How To Find 5 Best Selling Products to Sell on Amazon in 2022

July 21, 2022

How to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon?

It’s the question that each and every beginner seller ask themselves. So if you find yourself asking the same question, you are definitely not the only one.

First, what you can do, is to narrow your search down to a specific product category. This time, we are going to look into the Health and Household category.

Second, once you decide on the category, it’s time to go in-depth and see what potential products there are.

And although analyzing the data to find one profitable product to sell on Amazon might sound like a complicated process, it’s nothing to worry about. Helium 10, which is one of the most popular software tools among Amazon and Walmart sellers, has some tools to help you out and make this process as easy as possible.

This time, we will use Black Box, Xray, and Trendster to find 5 best-selling Amazon products to sell under Health and Household category.

What are the popular categories on Amazon in 2022?

The top 10 best-selling categories and items on Amazon in 2022 include cookware and cutlery, home office furniture, and personal care products.

Home & health, at the same time, is a billion-dollar industry and people are taking health more seriously today than ever. People transitioned more to home remedies and resolving simple health issues by themselves at home.

It is up to us to find out what are those existing problems that our target market is facing in order to design a product that will help them have more comfort, and actually enjoy the product.

There are a lot of opportunities to create a brand out of a specific health niche.

To find it out, one of the tools to use is Helium 10’s Black Box to refine our search for those trending products based on our criteria.

This time for product research, we will be using the same criteria we set for the last product strategy video that you can watch here:

This is the criteria we are following:

  • Single item product only
  • No Variation/No Bundles
  • Keyword Search Volume >1,000
  • Price >$25
  • Sales >300units
  • Revenue >9,000
  • Reviews <500
  • Profit Margin >25%
  • Item Weight <3lbs

Important things to consider:

  • Patent/ Trademark – NOT
  • HazMat/ Gated Category – NOT
  • Eligible for PPC – YES
  • Not Breakable/Not Electronic
  • Has market trends in your location (which can be found on Google Trends) seasonality of the product.

Based on the criteria we set under the Health and Household category, Black Box was able to pull out 161 product ideas!

When you’re analyzing the results, check if the products aren’t outdated – they should not be more than 2 years old. The reason being we want newer, better technology and design for those products.

Trending Amazon product ideas

Here are some of the trending product ideas for Health and Household that we found using the Black Box tool:

Incontinence Underwear for Women

This is a perfect example of designing a product for a specific problem that your target market has. This brand was able to provide a solution to addressing incontinence issues among women by designing underwear that looks like normal underwear but still performs its main function plus it is not bulky which means customers will enjoy wearing this product with a lot of comfort and confidence.

Competitor Product Launch: 27 months ago
Selling Price: $39
Average unit sales per month: 502
Average monthly revenue: $19,578
Average monthly review count: 374
Size Tier: Small Standard Size
Sales Trend over 90 days: increased up to 39%

Carbon Fiber Insoles

This product can be used for different types of foot injuries. It’s more than 2 times more rigid than steel inserts. It can also be used by runners who want more durable, rigid and lightweight arch support to run faster. Another benefit of using these insoles is foot injury prevention while helping serious runners optimize their biomechanics and proper foot alignment.

Competitor Product Launch: 20 months ago
Selling Price: $56.95
Average unit sales per month: 615
Average monthly revenue: $35,204.25
Average monthly review count: 279
Size Tier: Small Standard Size
Sales Trend over 90 days: increased up to 43%

CGM Patches

These accessories for blood sugar monitoring tools is a good product idea since there’s a big market of people who are suffering from diabetes, there is definitely a need to somehow make blood sugar monitoring less uncomfortable and tedious. These patches have pre-cut tapes, sweat-proof and waterproof which can help the glucose CGM patches to stay longer.

Competitor Product Launch: 20 months ago
Selling Price: $29.99
Average unit sales per month: 1,457
Average monthly revenue: $43,695.43
Average monthly review count: 355
Size Tier: Small Standard Size
Sales Trend over 90 days: decreased to 14%

Open Toe Compression Stockings

These are lightweight basic necessities for women’s health. Its compression therapy helps boost the circulation of blood flow from your legs back to your heart, reduces swelling on the legs and feet, diminishes the formation of varicose veins, and many more. You can design your own line of compression stockings that will address different leg issues.

