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Our Slack community helps you to connect with international Amazon sellers and have a distraction-free conversation and advice from other Amazon entrepreneurs.

Sorry, since March 2023 Slack Club is DISCONTINUED

What topics we discuss?

In case you are curious what we talk about on this channel, here's a sneak-peek of what topics are being discussed at the moment:


We all know how popular Facebook groups are among Amazon sellers - everyday we get notifications about the newest posts, questions or updates that sometimes might solve our biggest Amazon business problems.

However, after all, Facebook is a social media channel - a bit noisy, distractive and sometimes not the best place to be in. That's why we came up with the idea to create a SLACK channel for sellers!

So if you are looking for Amazon seller community and you are tired of Facebook groups, join this SLACK community, where we want to attract Amazon sellers who want to deep focus on their business and not to be distracted by the social media threads.

Once you join, introduce yourself in the
#00-introductions channel.