How to Hire Amazon FBA Virtual Assistants To Scale Up Your Business

March 19, 2021

Hiring Amazon FBA virtual assistants is very common nowadays and almost every seller has one. There are different platforms where you can hire virtual assistants, depending on the country, tasks, experience, and other factors.

In this article, you will find the most popular platforms to hire virtual assistants for your Amazon business, and, hopefully, it will help you to understand which option is the best for you as a private label FBA seller. 

Why do you need a virtual assistant for Amazon FBA

As entrepreneurs, we like to have everything under our control and manage it all ourselves. However, as the business grows, it becomes impossible to cope with the increasing number of tasks. At some point in the Amazon FBA business, every entrepreneur needs a team.

The most common practice is to hire virtual assistants who are trained to handle everyday tasks that Amazon’s business requires, such as offering customer service, doing product replacement, managing refunds, dealing with low star reviews, and much more. And, basically, being Amazon seller central experts.

Whether you are planning on hiring a single virtual assistant or building an entire team, starting to outsource daily tasks can significantly impact your productivity as well as business growth.

You don't need an office to have a team working for you

Remote working is getting more and more common. In 2020, we saw incredible changes in how the biggest companies in the world switched to home offices and planned to maintain this work culture.

So if one of the largest companies can do it, you can do it too. Plus, hiring virtual assistants would never require having an expensive physical office so you can keep your business expenses quite low.

It's cheap to hire virtual assistants

Well, it depends on which country your virtual assistant is based in but, generally, it's cheaper. For example, in the Philippines, working as a virtual assistant for Amazon or any other e-commerce business is quite popular.

The best thing is a Philippine virtual assistant would cost you a few times less than one in the USA, for example. Even more, in the Philippines, people are even getting trained for this exact job so you can expect the job to be done smoothly.

Outsourcing tasks gives you more time

As a result of hiring a virtual assistant, you'll be able to spend more and more time on things you'd like, whether it's being with your family or focusing on the more important business parts. Also, it prevents you from burnout.

Types of virtual assistants

Do all VAs capable of doing every task you delegate? Well, they can do almost anything, but there are certain things they especially focused on. For this reason, there are 2 types of VAs - general and specialized.

So long as they have the right training, skills, and tools, a VA can technically do anything that does not require their actual physical presence, which, if you think about, is actually a lot.

That being said, there are different types of VAs, and it’s important to know which type of VAs are best suited for the tasks you plan to outsource.

General Amazon Virtual Assistant

Most of the time, when looking for a VA, you'll notice lots of them share the same or similar skillset. That's because business owners tend to hire assistants to manage simple daily tasks, like answering emails, dealing with customer support, making appointments, etc.

This type of assistance is called a General VA. The term itself is self-explanatory - a general VA is someone who can take on the daily routine tasks and processes that are important for running your business but not necessarily focused on growing it. And since these tasks are mostly technical, they don't necessarily require any specific skillset.

Specialized Amazon Virtual Assistant

A specialized Virtual Assistant is a person who has a very specific skill set and is better suited for managing one certain part of your business. The skills they bring to your business cost more so be ready to pay your specialized VA a bit more.

For example, a specialized VA can run your social media ads, create and execute a business marketing strategy, create visuals, edit videos, take care of SEO tasks, and so on.

How to hire a virtual assistant?

Before hiring your first virtual assistant, first you need to prepare for it yourself. Even though having one additional team member will make things way easier in the long term, it won't be simple to let go of things you are used to do all by yourself.

Have your processes documented properly. You don't want to onboard a new team member without having your working processes properly written down. We believe it's a hugely underrated aspect of hiring an assistant. But just think about it - will you be able to explain every aspect of your business in a couple of Zoom meetings? No. That's why you might want to start documenting everything you do on a daily basis right now and prepare training/instructions so your new assistant knows what's going on.

Let go of things that are time-consuming. This one is related to your mindset. Get used to the thought that from now on you won't be 100% in control of what's going on in your business and there will be times where people will complete tasks the way they know the best. For this, we suggest to always tell what to do and not how to do it.

We shared even more tips on how to deal with virtual assistants in this interview. Check it out.

Amazon virtual assistant agencies

So once you have all the above boxes checked, it's time to start looking for your first virtual assistant online. Below we listed some websites that we believe are the best options to look for a good VA for your Amazon business.

