Amazon Press Releases: New Product Launching Strategy?

August 17, 2019


Can Amazon press releases be a new product launching strategy? How does it improve your Amazon ranking?

Shane Oglow, the president of prREACH company that helps Amazon seller to create press and video releases to help Amazon sellers rank higher, explains how press releases benefit your Amazon business, how to use it for a successful product launching, and how to prepare one.

How press releases are related to Amazon business?

A press release is a very short piece of information, just about 350-750 words, about what’s going on with your business at the moment. This press release goes out to a distribution network, for example, prREACH has a very wide network, including some huge media channels: Washington Post, LA Times, and so on.

After you publish your press release, you receive a distribution report with lots of strong backlinks. Just because prREACH has a very special system for creating processes, they do keyword research just like they do for Amazon, just a bit differently. But most importantly, those mentioned backlinks are giving the power to whatever you have to say.

Shane with his team specifically designed a system for Amazon product launches. It uses press releases and it drives all these links and traffic to your Amazon listing in conjunction with high-quality keyword traffic. 

When you have keywords coordinated with the external traffic and the press releases, that’s where the magic happens, says Shane. Basically, it improves your rankings by boosting your longtail keywords and keep sticking them on the top of rankings.

Traditional benefits of press releases:

  • Getting national exposure
  • Your press release is written in your own words
  • Your ranking is sticking to keywords
  • Generating some traffic

Shane clarifies the last point – getting traffic – more precisely. You might think that after exposing yourself to millions of people, you’ll get an insane amount of traffic. Well, it does not really work that way. That can happen depending on your topic – if you wrapped it into a trending topic, you might get that huge traffic. 

But still, the most important focus here is backlinks and that help to rank higher in search engines. 


Links in the press release are also going to your Amazon product listing

If you are doing an Amazon product launch campaign, you would definitely want one of the links to go to your product page – that’s the whole point. Usually, when preparing a press release, it is recommended to use 3 links, so Shane suggests to vary those URLs: If one of them links to your product page, the other two should be different. For example, if you have any extra content related to your product, for example, a blog or a social media account, use those links. It’s all about diversity.

Actually, Shane gives an example that sometimes press releases without any links perform better than those having several. The reason why it sometimes happens is that you can’t really trick Google algorithms – if you are overusing links, eventually you’ll get punished.

So the important thing to remember here – mix the amount and the type of your links while making different campaigns. It also applies to the anchor text of your press release. 

How press release affects Amazon rankings

Let’s say your product is an orange clock. The first thing to do is to run keyword research and find a seed keyword. The next step is to find 6-8 long terms that you might want to target. When you have all this data, you can create your keyword title containing a seed keyword.

Then your external campaigns (let’s say you are using rebates) come together with press release once it is published at the same time. In this case, the rebates are using the same keywords mentioned in the press release and that’s how you get ranked on Amazon

When you publish any kind of a press release, it is very important to produce valuable and trendy content. You can tie your product to any popular or trending events. It might sound too hard to do, but Shane says it’s an easy way to do. For example, if you are selling sports equipment, you can mention Super Bowl in your press release. Basically, you can look in any category and find trendy things you can relate to.


Another thing is that a lot of publishers and bloggers are constantly looking for things to write about. If you publish a catchy press release, it is likely those publicists will start writing about you and this is when your business reaches its peak.

Even more, what is important to understand is that press releases are not temporary – they usually stick around for a while. So it gets published, shared on social media, linked to a specific blog post or your Amazon page and so on. By doing it, you create a strong network of trusted backlinks which put you up at the top rankings on Google and Amazon. 

Does prREACH provide help for Amazon sellers in Europe?

Since lots of Amazon sellers from Europe sell in the United States as well, the company provides their service to them as well. They help them prepare press releases, although they don’t have an established distribution network in Europe yet.

However, most of these sellers do not limit themselves selling only in one market. When sellers decide to break into a new market, prREACH can help them with that.

If a seller wants to use prREACH services, how long does the process take?

It depends on what goals do you have. If you just want to build your authority and start to keep your name out, the overall process is quite fast and simple. You can have your press release written within a few days and then scheduled it for the launch.

But in Shane’s opinion, when dealing with Amazon press release, it’s better to give yourself a week to plan it out, so to be sure you know everything about your products, you know when it’s going to be in stock and FBA. Then you should think of the topics you might want your press releases to be about, so prREACH’s writers can start work on that. Once you’ll get those queued up and ready, then they will coordinate it with your launch campaign. 

prREACH has different levels of packages, from the bare minimum to the more advanced, with a bit more press and video releases. Of course, there are packages, specifically designed for Amazon launches.

Anyway, prREACH is also for those who run any kind of business.

Talking about video releases, Shane and his team also have a studio with several professional anchors. They make professional videos that later go to distribution along with your standard press releases. Although not every channel will publish your video release, you can always use it in your own way and build some marketing around it. 

Also, as Shane believes, that when you make a press release, you instantly get the credibility. You can also turn it into a marketing strategy when you spread this message throughout your social media accounts, newsletters, or anywhere else. It gives your brand authority, so you can become more trusted in any market.

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About Shane Oglow

Shane Oglow has been an Amazon seller since 2013 and was fortunate enough to realize early success by building his first brand to over 1 million in revenue in just over a year. He is now a co-owner of prREACH, a video and traditional press release distribution platform, where they’re crafting revolutionary and unique content marketing strategies specifically designed for Amazon sellers to build brand authority and increase traffic.

Shane Oglow

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