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PPC Congress 2019: Networking & Mastering Amazon Advertising

Today we talk with Liran Hirschkorn from Amazing Freedom about different Amazon events, how networking grows your business and about one of the most exciting upcoming events – PPC Congress 2019 and the art of mastering Amazon PPC.

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How to Grow Your Amazon PPC Agency With Zero Client Acquisition Cost

In this video, Michael Hartman, the expert of digital marketing and the managing partner at Innoventic, shares a valuable tip on how to scale up your advertising agency with zero CAC.

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3 Common Mistakes In Amazon PPC: Stop Blacklisting Keywords?

We are talking to Tarik Berrada Hmima from Adakazam about 3 common mistakes Amazon sellers constantly make in their PPC campaigns. Tarik explains how to optimize your PPC campaigns and stop wasting too much money, what are the key indicators that Amazon uses to decide what products to show in sponsored positions, and how Adakazam software helps you to maximize your profit.

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Amazon Press Releases: New Product Launching Strategy?

Can Amazon press releases be a new product launching strategy? How does it improve your Amazon ranking?

Shane Oglow, the president of prREACH company that helps Amazon seller to create press and video releases to help Amazon sellers rank higher, explains how press releases benefit your Amazon business, how to use it for a successful product launching, and how to prepare one.

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Avoid These 11 Amazon Sponsored Ads Mistakes

What are the most common Amazon Sponsored Ads Mistakes and how to avoid it?

This time Lazar Zepinic from Sellers Alley talks about the most common mistakes he sees in Amazon sellers advertising accounts. These tips on how to avoid such mistakes are valuable for both beginners and advanced Amazon sellers trying to figure out their PPC accounts. 

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Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP): Reach Your Audience & Accelerate Sales

What is an Amazon DSP and how to start using it for advertising your products on and off Amazon?

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How to Analyze Amazon PPC Data: No More ACoS?

Many people think that ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) is a key metric used to measure the performance of your Amazo PPC campaigns. But is it really the main thing you should focus on?

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35+ Amazon PPC Questions answered with Ben Aldern

Ben Aldern is one of the world’s leading Amazon PPC experts and a co-founder of Prestozon, a sophisticated software tool for managing Amazon ads that acts as an amplifier for your ad strategy by automating your PPC chores.

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Prestozon – Automate your PPC work

Sponsored product PPC campaigns are a great tool for sellers when used well. If used in the wrong way, though, they can cost a lot of time and money.

An ideal situation for every seller out there would be to have this process automated as much as it’s possible.

Sign up for Prestozon here, and use the coupon code DEMOMONDAYS to get 1 month free trial.

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How to Setup and Optimize PPC Campaigns?

Are you struggling to understand how to organize your PPC campaigns and how much money to bid for your keywords? This webinar will show you step by step how you can structure your sponsored advertising on Amazon.

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