What’s new at Seller.Tools 2019 – Suite of Tools for Amazon sellers

In this video I am going to talk to Troy Johnston from Seller.Tools, who will tell us what is new in their application and what services they provide to Amazon sellers. And if you want to watch the demo of Seller.Tools, simply click here.

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Not long ago, Seller.Tools had the Search Volume function that showed exact search volume for every keyword, at the moment, this metrics is gone. Right now Seller.Tools still offers softwear that provides some insight of how keywords function and trend analysis, however, there are even more advanced metrics available now, such as Reviewable and Estimated Sales By Keyword, which allow you to see whether you are eligible or not to receive reviews. You can even set up a tool that notifies you as soon as you lose review eligibility via the channel you choose.

One of the reasons why a product may not be able to receive reviews is the sales-to-reviews ratio. It seems that if there are too many reviews and not enough sales, it just not working. Estimated Sales By Keyword allows you to see how your keywords affect your sales.  These two metrics are available only at Seller.Tools. More information can be found on this page.

Seller.Tools can also figure custom made automated chatbot flows. They can make data available to sellers that facilitate their customer support, for example ready scripts can be installed and used for multiple products. Chatbots are set up for you, so you save time. You can learn more about Done-For-You Automation here: https://seller.tools/dfy-automation/

In order to have this feature installed, Amazon sellers do not need a website or landing page, but they need to be able to get someone into their flow. For many chats a Facebook page is needed. According to Trey, if you deliver an excellent customer support in real time, it really helps your business and your reputation.

Product launch service is also available (high velocity sales) on Seller.Tools. According to Troy, product launches are still very efficient and the company keeps optimizing their strategies.

Below the video you will find info how you can get discounts for some of Seller.Tools products.

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