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FeedbackFive – Amazon Feedback and Product Reviews Software

FeedbackFive is the first feedback and review tool for Amazon sellers, trusted by tens of thousands of merchants in over 100 countries. With FeedbackFive, you can easily automate seller-branded or official Amazon email requests and proactively monitor feedback and reviews in 15 Amazon marketplaces.

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Demo Mondays #65 – Sellgo Product Research Tool For Amazon FBA

Sellgo is a profit finder and product tracker tool to help Amazon sellers with better catalog experience. Grow your Amazon seller businesses and scale up your market shares through data automation.

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Demo Mondays #64 – FeedbackWhiz Updates 2020

FeedbackWhiz automates, manages, and monitors feedback, orders, and product reviews. See all order data metrics such as repeat customers, shipping tracking information, promotions, and get the most of the newest features, such as profit and loss dashboard as well as “Review and Request” feature. View all your product reviews and detailed metrics on one screen.

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Demo Mondays #63 – Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero by Profit Whales is a PPC campaign creator with relevant keywords and proper structure that helps to launch new, instantly optimized (prepared) Amazon ad campaigns for your products at scale in a few easy steps.

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Demo Mondays #62 – PickFu

PickFu is an essential tool for e-commerce sellers allowing to get nearly instant feedback on creative assets for brands. From product packaging to A+ content, sellers can validate their ideas to make more informed decisions while launching a product and reducing the risk of poor performing listings. PickFu helps the most successful sellers in the industry consistently dominate their competitors, so the next time you’re feeling unsure, use PickFu to know what sells, before you sell it.

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Demo Mondays #61 – Quantify Ninja

Quantify Ninja is an all-in-one tool that provides you with multiple features that every seller should have in order to succeed. By using the tool, you will find dashboard, profits manager, real-time notifications, orders data, RoI calculations, automated emails, keyword optimizer, and many more features to help you manage your data and increase sales.

Most importantly, the tool is suitable for everyone, either you are just a beginner or an advanced-level seller, affordable, and covers all marketplaces.

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Demo Mondays #60 – RevenueWize – Amazon PPC Made Simple

RevenueWize simplifies the Amazon PPC optimization process eliminating the uncertainty and frustration associated with it. The solution analyzes Ad Spend and provides actionable recommendations to optimize the ACoS and increase profitability. It is intuitive and easy to use allowing sellers to start immediately and achieve results fast. Welcome to an Improved Amazon PPC Experience!

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Demo Mondays #59 – Profit Whales

Profit Whales PPC Optimization Software is a complete tool to automate the optimization of your advertising campaigns on Amazon. Forget about the tasks like bid management, keywords harvesting, adding negative keywords, etc. The algorithm will do the work based on your advertising and business goal while you sleep. You sell, Profit Whales do the rest!

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Demo Mondays #58 – Intentwise

Intentwise is an Amazon advertising partner. Intentwise’s technology platform helps Amazon advertisers achieve stellar results and save valuable time.

Intentwise’s comprehensive recommendations span bid management, keyword optimization, product targeting, account structure design, and more. Automation and simplified workflows enable rapid execution of time-consuming tasks such as bulk bid updates, day-parting, and addition of keywords from search terms. With its robust analytics capabilities, monitoring and analyzing performance could not have been simpler. Try them out for free – they offer a 14-day trial.

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Demo Mondays #57 – Perpetua

Perpetua is an AI-powered optimization platform for Sponsored Ads on Amazon. Perpetua’s Ad Engine helps the world’s smartest Brands, Media Agencies and Sellers increase sales, minimize advertising costs, and dramatically save time on the minutiae of managing Amazon ads. With features like keyword and ASIN harvesting, algorithmic bidding, advanced targeting (brand, category, competitor), total sales analytics and best-in-class mobile apps – Perpetua gives superpowers to anyone who sells on Amazon.

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