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January 19, 2017

I recently noticed different Amazon sellers starting blogs where they shared stories about their accounts being suspended and their uncertainty what is the reason for this. (examples: link 1, link 2) Sadly, in some cases, sellers never got their accounts back and all the precious Amazon business was lost… 🙁

It’s pretty hard to give advice on how to behave so you will not get into trouble with having your account suspended. But there is another way of increasing your sales, which I want to talk about and hopefully, it will help you to have your business running even if Amazon’s account was suspended.

Investors would call this minimizing the risk by spreading your capital into different types of investments and I would simply say: it is very important not to keep all of your eggs in one basket.

I have invited Chad Rubin, a well-known top seller on Amazon who is also a co-founder of Skubana to share his thoughts and experience on selling products via multiple channels.

Chad has been with Amazon for about a decade and has had his account suspended several times. The unpleasant fact was that the suspension happened right after Christmas. Festive time doesn’t work for Amazon and one has to be always prepared for challenges behind the doors.

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”CHAD RUBIN”]Amazon is massive, but there is also life outside Amazon[/pullquote]

Look at eCommerce as playing Monopoly.  You want to be everywhere on the board to win! In order to win the game of playing eCommerce you need to be on multiple channels.

50% of Chad’s eCommerce business is on Amazon now, but when he first started it was 100% on Amazon. This marketplace is a good way to start and also maintain your business, Chad thinks, but, later on, it is healthier to spread it out through other platforms, like,, Overstock, etc – all of them are fantastic!

When asked what would be the first steps one should start with when someone wants to build a business on multiple platforms, Chad says there is no first or second step. Sellers have to understand that the best way is to start building it taking multiple steps at the time. Yes, it is hard work and will require lots of one’s time. Chad mentions 3 very important tasks to be done. First of all is to start building your listings off Amazon, building them on your shopping cart (your own website). At the same time, you would have to activate product listing ad campaigns on Google (Google Ads). And the third task is to start researching. Remember- selling on Amazon is very easy, people are masters selling on Amazon, but building your off-Amazon channel will require much more time and research is done to build up an audience outside this popular platform.

I am sure you will find Chads advises useful and working for you. If you have already started your research or have something to add to it you are always welcome to share your thoughts below.

UPDATE: Chad has posted more details about his seller account suspension during Christmas. Click here to read the full story.

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  1. Could you please explain why Amazon thought he was violating rules? He updated a credit card. What credit card? The one he has registered to his personal account? None of this makes sense. What exactly happened and why did Amazon think he was violating policy?

    1. You are absolutely correct, it didn’t make sense. Amazon said they did it out of pre-caution but still cost me a TON of money.

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