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Demo Mondays #43 – sellerboard – Most Accurate Amazon Profit Dashboard

sellerboard is a profit analytics and management accounting software for Amazon sellers. It’s our job to make sure you know your true numbers in real time. sellerboard takes all expenses into account, such as returns (including cost of damaged returns), storage fees, long-term storage fees, inbound shipping and about 70 other “hidden” Amazon fees and let’s you drill down into every product, variation, fee and any period of time. On top of this, sellerboard features an inventory manager with automated restock alerts, an email campaign tool for review generation and the “Money Back” reports which you can use to request reimbursements from Amazon for lost and damaged products. All that starting at 19$ a month.

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Demo Mondays #28 – sellerboard (formerly known as amzcontrol) – Profitability Analytics tool

sellerboard (formerly known as amzcontrol) is an easy-to-use Profitability Analytics software for Amazon Sellers that gives you the most accurate and real-time view of your profit, analyzes your Amazon data, calculates indicators and presents them in an actionable form.

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