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35+ Amazon PPC Questions answered with Ben Aldern

Ben Aldern is one of the world’s leading Amazon PPC experts and a co-founder of Prestozon, a sophisticated software tool for managing Amazon ads that acts as an amplifier for your ad strategy by automating your PPC chores.

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Prestozon – Automate your PPC work

Sponsored product PPC campaigns are a great tool for sellers when used well. If used in the wrong way, though, they can cost a lot of time and money.

An ideal situation for every seller out there would be to have this process automated as much as it’s possible.

Sign up for Prestozon here, and use the coupon code DEMOMONDAYS to get 1 month free trial.

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Demo Mondays #12 – PPC Entourage

This sessions features PPC Entourage –  the solution for scaling your Amazon business using Sponsored Products Ad campaigns. Fully integrated with Seller Central, its campaign optimization tools are intuitive and easy to use. Features like our Search Term Expansion and Negative Word Finder allow you to create completely optimized campaigns in minutes.

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Demo Mondays #3 – Prestozon

PRESTOZON is the most focused and powerful tool for automating Sponsored Products PPC campaigns. Save time and make more money with clear, quick analytics, helpful bid suggestions, and magical automation. Prestozon’s suite of tools make Sponsored Products easy… and even kind of fun.

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