Wing Virtual Assistants

Wing is shaping how small business teams hire talent. They connect e-commerce sellers with dedicated remote assistants who will take care of recurring and time-consuming work.

Use a Wing dedicated assistant to help you focus on your core activities by having them take over busy work such as data entry, social media management, lead generation, etc. You can imagine your Wing assistant as an affordable team member who takes care of all the menial work while you do the important things to grow your business.

Types of tasks to offload to a Wing e-commerce VA include:

  • Order fulfillment
  • Price monitoring
  • Customer support
  • Tracking refunds
  • Conducting market research
  • Managing promotional campaigns
  • Platform PPC advertising

Besides e-commerce assistants, Wing also matches businesses with assistants for social media, sales calling, real estate, content marketing, and more. Wing’s trained and dedicated human VAs leverage artificial intelligence when serving clients. This lets Wing provide services 

Pros of Wing Assistant

Wing’s technology-rich platform delivers high-quality output at an affordable price. This sets them apart from similar managed service providers. Wing essentially provides the SaaS equivalent of an in-person executive assistant.

Their e-commerce assistants undergo intensive training before joining their client’s teams, helping them hit the ground running. Within days of signing up and submitting requirements for your new team member, you will have them ready to join you on easy and flexible terms. No need to train your assistant in the ins and outs of e-commerce platforms like Amazon—Wing handles that for you!

What’s more, if you compare Wing’s subscription to the respective average salaries in the US ($55K+), you save about $48,000 per year using Wing.

Wing Assistant is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Businesses have an easy, secure way to access e-commerce talent. Meanwhile, global workers have a safe, convenient, and legally sound way of accessing the international labor market. No one has to worry about the administrative aspects of employment, helping them focus on what they do best.

Cons of Wing Assistants

Wing Assistant is a relative newcomer to the managed services industry, which could be a con for some. However, they make up for it in being responsive and quickly iterating on processes.


Wing has two pricing tiers for e-commerce assistants, Limited and Basic. The Limited plan is around $6 per hour for part-time coverage. Meanwhile, full-time coverage under the Basic plan is around $8 per hour. That works out to $649 per month for 80 hours of work, and $999 per month for 160 hours, respectively.

And finally, check out the video we did about why should you hire a virtual assistant for your Amazon business and how does Wing can help you:


OnlineJobs is a Philippines platform for hiring virtual assistants of your choice. You will not only find virtual assistants for your Amazon business, but you can hire virtual assistants for any type of work that can be done remotely.

Some type of work you can hire on OnlineJobs:

  • Virtual assistant for Amazon seller business
  • WordPress experts
  • Any type of graphic design
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Programming
  • Writing

However, if you are an Amazon seller who is looking to find a virtual assistant who can help you with some tasks related to your business, there are profiles of people on OnlineJobs that specialize in Amazon business tasks.

That way, you will be able to find people who already have previous experience in the Amazon seller business and will be able to successfully complete any task you desire.

Pros of OnlineJobs

What is good about this platform is that they have their own articles where they explain the benefits of hiring virtual assistants for a full-time or half-time, how to successfully find a virtual assistant for your needs, and other similar guideposts.

Also, payment is made very simple. OnlineJobs features an EasyPay option that connects either PayPal or Payoneer to the platform and makes sure that the payment goes quickly and smoothly. It also automatically generates invoices which is a good thing for businesses.

However, if you are not a big fan of PayPal or Payoneer for transferring your money internationally, you should have a look at TransferWise. It’s a payment service that makes international transactions very simple and fast all around the world. TransferWise chargers about 1-3% only per transaction. If you were to transfer about $300, the fee would be only approximately $3. Another example would be transferring $1000 where the fee would be about $10 which is pretty good considering other platforms out there.

There is also a time tracker that workers use so you can pay your virtual assistant on an hourly basis. It is very accurate and it is useful since it’s integrated into the platform already.

Cons of OnlineJobs

While the platform brings a lot of good stuff to both people who need to outsource some work and for people who are looking for a job, there are some flaws.

There are some flaws I have noticed which are related to Amazon sellers. There are profiles of workers on OnlineJobs who are specialized in Amazon business and have experience in performing tasks for Amazon seller businesses. However, at the same time, you might need time to find a virtual assistant that will be a good fit for your style and the way you handle your tasks.

