

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