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Demo Mondays #42 – Quantify Ninja

Every month, an increasing number of sellers starts selling on Amazon, making the reign fiercely competitive, and turning it into a game in which only the fittest survive. If you want to not only survive but lead the way, you simply can’t rely on outdated sets of tools and techniques anymore. You must be able to monitor and improve your account, and create a strong direct connection with your customer through follow up emails and external marketing. Quantify Ninja meets those challenges by providing a state-of-the-art solution, an ever-evolving set of tools wrapped up in a stunning, easy to use, intuitive interface.

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Demo Mondays #41 – Shopkeeper – Automatic Profit Calculator

Shopkeeper (formerly known as AMZPing) is an easy to use software, which shows Amazon sales and inventory data across all marketplaces in one place.

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Demo Mondays #40 – Teikametrics Flywheel – Sponsored Products Optimizer

Teikametrics Flywheel is a Retail Optimization Platform (ROP) that uses Big Data to help sellers and brands automate and optimize advertising on Amazon. Flywheel provides visibility into key metrics coupled with powerful machine learning and data science technology which takes action to help brands scale – all in a seamless, intuitive interface.

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Demo Mondays #39 – CyberAMZ – Intelligence platform for Amazon Sellers

CyberAmz is a good choice for both new-comers and experienced Amazon sellers. Our tools help sellers track the performance of their products and a little bit more. With features like tracking the keyword rankings, page position and search volume, you will also get info about your competitors, like keyword positioning (on the same graphs)

Our Chrome Extension helps in discovering your competition’s keyword strategy on any page you browse on Amazon.

You can also gain access to useful information that delivers compact data about product price, accurate search volume, cost per click, review count, and what we like to call – Geek Score – it’s special metric, based on your data, that helps classify your most important keywords.

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Demo Mondays #38 – DataHawk

DataHawk is an Amazon Analytics Tool that helps professional sellers and vendors (1) track keywords and products rankings and performance, (2) run product research, (3) analyze market and competition data, and (4) run SEO listings optimization.

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Demo Mondays #37 – SellerSEO – Full Amazon Optimization Platform

SellerSEO is a full Amazon optimization platform. Our tools allow you to boost sales and ROI while saving time. We can optimize you listing, create PPC campaigns, and even automatically reduce your Amazon PPC costs while increasing profit. Find the best keywords with real Amazon search volume, track your daily keyword rank and BSR rank, and even build you off-site traffic campaigns in under 5 minutes and more!

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Demo Mondays #36 – ZonTracker – track Facebook Amazon sales

ZonTracker is the first-ever tool to automatically track Amazon sales that originate from FB ads. It’s a web application that works in the background, you never need to access it. You only need to go to your Facebook account as usual to see a new column for Amazon sales. You can send traffic anywhere to Amazon or to your website. Sales will be tracked in all scenarios.

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Demo Mondays #35 – Jump Send – Email Automation and Product Promotions

Jump Send is one of the easiest ways to launch a product and get reviews on Amazon. It is a platform that Amazon sellers can use to promote their products to over 100,000 ready-to-purchase shoppers and send follow up emails that encourage reviews. All within one easy-to-use tool! Don’t miss out on more sales, more reviews, and better customer service for your buyers by signing up for Jump Send today.

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Demo Mondays #34 – SellerLegend – All-in-one management for Amazon sellers

SellerLegend is an Amazon Analytics toolset, which allows you to gain utmost clarity about your Amazon business performance. They report on a multitude of Key Performance Indicators in ways which are not available on SellerCentral or indeed on any other Analytics tool.

As far as their analytics features go, they aim to go narrow and deep. SellerLegend focuses on essentially the most important business indicators but they go extraordinarily deep to provide a very clear insight of Amazon seller business.

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Demo Mondays #33 – Seller Chatbot – eCommerce Facebook messenger

Seller Chatbot helps you create Facebook Messenger bots for your Amazon business which will sky-rocket your sales and marketing. No need for a website or landing page, set up a high converting promotion in under 5 minutes. Chatbots can help you with product launches, reviews, ranking, customer service, dispensing one time use coupon codes, interacting with your customers on a 1:1 level and so much more…

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