My top 3 “aha” moments from the European Private Label Summit 2016

I did a lot of research leading up to recording the sessions for the European Private Label Summit 2016, and I was feeling pretty confident that I knew most of what was going to be said by the speakers during the sessions..however I was very wrong!!

I had so many aha moments that I had to pick the top 3 so not to make this post too long.

1. You need more capital than you think to start your Amazon business

Some people just starting out believe that you can start with almost nothing and become a millionaire in a very short time. That’s not the reality!

Smart Amazon entrepreneurs like Will Tjernlund and Greg Mercer do say that having a proper starting capital is a huge advantage and without it you should expect a long journey.

2. Outsource, outsource, outsource!

Do not spend 2 hours learning how to do a $10 task! Your time is way more valuable than this. Almost everything can be outsourced nowadays. The internet makes it very easy to find the right person to do every repetitive, low value task for your business you can imagine. This seems like common sense advice, however, there’s a right and wrong way to outsource and Amy Feierman told us how to optimize your outsourcing process.

3. Take action!

Well, this one is a no-brainer, right?..and everyone knows it! However some of us, yes, that includes me, need to hear it over and over again.
We might be burdened with the wrong mindset about this idea and it is crucial that we find the way to overcome and override this faulty “programing”.

Putting together this summit forced me to make “take action now” my new mantra!

The great example of an action taker on the summit was Matt Ward. You can get access to his session for free, if you sign up for the “3 Video Offer” on the European Private Label Summit 2016 website.

Yes, I know I said top three, but since I always want to go the extra mile, here is…

4. Do not overthink!

This is closely related to the insight number 3, but it goes even deeper. Stop speculating about every possible outcome in the future. Yes, you will have fears and doubts, and many “unknowns” about your business, but you need to train your mind to move forward.

The only way to succeed in business is by taking action. There will be ups and downs on your journey, and you will learn to solve and overcome them as they come, but only if you’ve set aside the “always be thinking” programing and taken the first step on your journey.

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Augustas Kligys is the host and creator of several popular virtual and in-person summits for Amazon sellers. The first one is European Private Label Summit, which covers a lot of important topics for those willing to grow their Amazon FBA business in European Marketplaces. The second - AMZ Seller Summit - an event, where experts shared their Amazon business optimization secrets and mindset, which helps to elevate your business to the next level. Augustas also hosts weekly DEMO MONDAYS video series, where Amazon seller tools are demoing their products. If you want to meet Augustas in-person, visit one of his live events for Amazon business owners: European Seller Conference, PPC Congress, and Seller Fest.

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