Demo Mondays #39 – CyberAMZ – Intelligence platform for Amazon Sellers

CyberAmz is a good choice for both new-comers and experienced Amazon sellers. Our tools help sellers track the performance of their products and a little bit more. With features like tracking the keyword rankings, page position and search volume, you will also get info about your competitors, like keyword positioning (on the same graphs)

Our Chrome Extension helps in discovering your competition’s keyword strategy on any page you browse on Amazon.

You can also gain access to useful information that delivers compact data about product price, accurate search volume, cost per click, review count, and what we like to call – Geek Score – it’s special metric, based on your data, that helps classify your most important keywords.

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CyberAMZ is presented by the co-founder Mihaela Dido.

List of features covered in this video:

00:28 What is CyberAMZ and what problems does it solve for Amazon sellers?
02:04 What is Geek Score?
02:23 Type of Amazon sellers that CyberAMZ is targeting
04:22 Marketplaces covered
05:43 Overview of Homepage
08:57 Amazon Choice figure
11:22 Adding new keywords to the platform
12:49 Pricing
14:24 What are the new features that CyberAMZ planning to release to users?
14:34 What is an Auto Responder?
15:44 You are planning to expand to more marketplaces of Amazon, right?
15:49 New Marketplaces to be covered
16:21 How can we contact CyberAMZ Support team?
17:34 So final question, do you have any offer for Demo Mondays viewers?
17:39 Offer: coupon code DEMOMONDAYS to get 30% off your 1st year of subscription

Transcript - Walk-through of CyberAMZ

[00:00] Augustas: Welcome back to another session of Demo Mondays. Demo Mondays is video series where I invite different Amazon seller software creators and I ask them to present their products just like this on the screen. And today my guest is CyberAMZ.

[00:19] Augustas: And CyberAMZ is presented by the founder Mihaela Dido. Hello Mihaela.

[00:26] Mihaela: Thanks so much for having me.

[00:28] Augustas: Nice to meet you. And can you tell us very shortly, what is CyberAMZ and what problems does it solve for Amazon sellers ?

[00:40] Mihaela: CyberAMZ is a simple platform for Amazon sellers. And we just Launched a chrome extension last month. First I want to speak about the platform and after that I will tell you about the chrome extension. Our platform helps sellers in tracking the performance of their products, tracking keyword rankings, page position, and search volume for their product and for all their competitors as well. Probably every seller. So no such kind of source. You can enter some products or some ASINs and you can add some keywords, and then the tool will track your positions. So in the search by this keyword, but especially you have a feature for tracking competitors keyword ranking. Basically sellers can track rankings for 11 keywords and they can monitor how rankings develop over time. It’s very easy for comparing your rankings with your competitors rankings. Now the chrome extensions helps in discovering your competitors keywords strategy on any page on Amazon and make Amazon keywords research easier for sellers. You believe that you should look at indicators like cost per click, search volumes and reviews before you make big decisions. And in terms of what products you sell, what you like to call a Geek Score. It’s a special metric based on data science that helps classify our most important keywords. Also, you can make decision based on data using CyberAMZ extension.

[02:23] Augustas: Oh yes, so we’ll go into that details very soon. Before we do that. What kind of Amazon sellers are you targeting with this tool? For whom does it fit the best?

[02:33] Mihaela: So mainly it’s private label, seller FBA, or actually you don’t have any specific limitation. Most of our users are doing FBA, but some of them however, not only they do FBA, but also do FBM. So from sellers point of view, it’s a matter of experience. So actually you target every seller from beginners to advanced, but our best feedback is from beginners as it’s very easy to setup and use. CyberAMZ is very useful if you have 1 product to sell or also it’s very useful if you have more product but not very much. Because everything you do is based on data and main feature is the possibility to compare your rankings with your competitors. And that is pretty easy to interpret because you can do everything on the same graph. When you are a beginner, it’s most important to know what your competitors are doing better than you. And actually it is the easiest way to understand the market that you target and to accelerate your profits and basically higher ranks equals more sales. And you know, 90% of customers will make their purchase exclusively on page 1 up to 3 of Amazon search results page. And if your product isn’t visible here, maybe we’ll use the bulk of your sales.

[04:22] Augustas: And for what kind of marketplaces is it designed ? where does it work ?

[04:26] Mihaela: For the moment CyberAMZ covers only U.S, but we don’t cover Asia, Europe or Australia, but we plan to develop and more of an update for more market place. So at the beginning of 2019. Luckily a lot of sellers even if they are outside the US, so we are also selling on .com .So you have sellers from U.S, UK, Germany and Romania because Romania was the first country when we launched. And so you have a lot of sellers from different country. An important thing that I want to say that it isn’t necessary to link the seller account with the CyberAMZ platform because our software doesn’t use MWS, marketplace web service, to work with seller accounts. We use scrapping methods for tracking keywords for Ranking. Also, our software has digital workers for scan Amazon.

[05:34] Augustas: Alright. So let’s jump into the tool to see how does it work and see what you can offer.

[05:43] Mihaela: Let’s do that first. This is the home base. So the first step is to, of course create an account. You can try CyberAMZ free for 30 days, no credit card required. So you do have 2 products. First is the platform and the other is the chrome extension. And I will basically show you how an Amazon seller can use it. So when you log into the web, you will see a dashboard for keywords tracker. Let me divide things with the first feature, which is our keyword tracker. So now I’m looking at the dashboard, here as you can see a list of the product that I added. This feature is very useful for tracking the rankings of our 11 keywords. You can monitor how rankings develop over time and see the effects of your competitors effort on keyword rankings.


