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Ivelin Demirov, the founder of River Cleaner, has recently announced that his Chrome Extension now allows to download all the reviews of the product. As of this writing, it works for the US and EU marketplaces. In this article I will explain step by step how you can download the reviews as CSV file, which you can open with the MS Excel or Google Sheets. I will also give you few ideas how you can use this reviews data.

First of all, what is River Cleaner?

River Cleaner is a Chrome browser Extension that keeps your Amazon product listing compliant! This tool offers guidelines for keeping your listings in check with Amazon’s TOS right inside the Seller Central dashboard. Just insert your copy, keywords or other details and instantly see if you face a possible violation.

Actually it is much more than a simple Chrome extension. If you want to learn more, watch this Demo Mondays session with River Cleaner.

Here are the simple steps how to get all the Product Reviews as a CSV file

NOTE: You do not need to open an account with River Cleaner. This feature is for FREE for everybody without providing any personal information.

  1. Install River Cleaner Chrome Extension
    The icon at the top of the browser will look like this:
  2. No need to click on this icon, as it will ask you to login to your River Cleaner. However the review-download feature is FREE to everyone and you can just ignore the login box.
  3. Open any of Amazon US or EU product listing. Let’s take the following LED desk lamp I love very much: LED 9W Eye-caring Dimmable Office Table Lamp
  4. Scroll down to the second half of the page where it says “Customer Reviews”
  5. Look for the [Download reviews] button and click on it! This button is created by the River Cleaner extension.
  6. Once clicked, it will change to [Downloading…]
  7. Within few seconds you will get a popup offering you to save the CSV file with all the reviews. Note, be patient if the number of reviews is high, as it might take slightly longer for the system to show the file download popup.
  8. Now you have a CSV file, which has 4 columns: Rate, Name, date and Review. You can open it with Excel, Google Sheets or any other software, which can open CSV files and you feel comfortable with.


What can you do with the downloaded reviews?

There can be several uses of it. Here are some ideas:

  • Use it to extract keywords you might be missing on your product listing.
  • Read low rated reviews and decide how you can improve the product.
  • Examine the language patterns of your product users.
  • Copy and paste all the reviews into the word cloud tool – it will show you the most used words by the reviewers

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