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May 19th, 2022
10am EST, 3pm UK

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This interactive workshop about expanding to international Amazon FBA marketplaces will cover everything from logistics to tax and legal compliance. You'll be given step-by-step walkthrough of the whole process, starting from the idea of expanding to other markets to actual steps you need to take along the way. It's suitable for Amazon sellers of all experience levels and marketplaces.

what Do you get?

  • Free access to live 3-hour workshop about Amazon business expansion.
  • What is the best way to do logistics.
  • How to make sure your product is compliant.
  • Special offers from Zee.
  • What are customs and VAT in different countries.
  • A chance to ask your questions real-time about anything related to global expansion.


Date: Thursday, May 19th, 2022

The workshop starts at
3 pm UK

(10 am EST)

All times in agenda are set in the UK time zone. 

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During this 3-hour workshop, we'll be covering 5 main topics with Q&A sessions at the end of each. The last part of the workshop will be dedicated to a 30-minute wrap-up Q&A.

3:00 pm - How to Pass Logistics

Before you start the game of global expansion, an FBA / e-commerce seller must know how they want their goods to be transported. We will be discussing the importance considering door-to-door logistic solutions and what the best movement for your goods is from the origin country to the import destination.

3:30 pm - Avoid Being Charged with Product Compliance Penalties

You’ve passed Logistics! Ensure that you have chosen the right products for your new target market. We will explore the importance of product compliance and how specific markets have different needs and ways of doing things.

4:00 pm - Free Parking with Zee’s Partners

The power of collaboration is strong within Zee. We will discuss Zee’s valued partners and the journey it takes to reach global expansion. With a little help from their friends, one lucky audience member will receive a seller surprise!

4:30 pm - Don’t Leave Import Compliance to Chance

Adherence to compliance policies and regulations can be the difference between a smooth shipment and a failed and returned one. We will highlight how entity compliance trumps product compliance. If your business is not compliant for import, your products certainly won’t be!

5:00 pm - Surprise Super Tax

Before you’ve completed one rotation on the board of global expansion, don’t forget tax compliance! To enable the successful expansion of your e-commerce empire, different markets impose different import VATs on goods when they pass through customs. We will explain how to pay and to reclaim your import VAT correctly.

5:30 pm - Q&A Sessions

Solve all your tax and logistics questions with the help of these field experts. Ask away! They'll be more than glad to expand on the small details that might have been left lingering vaguely.

workshop experts

Rael Lowenthal

Director of Business Development

Rael Lowenthal is a Chartered Accountant and former investment banker. He is the Director of Business Development at Zee, mainly responsible for new client acquisitions and existing client relationship management. Aside from assisting e-commerce businesses expand their global reach, he is passionate about African wildlife conservation, financial systems powered by blockchain technology and reading.

Mari-Louise Boshoff

Managing Director

Mari-Louise Boshoff's illustrious set of achievements has led to her to being selected as the Managing Director of Zee. Her entrepreneurial flair and growth-focused mindset, makes her the perfect leader of our highly skilled team who assists e-commerce sellers expand globally.

Bryce Cressy

Head of Partnerships and Affiliates

Bryce Cressy holds an Honors degree in Corporate Finance and Investment and has experience in strategic banking. Starting at one of Zee's sister companies; Vatglobal, he has now moved into Zee's import space and made the Partnerships and Affiliates (P&A) team, his home. As the head of P&A, his analytical brain helps him navigate complex environments as he attempts to fill all the gaps in each customers' journey. Outside his 9-5, he has an affinity for team sports, adventure (hiking and African wildlife), travel and financial security trading and analysis.

Kara Fourie

General Manager

Kara Fourie is an Admitted Attorney with a passion for life. She started at Zee by managing Client Relations but quickly moved into the Training and Development environment. Her current focus lies within the General Management of Zee as she oversees the dynamic teams who are responsible for client experience. Outside of Zee, she is passionate about cycling, baking, learning and building strong relations with the people around her.

Jonathan Matthews

Global Head of Sales

Jonathan Matthews is a motivated, passionate, analytical thinker, with a focus on Growth Strategy, Sales Management and Customer Relations. He has an Economics degree and for the past five years, he has immersed himself in the growing world of eCommerce tax compliance. He enjoys helping e-commerce sellers navigate the complex world of international Tax compliance.


lisett lees

Lisett started out in 2016 as an Amazon FBA store assistant and since then has been working daily with different Amazon FBA sellers. Years of experience as a store manager along with the mission of helping businesses run daily operations cost- and time efficiently has shaped her into a strategic partner for Amazon sellers. She helps to manage stores, product-related tasks, customer relations and the team while advising company owners to set their goals and strategy. She is the head of international e-commerce at the Estonian Export agency and a video host on the Orange Klik Youtube channel.

Augustas Kligys

Known in the business simply as the “Amazon Summits Guy”, Augustas is committed to providing others with the opportunity to achieve success by offering powerfully informative expert sessions and guides to becoming a top Amazon seller. Since 2016 he has recorded over 400 sessions with Amazon industry leaders, experts and speakers. Augustas is also the founder of Orange Klik Company and the following in-person events for Amazon sellers: European Seller ConferenceSeller Fest and PPC Congress.

about zee

Accounting and Business Consultants

Zee is a complete Importer of Record (IOR), import compliance and logistics service provider designed to simplify global expansion for FBA entrepreneurs moving into international markets. Their goal is to assist with smooth global growth quickly, efficiently, and without stress to ensure a first-time customs clearance for your shipment. They like to think of ourselves as the missing link between sellers and international FBA success.