In case you can not find an appropriate experienced virtual assistant, another option would be to hire a newbie virtual assistant who is looking to learn about the Amazon seller business. You could train him and make sure he gets your style of performing the tasks in your business.

One another disadvantage would be the lack of workers who speak European languages. But considering it is a Philippines platform and that they speak English, it is a fair enough situation.


Unlike other platforms for hiring people to do remote jobs, OnlineJobs is somehow different. The main difference is that OnlineJobs does not take a commission for each transaction you make with a person you hire.

Yet instead, they offer two different packages that you pay on a monthly basis to access the platform. There is also a free package to try out the platform before subscribing on a monthly basis.

What most people do is that they pay the monthly subscription, they find a person or a few workers they are happy with, and then they can cancel the subscription once they have found someone who can do the tasks they require. So basically, the monthly subscription can be paid only once.

One package is "Pro" and another package you can purchase is "Premium". They both have a different number of job posts, amount of workers you can contact on a monthly basis, and some other benefits that come included such as worker coaching service.

VAA Philippines

VAA Philippines is all about filtering VAs from the Philippines and teaching them all they need to know about Amazon so they could help Amazon sellers.

The company specializes in matching Amazon sellers worldwide with high-quality Amazon VAs in the Philippines, by locating, screening, training, and supporting.

They will choose the ideal Amazon virtual assistant after a thorough assessment of the business and needs. Starting from introductory phone call to creating a weekly work schedule and briefing the VA about the business, VAA provides sellers with tips and guidance to get the most from virtual assistants.

VAA employs dozens of motivated, dedicated and trained VAs who passed a series of tests, interviews and high-level training specifically on Amazon. There are 4 types of VAs at the Academy:

  • Amazon VA's
  • Social Media
  • PPC
  • Graphic designers

Pros of VAA Philippines

VAA Philippines takes care of continuously providing necessary training to their VAs so they can deliver up-to-date knowledge to their clients. Hiring a VA from such company also protects you from being dumped at any moment, which happens quite a lot with freelance virtual assistants.

All virtual assistants are motivated, dedicated and willing to work with you for a long term. Usually, most of them have a higher education and the selection process is pretty strict.

Also, since all VAs are professionally trained, you feel safe when working with one. VAA Philippines creates a fostering working environment for them so they feel like a part of the community that creates real value.

One last thing - VAA Philippines helps you with onboarding process, meaning they will make sure your new VA matches your criteria and if you're also prepared to start working with an assistant.

Cons of VAA Philippines

For some people it might be a disadvantage, but VAA Philippines only focuses on Amazon.


The price varies depending on the different types of VA, but basically, it’s between $5.50 to $6.60 USD an hour. Mention ORANGE KLIK to get additional bonus when contacting Virtual Assistants Academy through this link.


FreeeUp started as a platform to help business owners find virtual assistants for eCommerce businesses, but it is expanded a lot since the beginning.

Now, they offer different types of tasks related to:

  • eCommerce
  • Amazon
  • Customer service
  • Marketing and sales
  • Content creation
  • Web development
  • Web design
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Accounting
  • Translation

These are just the most common fields. FreeeUp can handle almost any of the remote tasks out there.

It is a platform that specializes in finding the best talents that could help your eCommerce business. It works like most of the platforms out there. You are required to create an account, request a freelancer, hire a freelancer, track hours and do the billing.

What is good about FreeeUp is that you get only one freelancer assigned to you that meets your needs the most. Then you can have a 15-20 minute interview with a freelancer and decide whether you would like to hire the freelancer FreeeUp assigned to you or not.

FreeeUp stands for the 1% of the freelancers they offer, which could benefit your business through their experience, communication, and passion for the work they do. They do their own interviews when hiring freelancers to work on their platform, and recruit only the best ones. That way, FreeeUp offers only the best of the best to business owners who have no time to play around.

Since they have expanded widely offering various services, you will be able to find different types of freelancers and virtual assistants on one platform which can help you solve all your business needs in one place.

Pros of FreeeUp

The most useful feature on the FreeeUp platform is the way you can actually meet your freelancer. You get the chance to have an interview and have a call with your freelancer when it is necessary. Once you have your FreeeUp account, you can benefit from all sorts of features that come with it.

You get to provide your budget, and always keep an eye on your total spending. In your account, you can have a list of your freelancers and can manage your hour expectations, estimated deadlines, and even communication methods.