[06:50] Mihaela: So I choose, for example this product, this is a robot for children. And for example, this is the graph and you can basically choose any keyword that you want to track and your competitors evolution. Now I added only 3 competitors because you think that it’s enough. You can see how they are doing compared to you on the same graph that you can make AB testing decisions or if you are going to be like doing boost ticking PPC or you can change your bullets or introduce new keywords in the listing or anything like that, you can track and now higher competitors are doing compared to like 4. Here’s competitor 1, competitor 2, competitor 3 and 4 for the robot, for this particular phrase. Also, you can see the ranking and if you want to switch to see only your position without your competitors. This is the button.

[08:01] Mihaela: And our Algorithm is considered relevant, sponsored and organic. In general for Amazon seller, it is very important to know the real position of the keywords including sponsored products. And next, this is the page for competitors. If you are new in the niche and you want to know about our competitors activity, you can start to track your keywords position on the same graphic competitors position. Also, I can say that it is a very useful thing for a good start if you want to have a higher rank than your competitors.

[08:57] Mihaela: This is Amazon choices. So it’s a choice. It’s a base for keywords. When you search some items there is a black figure that appears on some listings that says, Amazon choice. Because it’s black and orange, it is very noticeable. Most of them are best sellers. And it seems like it’s really helping and encourage sales, the size is about twice as big as the prime thing, makes it seems like a big deal, 1 click purchase becomes no click purchase, and because it costs more, I can place an order using Amazon Echo speaker that will allow the unit to automatically order items in response to a voice comment. This is the button for chrome extension, I will present our chrome extension and this is our logo. I can click that and it logs me in.

[10:05] Mihaela: I always sort by extract phrase volume for example, and you can discover all the high ranking keywords for your top competitors. You can have a great idea for which keywords are pulling in stats. Search volume, cost per click, number of competitors and Geek score. So the chrome extension runs live on Amazon U.S only for the moment. But the advantage of this is that if you are ready to have a bit of an idea about the best keywords for your products. I also want to say that CyberAMZ extract these indicators from Amazon without extension geek score because this is calculated based on our algorithm, which is based on search volume, on competitors and on cost per click. Also, they can export review report and keywords report. This is the botton and so I have a perfect calculator here, this box is dedicated for sales and revenue calculator. They can see their sales and earning potential on any product. So those are the platform and our chrome extension.

[11:22] Augustas: And how do you add new keywords to the platform?

[11:28] Mihaela: Yeah, you can add keywords. I’ll find keywords on Amazon and after that I will add in the platform. It’s the best way because you can sort by search volume, and for example the geek score is very relevant. For example this word is very important for this product. And after that I will add here, this is the button for keywords. For example, I will add “Robot for children”. I also have a button for reload keywords, 1 time per hour and sellers can click on this button. And in the short time these keywords will update.

[12:42] Mihaela: Why can’t we speak about the pricing? Maybe?

[12:46] Augustas: Yes, let’s go into the pricing.

[12:49] Mihaela: So the pricing is here, it’s a free trial which includes unlimited access to all features. No card required for 30 days. It’s a bit more basic, but it’s really helpful, to help sellers that are just starting out. Our software is based on a product limitation. It depends on how many products you have, so the price starts by $10 per month. You can also add to 3 ASINs of competitors from your niche. You aren’t limited by your niche. You can add all what you want to add. And basically the difference between all those prices is increasing the number of products that you can add. Our pricing is $10 per month, up to $35 per month for sellers targeting more products.

[13:55] Mihaela: But for example, you have 200 keywords per product, more keywords than other tools. Our chrome extension is only for our users. Another important thing that I want to say is if someone has more 30 products for example, they can always contact us and we’ll give you a special price and you can negotiate.

[14:24] Augustas: Alright thank you very much. Talking about future features you’re planning to release for existing users, what are they?

[14:34] Mihaela: The next one, which is coming at the beginning of the New Year is Auto Responder, so basically this tool sends automatic emails. We follow up email sequence to our customers and ask them if everything is okay and if they would like to leave a review or feedback. So this is pretty important tool, especially for selling in U.S or, because although Amazon made some changes and introduced this opt out feature for marketing emails, but you have a lot of things planned for example, cost per click, and for a ppc manager. The ultimate goal that we have in mind is that you can fully automate your sponsored products.

[15:22] Mihaela: Then you will set up your campaigns and we will manage your campaigns and you will make sure to reach the target that you want to target. So you set the targets for us and then we would help you reach your target.

[15:44] Augustas: You are planning to expand to more marketplaces of Amazon, right?

[15:49] Mihaela: Yeah. We are planning to extend for more marketplaces at the beginning of the new year. Maybe the next marketplace we’ll be from Europe for example, Germany and the UK. Also Australia is a nice market because it’s the beginning. And at the beginning of the new year, we can make an update.

[16:21] Augustas: Great. And how does Support work in your team and how can people get in touch with you ?

[16:30] Mihaela: It’s super simple because you have a chat app that you can see when you are browsing through our website on the dashboard of the app and I think it’s really the best way of contacting us. It’s on the bottom right side of the screen. You can also just send us the question and we will be very prompt to reply. The other way of doing it is naturally through sending us an email via . As well in which you can click on contact us and fill a form. We are responsive and we will try our best to respond on the same day and usually the response is within 24 hours even if it’s a weekend. Also, we are developing this software, thanks to our beta users, for whom we develop our new features.

[17:34] Augustas: So final question, do you have any offer for Demo Mondays viewers?

[17:39] Mihaela: Sure. CyberAMZ is free for all users for 30 days, but we give 30% for our clients right now that are eligible for up to 1 year, so they can use DEMOMONDAYS as a coupon code. Just as they see me, they should make sure that they introduce this discount called DEMOMONDAYS and we are happy to apply the discount.

[18:08] Augustas: Great. Thank you very much Mihaela and good luck in your business. Bye bye.


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