Product Selection in Amazon Germany with Greg Mercer

August 9, 2017

This is a session from the European Private Label Summit 2017 – the online conference for Amazon FBA sellers in European marketplaces.

I have challenged Greg Mercer, the founder of Jungle Scout, to demonstrate how to find a product in the marketplace without knowing the language. Greg does not speak a word of German, but using the JungleScout tools he managed to identify a potential product idea.

Tactics for finding private label products in Europe in 2017

  1. Focus in EXISTING demand
  2. Focus on quality
  3. Focus on adding value and differentiation
  4. Focus on low competition

Criterias for European Product Ideas

  • Existing Niche Demand: greater than 1000 sales/month
  • Low Competition: listings in top 10 with less than 20 reviews
  • Less than perfect reviews: selling well with less than 4-star rating
  • Price Point: 18€-60€ (less competition at higher price points, greater margin per sale)

Do not select products that:

  • Need to be licensed
  • Are patented
  • Cannot be sold on Amazon
  • High liability or risk


Greg is a serial entrepreneur, heavily involved in all things Amazon. He currently does multi-millions in annual sales with his physical product brands on Amazon. He’s the founder of the industry leader in Amazon product research software – Jungle Scout. He is also the creator of Jump Send: powerful email automation and Fetcher: simple profit analytics for Amazon sellers. Greg’s a lifelong learner, caffeine enthusiast and digital nomad.

About the Author Augustas Kligys

Augustas Kligys is the host and creator of several popular virtual and in-person summits for Amazon sellers. The first one is European Private Label Summit, which covers a lot of important topics for those willing to grow their Amazon FBA business in European Marketplaces. The second - AMZ Seller Summit - an event, where experts shared their Amazon business optimization secrets and mindset, which helps to elevate your business to the next level. Augustas also hosts weekly DEMO MONDAYS video series, where Amazon seller tools are demoing their products. If you want to meet Augustas in-person, visit one of his live events for Amazon business owners: European Seller ConferencePPC Congress, and Seller Fest.

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