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If you’re looking to jump on big opportunities and avoid stockouts, you need a financing solution that grows with you. Payability provides Amazon and ecommerce sellers with daily cash flow and growth capital so you can buy more inventory, stay in the Buy Box and reach your full selling potential.

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Payability is a financing company that helps Amazon and ecommerce sellers accelerate cash flow through financing solutions designed specifically for the needs of ecommerce sellers: Instant Access and Instant Advance. Here’s how they work:

Tired of waiting weeks to get paid? With Instant Access, Payability advances you 80% of your marketplace payments daily, the business day after your sales are completed. The remaining 20% is kept on reserve to cover any returns or chargebacks and is then released to you on the marketplaces’s regular payment schedule. When sellers are paid faster and more consistently, they can avoid stockouts, reinvest in inventory faster and take more control of their overall business.

Payability’s Instant Advance is a purchase of future receivables to receive a lump some of cash today. For example, Payability would purchase $10,000 of your future receivables and you would receive $8,000 up front. Depending on your sales history, repayment is expected within 16-20 weeks, and each week’s cost is 1% of the $10,000. The total cost is determined by how long it takes for Payability to receive all of the funds. If you pay back the full $10,000 before 20 weeks, you’ll get a rebate of 1%/$100 for each week it’s early. With an Instant Advance sellers can take advantage of seasonality, launch new products and get bulk discounts.

Since 2016, Payability has sent nearly $1 billion in daily payments to more than 2,000 marketplace sellers, allowing them to turn inventory more quickly and grow 2.5x faster than their competitors. Visit this link to learn more and claim your $200 sign on bonus.

List of questions covered in this video:

00:26 So please tell us what is Payability and what problems does it solve for Amazon sellers ?
02:10 What kind of sellers could benefit of this ?
02:53 Is there an obligation for daily payments to be a U.S citizen ?
03:55 Let’s cover the daily payments. So how does daily payments setup work and how long does it take ?
05:52 Do people have any problems when changing bank account information on the Amazon account?
06:19 Is there a risk of account suspension and then waiting for a couple of weeks ?
06:52 What are the fees involved in your service?
07:08 How does Instant Advance work ? How do you get this money ? does it work in conjunction to Amazon account or in some other different ways?
08:14 What’s the best way for people to take advantage of Payability? Where do they have to go?

Transcript - Introduction to Payability

[00:00] Augustas: Hey, I am Augustas from Orange Klik. I have a question for you as an Amazon seller. Do you face cash flow problems in your business? Listen to my interview with Vicky, the marketing manager at the Payability and you will hear some two great solutions this company is offering for Amazon sellers.[00:23] Augustas: Hello Vicky.

[00:25] Vicky: Hi. Thanks for having me.

[00:26] Augustas: So please tell us what is Payability and what problems does it solve for Amazon sellers ?

[00:34] Vicky: So Payability is a financing company for Amazon and an ecommerce seller. We currently have two products, Instant Access, which is our daily payments product, where we advance to you 80% of your Amazon earnings every business day. So rather than waiting 14 days to get paid, you can get paid everyday and the remaining 20% stays in your reserve to cover returns and chargebacks. And that’s released to you on Amazon’s regular payment schedule. And then we have a second, a relatively new product called Instant Advance, which is a purchase of future sales and will advance you 80% of your earnings for the next three to four weeks. So you can get it in one big lump sum of cash so you can take advantage of bulk discounts, seasonality, launch new products and growth capital, whatever you need to do.

[01:30] Vicky: And as far as the problems we solve for sellers, we solve the financing issues that a lot of seller space platforms like Amazon, who created really essentially unlimited demand among consumers. So you really just need to keep feeding the beast, avoiding stockouts, which can be really detrimental to your business, not just today because you’re not just losing that sale today. You’re also losing your rank within Amazon. So you’re losing tomorrow’s sales too. So that’s pretty detrimental to an Amazon business. You can’t really afford to stock out. So these solutions really give you the constant fast financing. You need it to compete in an ecommerce marketplace like Amazon.

[02:10] Augustas: That’s great. Then let’s talk, what kind of sellers could benefit of this ? And also we will need to cover from which countries should be the sellers.

[02:21] Vicky: Sure. Instant Access or daily payments, that’s available to sellers in the US, UK, Canada, and also internationally. You need to be doing at least $2,000 a month in sales and have around 90 days of sales history in order to qualify. And then Instant Advance is in about 9 months of sales history, around 7,000 a month in sales and you do need to be a U.S citizen to get an Instant Advance.

