How to Find Profitable Niche Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

August 30, 2022

It takes MONTHS to find the right product to sell on Amazon.

And we’re not even exaggerating. Even with the right tools and data, it’s going to take a while.

It’s because finding an “attractive” product is not enough – you need to develop one that will bring higher customer satisfaction, be highly differentiated, and solve a problem.

In this blog post, we will go through some of the products that are potential best-sellers in 2022.

Products with low competition

First of all, you might want to look at the products with lower competition. This way, you stand more chances to outperform your competitors.

Products that are more focused on a specific niche are essentially high-demand and low-competition. Therefore, it’s important to understand your target market and the exact moment they will search and buy your product.

So let’s get straight to the point – how do you know which niche products are profitable?

We bet that first you would go and check the sales velocity, keyword search volume, the number of competitors… And you wouldn’t be wrong – these are the things that determine if a product has potential or not.

However, many sellers skip one important step – they don’t do their research on whether or not people really need the product. Your product needs to solve a problem, a “pain point: that your customers have in order to create a high-demand product.

And once you create a product that reduces or even eliminates the “pain”, it is more likely that they will try your product hoping it will solve their problem.

How do you explore product ideas?

In case you have an idea of what product you might want to sell, the best way to find out what people need, what questions they have, and how they describe that product is to read forums, such as Quora or Reddit. This way you will understand what problems your target market faces and get familiar with the language they’re using to describe it – it will be very handy later when preparing your product listing.

If you still don’t have an idea what are you going to sell and want to go for a painkiller product, try this – on the Amazon search, start typing “pain” and look what people are searching for.

In this case, you’re going to explore some products that people use to actually fight the pain.

Once you’ve done your quick market research and have a product in mind, let’s move to the next step – validating it using real data from Amazon.

How to validate products?

One thing is to have a product in mind, another thing is validating it. For this, there are many different tools out there, but this time we will be using the Black Box tool by Helium 10.

If you tried to type “pain” on the Amazon search, you will notice that the category with the most search results is Health & Household.

You will discover that there are more products coming from subcategories of Health & Household.

The subcategories are:

  • magnetic therapy
  • knee braces
  • thigh support
  • arm support
  • calf and shin support
  • arch support
  • insoles

These subcategories will help you focus on a variety of markets, such as different genders, ages, activities, and body types. So from playing with keywords and suggestions from Amazon, you will be able to have an idea of what product people are searching for when looking to relieve their pain.

So how do we use the Niche tab of the Black Box tool? We will use the subcategories that we discovered from the product tab of the Black Box tool. Then with the filters of at least $5000 revenue, 300 units, $20 – minimum selling price, 500 review count.

Here are the profitable niche products per sub-category:

Subcategory: Knee Braces

Copper Infused Knee Sleeves – First of all, only in its 4th month from launching, it is already selling at 248 units per month with monthly average revenue of $7,316. It only has 9 reviews so far, which indicates an opportunity for new sellers to release similar products but with enhanced features. The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory benefits of copper are not a new thing but if you do more research, you can add more features that will definitely address muscle soreness from performance athletes or active people in general.

Subcategory: Arm Support

Charcoal Infused Arm Sleeves – It targets muscle recovery on the arms, is suited for men and women, charcoal-infused to keep the odor away from the sleeves while working out. It is earning a monthly revenue of $7,942 and sales units of 227. This product only has 72 review counts which means that by targeting the market of active men and women and developing this product including enhanced materials and benefits, this niche will be a promising one.

Subcategory: Thigh Support

Thigh compression sleeves (Athletic thigh support) – This product was created to reduce muscle soreness in the thigh area of athletic people doing all sports that involves using mostly your legs. Thigh compressions help with better blood circulation thus reducing the creation of lactic acids during workouts or tough training. This product has 270 monthly unit sales per month and average monthly revenue of $6,210.9. With only 56 review counts and 3.9 review ratings. Using this advantage to know where in their listing they are not optimizing (product images, listing copy, keyword optimization in the title) and knowing that this product has a demand is just learning from your competitors’ success and mistakes and applying those in the niche product you are developing.

Subcategory: Calf & Shin Support

Calf Compression Sleeves – Here, the target to reduce pain is in a form of a chain effect. Calf compressions help with blood circulation in your calves and shins thus preventing the formation or even reducing the varicose veins that your target market is currently struggling with. This product has 447 monthly unit sales and monthly average revenue of $9,773.73. With only 41 review counts, there are still a lot of opportunities to join this subcategory and offer variations that can cater to color, level of compression, or size.

Subcategory: Arch Support

Unbreakable Arch Support Orthotic Inserts. Here the target to reduce pain is centered around heel and foot arch pain due to a lack of arch formation in the feet or added stresses as you age. The unique selling point is that it is unbreakable, which means it will always hold its form no matter how frequent and how much pressure is added to this product. Arch supports relieve pain for those that have flat feet and need additional support to be able to eliminate the feet on the heels and prevent the injury to affect your knees and ligaments in your ankles.

Subcategory: Insoles

Cut to Fit Magnetic Therapy Insoles – Here, the target to reduce pain is overall foot support. As insoles provide cushion to your feet, improve your posture, and improve muscle fatigue especially if you work standing all day. The unique selling point of this product is it can be adjusted to any foot size because you can cut it in your correct foot size and special material of magnet therapy is also used to manage or reduce pain in this part of the body. This product has differentiated itself by adding the benefits of magnet therapy to pain management in the soles of the feet when magnet therapy has always been seen only as an accessory (bracelets and necklaces).

Overall the Niche tool inside BlackBox helps us find those niche items under subcategories of items that wouldn’t normally catch our eye that has the possibility of performing and ranking higher in sales rank as it ages, with lots of demand but low in competition.

Of course, it is still up to your criteria and based on your budget to determine the product, but by just knowing that there is a lot of variety of products you can develop by just using the keyword “PAIN” or “PAIN RELIEVER”. You will be able to fulfill that very important part of developing a product that is going to be evergreen and is not seasonal as this will always solve someone’s PAIN all year round.

Next steps

Using Black Box to validate your product idea saves lots of time and doubts if a product is really worth selling.

You can read more about Black Box on the Helium 10 website.

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