They make it very simple to manage your freelancer or a small team of freelancers.

Payment is made simple through the payment feature on the FreeeUp platform. You can connect the most common online payment ways to the FreeeUp to add funds to your account. Then, from your account, funds are transferred automatically to your freelancer every Thursday.

Cons of FreeeUp

The prices FreeeUp has on their site are estimated since the freelancers on their platform set their own rates. Therefore, FreeeUp can not tell you exactly the amount of money you would need before creating an account and finding the exact freelancer to hire.

Therefore, every job can cost you differently.

Other than that, there are actually no other disadvantages to this platform. It is a platform that has been specifically and precisely created with a lot of attention to ensure that it is one of the best platforms for hiring freelancers, including virtual assistants online.


The best thing about FreeeUp is that there is no fee requested upon joining the platform. You can join the platform by simply creating your account in 5 to 10 minutes.

However, once you are on the platform and want to look for a freelancer to hire, you will get to choose the pricing plan. Their pricing depends on the skill level group of the freelancer you are trying to hire. There are three levels. The first one is "Basic Level" freelancer who costs from $5 to $10 an hour. Then you have a "Mid Level" freelancer who costs between $10 and $30 per hour. In the end, you have an "Expert Level" freelancer who usually charges $25+ per hour.

They also have the most precise pricing plans for each category of services they provide. Therefore, for Amazon services, "Mid Level" freelancer would cost you from $8 to $16 for a non-US freelancer, and between $20-$35 an hour for a US/UK/CA freelancer.

The choice is wide and you get to choose which level freelancer you would need, and whether he is required to be from the US/UK/CA or not.

Phoenix VA

Phoenix VA is an eCommerce virtual assistants company that follows the 3 C's process:

  • CONTACT: They’ll go over your brands, ASINs, goals, workflows, etc. Basically, their team takes a look under the hood. They hear your needs, and make recommendations as well as provide you with a simple flat rate and payment options.
  • CONNECT: This is the second step where you are matched to one of their Account specialists. They then onboard you and give you all the details about your account, communication stream, etc.
  • COLLECT: Watch your business grow. Their team keeps tabs on your situation, frequently (but not impolitely) checking in to make sure everything is as it should be. They can adjust the workflow to changing needs, and ensure that you are satisfied with your Phoenix Seller VA help.

Phoenix Sellers VA team has lots of skills to offer, such as Amazon seller training, Amazon account health monitoring, listing and inventory management, keyword research, reporting, brand store and A+ content optimization.

Pros of Phoenix VA

Phoenix VA provides value-minded operational expertise. Phoenix has an agency background, and a solid track record. Their founder worked for Amazon, and still maintains tight connections with people at Seattle HQ.

Cons of Phoenix VA

As far as we can see, there are no major cons when it comes to Phoenix VA services. The only thing that might be an issue for you before signing up with them is that there is no clear pricing plan, meaning that you need to contact them first to know the price.


They negotiate prices individually. However, there's a one time fee of $175 that you can waive if you use a coupon code ORANGEKLIK. Plus, by using the code, you also get 10% off the first 10 VA hours.

MyTalent is one of the rare platforms that find virtual assistants that speak other languages than English. In this case, on MyTalent, you will be able to find virtual assistants that speak either German or English.

Virtual assistants available on MyTalent are mostly based out of Georgia. This platform offers a huge advantage which is finding virtual assistants for Amazon European marketplaces such as Germany.

Even if you do not speak the German language but you would like to expand your business to German marketplace, these virtual assistants could help you through the process.

Types of Tasks MyTalent virtual assistants can are related to:

  • Customer support
  • Research
  • Social media
  • Sales

While most of these types of tasks are related to Amazon businesses, MyTalent offers virtual assistants for all types of online businesses out there.

If you would like to compare MyTalent to other portals, it is the most similar to OnlineJobs. The difference is in the country of origin of the virtual assistants and the languages they speak.

Good thing is that you will be able to hire virtual assistants that speak both German and English language, which might be more suitable for tasks you are dealing with. For example, if you are an Amazon seller who is in both European (German) marketplace and English speaking marketplace, the bilingual virtual assistant might be a better choice than two different virtual assistants.

Instead of two virtual assistants doing similar tasks but on different marketplaces, you can hire one virtual assistant that can deal with both.

