ORANGE KLIK Barcamp Media Kit

Thanks for promoting the Orange Klik Barcamp with Dragonflip! To make it easier for you, we have put together all the important promo information as well as swipe copies for social media and visuals - feel free to use it while promoting the event.

Important dates and links

Here's is our timeline:

  • May 2nd - Promotion starts
  • May 8-21st - multiple announcements with your audience, best time to send newsletters
  • May 22nd - 31st - Promoting on social media
  • June 1-9th - Last promo week
  • June 9-10th - Event dates

Link to the website:

Facebook event:


#orangeklik #dragonflip #barcamp

Images and swipe copy

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  • Social media

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Main Banner

More creative visuals

Main Banner (Square)

Logo (coloured)

Logo (white)

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