What’s working now – How to launch products in the wake of Amazon’s new TOS update in EUROPE

In October and November 2016 Amazon has informed sellers about change of the product review policies. Basically this has banned incentivized reviews. Chris Rawlings from JudoLaunch.com, who is specializing in product launches on Amazon DE, is sharing his observations and possible strategies how to make your product a success on Amazon EU.

The video sessions covers the following:

  • What the new Amazon TOS is for Europe and U.S.
  • How the new TOS is being enforced
  • How to continue getting reviews and launching products in the wake of the change
  • How the marketplace will change as a whole as a result and what that means for you as a seller
  • Secret strategies to set up your listings for success
  • Step-by-step how to successfully launch a new product now

Offer mentioned during the masterclass:

About the Author Augustas Kligys

Augustas Kligys is the host and creator of several popular virtual and in-person summits for Amazon sellers. The first one is European Private Label Summit, which covers a lot of important topics for those willing to grow their Amazon FBA business in European Marketplaces. The second - AMZ Seller Summit - an event, where experts shared their Amazon business optimization secrets and mindset, which helps to elevate your business to the next level. Augustas also hosts weekly DEMO MONDAYS video series, where Amazon seller tools are demoing their products. If you want to meet Augustas in-person, visit one of his live events for Amazon business owners: European Seller Conference, PPC Congress, and Seller Fest.

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huria says December 23, 2016


Great webinar thank you. I think it is an error because I am confused. At 42 minutes Chris talks about promotions, and saying giving 70% off would be verified reviews as it is greater than 50%!! Yes it is greater discount so it shouldn’t be verified.

    Chris says December 23, 2016

    Hey Huria,

    Good catch! The way this should be worded is: you can charge 70% of your retail price (30% off) and still get a verified purchase badge on the review.

    So, marketing to a private list gives you the option to provide discounts to a highly qualified audience of LESS than 50% off (ex. 30% off), giving you the chance to generate a high number of verified reviews.

    Also just a note: some portion of reviews left on items purchased at a steep discount actually will have the verified purchase tag despite the fact that they violate the greater than 50% off rule. We don’t know exactly why.

    Thanks for listening!


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