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India Sourcing Trip 2019: A New Destination for Product Sourcing

In this video, we have a very interesting talk with Meghla Bhardwaj about sourcing products from India and India Sourcing Trip – a sourcing, learning, and cultural tour to the Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair in October 2019.

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How to Build a True Brand (with Manuel Becvar)

Everyone can change a logo on an existing product. But if you are willing to build a real brand, there is much more behind all this process.

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Selling your products on multiple eCommerce channels with Chad Rubin

I recently noticed different Amazon sellers starting blogs where they shared stories about their accounts being suspended and their uncertainty what is the reason for this. (examples: link 1, link 2) Sadly, in some cases sellers never got their accounts back and all the precious Amazon business was lost… 🙁

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