Competitor Product Launch: 7 months ago
Selling Price: $27.99
Average unit sales per month: 1,163
Average monthly revenue: $32,552.37
Average monthly review count: 35
Size Tier: Small Standard Size
Sales Trend over 90 days: increased up to 303%

Anti Odor PICC Line Sleeve

This is another very good product idea that can be offered to people whose treatment plan requires frequent needle sticks for medicine or blood draws. People who have PICC lines need a PICC line cover that protects their skin from bacteria formation, is comfortable to use, and is odorless.

Competitor Product Launch: 20 months ago
Selling Price: $32.95
Average unit sales per month: 612
Average monthly revenue: $20,165.4
Average monthly review count: 102
Size Tier: Small Standard Size
Sales Trend over 90 days: increased up to 61%

Once you narrowed down the product ideas, the second step is to find out the product’s seasonality and demand all throughout the year.

For this, we will now use the Trendster tool from Helium 10.

How to use Trendster to find out a product’s search volume?

Trendster is one of the product research tools from Helium 10 that can pull out information about the product’s seasonality, sales trend, and the best-selling month. And it’s all based on Amazon data.

One of its features includes the Google trend graph which tells you the search trend over a year and you don’t have to open Google to search as the Trendster tool provides this data in one view.

You can check the movement of sales by customizing the data based on 24 hours, 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 90 months, and all-time data.

The Trendster tool can make data-driven decisions and plan for future sales by interpreting the data from similar products that you want to offer.

To run Trendster research, we chose the product “incontinence underwear for women” and its 3 other variation ASINs.

The keywords that we look into are “underwear for bladder leak protection”, “incontinence underwear for women” and “incontinence underwear for women medium absorbency”.

Finally, this is the data that the Trendster tool is showing us:

In this graph, you will see the movement of its sales rank relative to the time and sales price. Sales ranking went higher when they lowered their sales price and continue to have a steady high velocity of sales after that price change.

Picture #1

Here in the picture #1, you can identify which specific date this ASIN got its best sales. And on the right side #2 in the picture, you can see the Google trend graph to show how seasonal this product is. And by the looks of it, people have been searching for this product all year round because the trend line does not go down rather it is steady.

Picture #2

We can therefore conclude that this product ASIN is not seasonal and will have consistent sales all throughout the year. And because of the past sales data that you can pull out from the Trendster tool, you can now plan the estimated sales and the number of stocks to order when you are going to launch the product on Amazon.

How to find product competitors using Xray?

We take our product research further by uncovering the performance of this product’s competitors. This time we are going to use the Xray tool from Helium 10.

We used the keyword phrase “incontinence underwear for women” and Xray was able to reveal that the search volume for this keyword is 24,685. And the average revenue from all the competitors is $63,232 and an average price of $28. Although this product happens to have an average of 4,329 reviews from all of its competitors.

After filtering out sponsored ASINs and irrelevant products from the results list, we were able to find out that 9 out of 20 sellers have lower than 500 review count.

By doing the right filters and removing irrelevant products, we are able to find out that there is still an opportunity to enter the market share. You are also able to see different designs of this product and some unique features that you can definitely take note of when designing your own product.

Final thoughts

During the process, we have found 5 trending profitable products in the Health and Household category based on the filters we used on Helium 10’s Black Box, backed by the past sales data and demand trend provided by the Trendster tool.

Completing the process of the product research we showed how Xray revealed the competitors and their respective performance data wherein we can see on a granular level the average revenue, average BSR and average reviews.

Doing product research is so much easier and more accurate using this trio of product research tools from Helium 10. Not only does it save us a ton of time figuring out which product to sell on Amazon, but it also provides Amazon data for which you can estimate the product’s profitability and help you discover many product ideas using the right process and filters.

Next Steps

Check out our full Helium 10 review for more ways how you can use Helium 10 tools.

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