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Product Launches in US and EU – Amazon Expert Q&A with Chris Rawlings from JudoLaunch

Chris Rawlings, the founder of JudoLaunch, answers your questions about Amazon Product Launches in US and EU.

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What’s working now – How to launch products in the wake of Amazon’s new TOS update in EUROPE

In October and November 2016 Amazon has informed sellers about change of the product review policies. Basically this has banned incentivized reviews. Chris Rawlings from JudoLaunch.com, who is specializing in product launches on Amazon DE, is sharing his observations and possible strategies how to make your product a success on Amazon EU.

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7 Steps for Launching Your Product on Amazon.DE (with Chris Rawlings)

Your product launch anywhere must be a carefully planned marketing strategy consisting of a precisely timed sequence of events. Your goal should be to make the biggest happening possible out of your merchandise release. This will help you ensure that you make the maximum ROI conceivable in the shortest time frame. There are 7 vital steps to a product launch on Amazon.de which can streamline this process and maximize your results.

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