Pricing is very affordable since the company and virtual assistants are based out of Georgia. The difference to the German time zone is only 2 hours, and the company can offer payrolling services to take care of financial things for the customers.

Pros of MyTalent

The most useful feature of the MyTalent platform is the way you actually find virtual assistants for your needs.

Even though it is an online remote worker, you will be able to actually hire him just like you would hire someone for an actual job.

That means that in two weeks, you can have the most suitable virtual assistants that can take care of your needs and get to work immediately with him.

Requirements you have are first discussed over the phone call where you explain your needs in detail. After three days, you should receive 2-3 virtual assistant profiles. In week 1, you conduct interviews with the candidates and in week 2, you can get your desired candidate to work on the tasks you have.

Cons of MyTalent

While there are no direct disadvantages to the platform, there might be some disadvantages such as German-speaking virtual assistants that have an accent. Also, all the information on the website is provided in German only.

However, the price between a German and Georgian price varies so the accent should not bother anyone.


The pricing system of the MyTalent platform is fairly simple.

Upon joining, you will need to choose a pricing package that suits you the best. The price and the package depend on how many hours you would like to make your virtual assistant work for you on a monthly basis. You get to choose between "Starter" which offers less than 20 hours a month and it costs 49€ per month.

The second package is "Part-time" which offers less than 80 hours per month and costs 99€ per month. The third and last package is "Full-time" which offers more than 80 hours per month and costs 199€ per month.

On the bright side, you can hire a virtual assistant that speaks one language for $3 per hour. If you would need a virtual assistant that speaks both English and German language, a rate per hour would be approximately 4€.

If you would like to employ a virtual assistant at any time directly, it will be a one-time payment of 1,500€ which is a great option for business owners who need a very active virtual assistant in their business.

There is also a payrolling fee for each of the three packages available. Payrolling is an option that is not necessary to be used, however, it can be used to help you transfer the money easily to your MyTalent SEPA account. Then they use the money to pay the VA and labor tax and take care of other financial things for you.

If you are looking to hire a virtual assistant directly, the payroll fee is not necessary to be used.

Mention "ORANGEKLIK" in the MyTalent's order form and you will get a 50€ discount on the first invoice.


UpWork is the number one place that almost everyone knows, and it has been one of the best platforms to search for workers of any kind.

It is also one of the biggest platforms to search for freelancers of any topic, but you will always be able to find virtual assistants suitable for Amazon business if that is what you are looking for.

UpWork is a very well-known platform and the most common categories of tasks are:

  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Design
  • Writing
  • Admin support
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Accounting

There are also many other categories which have all sort of tasks you can ask any freelancer to take care of it for you.

If you are looking for a virtual assistant that can help you with your Amazon business, you can search the freelancers' database by a keyword related to Amazon. You will be able to find a lot of inexpensive Amazon virtual assistants, but also professional consultants which might be a bit pricey.

The advantage of looking for virtual assistants on one of the largest platforms for hiring workers is that you get to choose the virtual assistant from a country that suits you the best. You can find very cost-effective virtual assistants from developing countries in a reasonable time.

What is good about UpWork is that you can hire freelancers and virtual assistants per job/task, but also per short-term or recurring projects. You can also find a full-time contract worker to expand your staff as well. The platform itself is pretty versatile.

Once you post a job offer, you will get applications from freelancers who have applied to your job. Then, you get to choose which freelancer is the most suitable for you and hire him for the work you have.

Great thing is that you can find almost any freelance worker to take care of your business needs and manage more than 1 freelancer on one platform.

Pros of UpWork

The most valuable feature of the UpWork platform is definitely the Escrow payment system.

You get to decide whether you will track the time hourly or per project, and the system will bill you automatically every Monday for the payment which is then made to the freelancers.

You can decide whether you would like to connect Paypal, Payoneer, local bank account, or any type of credit card to the UpWork. Payments are made simple and secure so there is no room for error in the system.

When paying an hourly rate, there is a time tracker inside the UpWork which freelancers use. Once they are on, they take screenshots of the freelancer’s desktop and bill you only the amount they spent working on your task.

For fixed rate projects, the system in place makes sure that the funds are secured upon the agreement, and are released from the platform by the client only when the work is received.

