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Helium 10 vs ZonGuru Review

When it comes to product research for Amazon FBA, there are a few tools that sellers choose right away, including widely known Helium 10. However, the demand for tools is growing and now we have new competitive tools to choose from, one of them being ZonGuru. In this Helium 10 vs. ZonGuru review, you will learn about both of them from the perspective of an Amazon seller and find out which one is the best choice to do your Amazon product and keyword research.

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Product Selection in Amazon Germany with Greg Mercer

This is a session from the European Private Label Summit 2017 – the online conference for Amazon FBA sellers in European marketplaces.

I have challenged Greg Mercer, the founder of Jungle Scout, to demonstrate how to find a product in the marketplace without knowing the language. Greg does not speak a word of German, but using the JungleScout tools he managed to identify a potential product idea.

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