[02:53] Augustas: For daily payments. There is no obligation to be U.S citizen. It can be a UK seller selling in U.S.

[03:01] Vicky: Yep. No obligation to be a US citizen. And we do have certain other requirements like incorporating your company in the U.S and all that. And you also would need to use what we pay in dollars. So you would need to use a transfer service in order to change the money to whatever currency you’re using. But we definitely have tons of tons of customers in the UK, Canada and in Europe.

[03:28] Augustas: So basically , it should be a business entity registered in the U.S.

[03:33] Vicky: Yes, you do need to have a business entity registered in the U.S and I should also mention very important that you do need to sell an In the future we are going to expand into UK and and .Ca and in other international Amazon marketplaces. But currently we are just servicing sellers who sell on

[03:55] Augustas: Let’s cover the daily payments. So how does it work the setup and how long does it take? Are there any risks towards the account? If you have to change bank accounts, how does it work?

[04:08] Vicky: So how it works, you would apply, and then we would call you the next day to finish the underwriting process. And our underwriting process is unique, because it is based on Amazon account health rather than credit. So we’re looking at your Amazon account, at your stats, to make sure you’re sending out products on time, that you’re not selling fraudulent products. And that you have good reviews from customers. So that’s really what approval is based on, rather than a traditional credit. And once that’s approved, we would get your money, either 80% of your Amazon, whatever is in your Amazon pay out, either the next day or the same day, depending on how early in the day you applied. And in order to sign up, you would have to change your banking information in Amazon to our banking information.

[05:00] Vicky: So we would get paid by Amazon and you would get paid by us. What we’ll give you, is a more consistent way for payments, so you definitely want to do that. And so the remaining 20% stays in reserve to cover returns and chargebacks, so you don’t end up owing us money. And at the end of the pay period, you will get returns and that’s released to you on Amazon’s regular payment schedule when we recoup the money from Amazon, and that we released the rest to you, minus our fee. And there’s really no risk on your part. We’re really assuming the risk here. So it’s a great way to finance your Amazon inventory without going into debt or taking out loans. And to really just have that constant cash flow to finance your inventory with your own money rather than someone else’s.

[05:52] Augustas: And haven’t you heard any problems when people were changing bank account information on the Amazon account ? because in Europe, some sellers are worried about that, especially in European marketplaces.

[06:04] Vicky: Sure. Yes. If that were to happen, we usually know the right person to contact at Amazon, and how to take actions. So we do have our process there. And if that were to happen, it would only go down for a few minutes.

[06:19] Augustas: So there is no risk of account suspension and then waiting for a couple of weeks.

[06:24] Vicky: No, nothing like that. The most of what happen would be, a couple of minutes because we do have a process there, because I know that it is definitely an issue, that Amazon flags once in a while.

[06:37] Augustas: And it sounds like you’re cooperating a lot with Amazon, so Amazon knows you and they know what you’re doing, right?

[06:43] Vicky: Yes, we advertised directly in their platform. We’re one of their launch partners in 2016. So yes, we have a great relationship with them.

[06:52] Augustas: Great. And what are the fees involved in your service?

[06:57] Vicky: So for daily payments, for Instant Access, it is a 2% flat fee on gross sales and for international customers, it’s normally around 3%.

[07:08] Augustas: Alright. So let’s talk about Instant Advance. How this financing service works ? How do you get this money ? does it work in conjunction to Amazon account or in some other different ways?

[07:25] Vicky: Yes. So Instant Advance, we would go into your Amazon account and we would take a look at your past 9 months of sales history, then we would predict in the next 3 to 4 weeks, that you’re going to make X amount. We will advance you 80% of that now and you pay us back 100%, normally over 16 to 20 weeks. So the fee on that is about 1% a week and the sooner you pay it back, the less you pay in fees. So you can pay it back as soon as 1 week if you want. And how we normally do that, is that we’ll link up to your Amazon account. And every 2 weeks when Amazon releases the payment, 25% of that payment will go towards the Instant Advance and the rest will just be released to you.

[08:14] Augustas: Alright, I think we have covered everything about the service. So what’s the best way for people to take advantage of Payability? Where do they have to go?

[08:25] Vicky: So yes, we have a special deal for you guys. Go to And you can apply and sign up.

[08:45] Augustas: Great ! Thank you Vicki. And good luck in your business. Bye Bye.

[08:48] Vicky: Awesome. Good luck to you too.

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