Trademarks for Amazon Sellers in US and EU

In this video we talk to Alex Chernenko, who explains about trademark registration for Amazon sellers in Europe and in the US.

Alex Chernenko

Alex begins by introducing himself. He has been selling on Amazon for quite some time now and he is also running a company registration service in Ireland. He helps Amazon sellers to register their companies and get their trademarks in the US and in the EU. Alex explains that a trademark is a way to legalize and protect the brand from copycats. Moreover, on Amazon if you have a registered trademark, you get extra functionalities, so you can showcase your products more. If you notice someone trying to copy your product, you can write to Amazon and ask that for those copies to be removed.

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You can get your trademark registered in just one country or in the entire European Union, depends on where you are going to sell your product. You can register only the name of your product or the logo as well.

If you want to register your trademark in the whole EU, first you need to register in one specific country, and then, following the so-called Madrid protocol, you can register in the rest of the EU.

Before creating a brand, you need to make sure there is nothing similar in terms of product or name. You need to make a research beforehand – make sure no similar name exists. You can search via various specialized websites that help you find brand names similar to yours.

It makes sense to hire a company to do the trademark registration instead of trying to do it yourself. Alex says that two thirds of his work is dealing with rejected applications and only one third is the actual registration. If you are trying to register your trademark for the first time, there is hight risk you will make a mistake in filling out forms or submitting information, so hiring an expert like Alex simply saves time and money. In particular in the US the registration application form is totally not user-friendly. When it comes to the UK, the registration form is much more simple and easier to understand, however, you must have a European mailing address if you want to register your trademark there, in this case the company of Alex acts as a legal representitive, because it is based in Ireland, in Europe.

Until recently Amazon US used to accept the UK-registered trademarks, which is no longer the case, however, now we can see that German trademarks are sometimes still accepted in the US. Alex predicts that unfortunately, soon nobody will be able to get away with having a European trademark and a US-specific registration will become inevitable for those who want to sell in the US.

In the UK it takes about 2,5 – 3 months to register your trademark, in an EU member state, processing a trademark registration takes about 3 months too, in the US it takes at least 7 months if everything goes smoothly, and registration for the entire EU may take from 6 months to a year. The registration costs start at 300 USD for the US, about 200 Eur for the UK, and in case of registering in the whole EU you are looking at about 1000 Eur fee. Keep in mind that if you are registering a product that cover multiple categories, you will have to apply for different classes and pay for every class separately.

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