How to Build a True Brand (with Manuel Becvar)

Everyone can change a logo on an existing product. But if you are willing to build a real brand, there is much more behind all this process.

Manuel Becvar shares his knowledge about how to build a “true” brand for your physical products. Get professional tips on leveraging social media and making sure your branding stands out.


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Who is Manuel Becvar?

Manuel has 17 Years of sourcing and product development experience, 10 years from Asia. Previously led a team of 35 sourcing agents in 5 countries, having sourced products worth $200 million for clients such as WalMart, Carrefour and Amazon. Runs and is an Amazon FBA seller.

About the Author Augustas Kligys

Augustas Kligys is the host and creator of several popular virtual and in-person summits for Amazon sellers. The first one is European Private Label Summit, which covers a lot of important topics for those willing to grow their Amazon FBA business in European Marketplaces. The second - AMZ Seller Summit - an event, where experts shared their Amazon business optimization secrets and mindset, which helps to elevate your business to the next level. Augustas also hosts weekly DEMO MONDAYS video series, where Amazon seller tools are demoing their products. If you want to meet Augustas in-person, visit one of his live events for Amazon business owners: European Seller Conference, PPC Congress, and Seller Fest.

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