How to Grow Your Amazon PPC Agency With Zero Client Acquisition Cost

In this video, Michael Hartman, the expert of digital marketing and the managing partner at Innoventic, shares a valuable tip on how to scale up your advertising agency with zero CAC.

Michael became known in the Amazon community as a “guy who can open any account on Amazon”. This way he met lots of different sellers and, since he already owned an advertising company, he started doing advertising for Amazon as well. Eventually, he started helping people not only with opening their businesses but also with advertising products.

During Amazon PPC Congress in Amsterdam, Michael will be sharing some great tips on how to scale up PPC agencies. He himself managed to scale up his company from scratch with zero acquisition costs per new client and will be giving some tips & tricks on how to get new clients. 

Meet Michael at PPC Congress 2019 in Amsterdam:

How to build a profitable PPC Agency with zero CAC

As strange as it sounds, you can indeed build your client network without investing insane amounts of money.

One of Michael’s strategies is reaching out Amazon influencers and offering to do their advertising for free in exchange for the promotion of his services to their circles.

So you would want to find the leaders of different meetup groups for different cities, do their advertising for free and then have them promoting your services. So, in this case, you have all these people promoting your services from all over the world and your company is starting to scale up. 

Don’t forget the importance of networking

Michael highlights the importance of going to different events. People who make a lot of money early on and do not continue improving their listings, marketing strategies, and technologies, they usually fall behind. Contrary, people who constantly focus on finding new strategies and connections are always on top.

The thing is, you’ll get much more valuable information by connecting with others in person. This is why Michael is always on the move.

To meet Michael in person, join PPC Congress 2019 in Amsterdam on October 3-4:

About Michael Hartman

Michael has a long experience in Marketing and Finance with an MBA in International Taxation and with more than 7 years of experience in company formation in the US. In the past 5 years, his focus has moved to Amazon, now being a well-known PPC Specialist with experience in AMG, AMS, and Sponsored Products.  In 2018 he drove over 25 million in revenue from Amazon PPC sales.  He also launched a new brand only utilizing PPC launch strategies and quickly took it to over mid 6 figures in the first year.


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