Thanks to such system, UpWork is definitely one of the safest platforms to find freelancers and to find work on. It is been very well regulated in terms of payments and the work provided between the client and the worker.

Cons of UpWork

The UpWork commission and fees are higher for freelancers on the platform rather than for clients, but not always.

When placing a bid on work, freelancers get a clear amount of money they will receive after their fee is deducted by UpWork platform. Therefore, most of the freelancers will place a bid according to the earnings they require, which means, clients will have to bear the fee of both freelancer and UpWork platform.

The only disadvantage is that sometimes you can find an inexpensive freelancer to work with, yet the fees might raise the price a bit. But that is why there is no monthly fee required by UpWork, yet they collect their profit through transaction fees.

Other than that, everything on UpWork seems to be right in place and ready to make things happen between workers and clients.


UpWork as a platform is free to join and use, however, there are some fee's that both clients and workers have to take care of.

As a person who is looking to hire a freelancer on UpWork, you will need to pay 1-2% on top of the payment you are making to your freelancer. Every payment you make, you will need to pay the fee to the UpWork. It is not much, but is is a better way than having to pay for a monthly subscription.

When you are posting a job offer, you can choose your budget, but also be open about the offers you will receive from freelancers who can set their own rate for the work you are offering.

Therefore, each transaction and each task you require will be different when it comes to the payment.

Pricing is made simple. You will always know how much are you spending and where are you spending. You can generate invoices and track how much did you spend on each project, or sum up the total amount of money you have spent on all tasks for a month or so.

However, as a freelancer who is looking for work, on the amount of money freelancer earns, he needs to pay 20% to UpWork.

Once freelancer reaches over $500 in total payments together, the fee reduces to 10%.

Online Payment Solutions for International Money Transfers

While working with a team of virtual assistants, at some point you will need a secure and reliable payment service to transfer money abroad. Below you will find a few options to consider.


Wise (formerly known as Transferwise) is the number one service when it comes to transferring money internationally. Paying workers who are abroad such as virtual assistants is made simple.

You can either send or receive money, or get a Transferwise Debit card which allows you to spend your funds internationally with low conversion rates and zero transaction fees.

A transfer is made fast and easy, no matter the location you are sending to or receiving money from. And a good thing to know is that unlike other online payment systems, Transferwise charges only about 1-3% on each transaction, depending on the amount.

OFX Global Money Transfer

OFX Global Money Transfers can offer you local currency accounts in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, NZD, AUD and HKD allowing you to save significantly on transaction fees and margins when bringing your revenue home from international marketplaces like Amazon or using that revenue to pay suppliers.

You’ll benefit from $0 setup or ongoing maintenance fees for accounts, $0 OFX transfer fees on currency conversions, and a preferential exchange rate margin of 0.85% or less.

Sign up for OFX money transfers service through this affiliate link.


Payoneer is an online payment service made with freelancers in mind. It is an online payment service that you can only use to receive online work payments or send payments to your online workers.

It functions just like a regular local bank with some exceptions, yet it makes online payments simple. It is made for international money transfers.

One of the key features of Payoneer is that they provide the users with Debit card which can be used to withdraw online payments or use your online funds around the world by shopping in any store or making a withdraw at almost any ATM.

Get a $100 bonus when signing up for Payoneer through this affiliate link.

PingPong Payments

PingPong is a complete money management solution made for marketplace sellers. Founded in 2015, this global payments company was named a Top 250 FinTech Company of 2020.

By using PingPong, you can receive payments in 10 Currencies, connect your bank account to top up your balance, avoid converting currency unnecessarily, and more.

There are absolutely no FX fees, plus a free virtual to make it easy to receive money locally and save even more when banking your profits.

Book a demo consultation here and try PingPong now.


With Currencies Direct, money transfers are made simple around the world. The transactions are simple, quick, and secure, with both business and personal money transfer service available.

If any other service is not suitable for you, it is most likely that Currencies Direct will work for you. They make exchanges and transactions within a day of the money receiving.

Sign up for Currencies Direct through this affiliate link.

About the author 

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Known in the business as the "Amazon Summits Guy", Augustas helps Amazon sellers achieve success through delivering expert sessions and online guides.

Focused on helping Amazon sellers build and scale their business, Augustas has spent the last years developing an industry-leading knowledge base, with over 700 sessions featuring Amazon industry leaders, experts, speakers and tools.

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