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Demo Mondays #57 – Perpetua

Perpetua is an AI-powered optimization platform for Sponsored Ads on Amazon. Perpetua’s Ad Engine helps the world’s smartest Brands, Media Agencies and Sellers increase sales, minimize advertising costs, and dramatically save time on the minutiae of managing Amazon ads. With features like keyword and ASIN harvesting, algorithmic bidding, advanced targeting (brand, category, competitor), total sales analytics and best-in-class mobile apps – Perpetua gives superpowers to anyone who sells on Amazon.

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Demo Mondays #56 – ZonGuru

ZonGuru is an all-in-one tool suite for every phase of the Amazon journey. From product research to business automation, ZonGuru has all the tools a seller needs to manage and scale your business. ZonGuru is a tool built by sellers for sellers, and they are passionate about helping our users create financial freedom.

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Demo Mondays #55 – PPC Ninja

PPC Ninja offers advanced Amazon PPC Tools and Services for Amazon Sellers and Agencies. So many sellers find their PPC failing despite trying multiple PPC tools and services. But an automation tool is only as good as the foundation on which the PPC strategy stands. PPC Ninja offers short engagement (micro services) to help you clean up and optimize your campaigns and listings at an ASIN level, so that PPC tools can then work smoothly and give you the returns you want. Average 9.5 out of 10 star rating by happy customers. Amazon advertising is a battlefield. Let’s prepare you for victory.

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Demo Mondays #54 – AMZJet

AMZJet is the first-ever Amazon tool to track keyword rank at the regional level. Georank may be an important factor in the Amazon search result algorithm. Check rank for your products and for competitors in each U.S. state to leverage the data in inventory distribution and marketing strategies.

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Demo Mondays #53 – Seller Metrix – Amazon Analytics Tool for Sellers

Instantly see your Amazon sales and profit on your personal dashboard. We will display your financial metrics like Sales, Profit, PPC Spend, Amazon fees, ROI, Refunds and other key numbers.

In Seller Metrix you can also view your sales per ASIN – so you can easily identify your best (and worst) performing products and take appropriate action.

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Demo Mondays #52 – PPCEntourage – Entourage margins

If you suspect (even a little) that hundreds, or maybe thousands of dollars are slipping through your fingers because you don’t have a way to monitor the expenses tied to each of your products…

Then you need Entourage Margins — the software explicitly designed to identify where every penny that is being drained from your profit margins is located on a SKU-by-SKU basis by focusing on and fixing the following ‘margin eaters’; PPC Ad Spend, FBA fees, Promo Fees, Returns, and Other Amazon FBA Fees.

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Demo Mondays #51 – Sermondo

Sermondo is a global directory platform on which Amazon sellers find service providers they need in order to manage and grow their Amazon business – all around the world. Sellers can search, compare and rate companies from over 20 service categories, making it the easiest and most transparent way of choosing the right service providers to work with.

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Demo Mondays #49 – FeedbackExpress

FeedbackExpress will help you build up your positive seller feedback, and also helps you dealing with, and manage any negative comments that you can get. It is all about helping you build up your sales and increase the visibility of your products.

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Demo Mondays #47 – Landing Cube

LandingCube helps Amazon sellers boost sales & rankings while building a customer list, with landing pages & chatbots. Our best-in-class Amazon landing pages, available in 4 beautiful design layouts, allow you to deliver single-use promo codes in exchange for emails or Messenger subscribers. Or bypass landing pages altogether with our Messenger Ad feature, which allows you to send coupon codes directly in Facebook Messenger and automate review followups.

LandingCube has super-easy integrations with the Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, 8 email service providers and ManyChat.

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Demo Mondays #46 – Pixelfy – Track Your Amazon Links

Pixelfy will help you to track your links and improve the rankings of your products on Amazon.

Harness every link you share. Monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place to increase your Amazon Sales.

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