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April 9, 2020


If you are not ranking on page one on Amazon, it means you are invisible. Ranking as high as possible in the search term results is one thing that every Amazon seller aims to do. Obviously, when we talk about ranking, we often refer to Amazon PPC as well, but what about the organic ranking and share of voice?

Today Joseph La Selva from Perpetua, an AI-powered optimization platform for sponsored ads on Amazon, tells us everything you need to know about the importance of organic ranking and share of voice – what are these metrics and how to improve them.

Perpetua’s ad engine helps the world’s smartest brands, media agencies and sellers increase sales, minimize advertising costs, and dramatically save time on the minutiae of managing Amazon ads. With features like keyword and ASIN harvesting, algorithmic bidding, advanced targeting (brand, category, competitor), total sales analytics and best-in-class mobile apps – Perpetua gives superpowers to anyone who sells on Amazon.

Learn more on how to use the tool in this Demo Mondays episode.

List of topics covered in the video:

00:55 About Perpetua
01:40 What are organic ranking and share of voice metrics
02:35 Why these metrics are important
03:32 The relation between organic ranking and PPC
06:00 How to analyze and improve organic ranking performance
09:42 How to start using Perpetua

What does organic rank and share of voice mean

Joe explains that organic rank is a metric that tracks your product listing ranking in the Amazon search results for any given search term, excluding listings that are sponsored. For example, if someone searches “laundry detergent” and your listing is the first to show up after all sponsored product placement at the very top, then your product listing has the number one organic ranking for this exact search term.

Meanwhile, share of voice is a metric that tracks the percentage of listings that are yours, usually on the first page of search results for any given search term. So for example, if somebody searches for the aforementioned “laundry detergent” and the first page contains 50 listings of which 5 are yours, that means you have 10% share of voice.

The importance of organic ranking and share of voice

As a seller, whenever people search for your product, your biggest concern is how high on the search results your listing appears. You want your product to be visible and maximize the amount of space that’s actually yours.

Obviously, improving the organic ranking of your product will lead to increasing amount of clicks as well as the conversion rate. Joe highlights that usually you get 2-3 times better conversions if your product has a high organic ranking. The reason behind it is very simple – organic ranking is similar to your reviews rating or your prime badge, meaning it’s an indicator of trust. The more people trust you, the more likely they will buy your product.

However, you need to keep in mind that Amazon PPC is strongly related to your organic ranking. This is how it works: Your organic ranking depends on how well your product converts on ads for the search term. So if your product is placed on the very top with a sponsored product listing for any given search term and converts well, that is going to have a very strong effect on your organic ranking.

How to analyze the metrics?

You can find out your organic ranking and share of voice metrics using Perpetua’s tool. Here is an example:

Here you see the list of search terms that your product ranks for. In addition, you are able to see how well your product does in regards to organic as well as sponsored ranking and share of voice for every search term. And here is how Amazon PPC affects organic ranking over time:

In this case, someone has been able to use advertising to impact the organic ranking over time: At the start, the organic ranking number is 24, meanwhile, the sponsored rank is at number 5. By heavily investing in sponsored brands, eventually, they reached number 1 on organic ranking for the specific search term.

At the same time, you can boost your keywords to rank higher by clicking on “Keyword boost” option right below:

This feature allows you to isolate strategic keywords into their own campaigns, set a dedicated ACoS and budget, and dominate the top of the search results using a higher placement multiplier. Here is how you can set it up:

By using the feature, you are able to improve your organic ranking over time.

If you are curious to try these features, visit Perpetua website or contact Joe directly at

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