Amazon now provides VAT reports

Our friends from FBA Hero recently informed that Amazon Europe has introduced “VAT Transactions Report” with detailed VAT-related information for sales, refunds, returns, across border fulfillment centers and border inbound transfers through European marketplaces of Amazon.

The report is provided on a monthly basis and is accessible via your Seller Central by going to REPORTS > Fulfilment by Amazon > Tax > Amazon VAT Transactions Report .

This report will be very beneficial for sellers to get all the details of their VAT transactions, which can be the most difficult part to understand without hiring a personal accountant.

Here is a screenshot of how to find the VAT report:


By the way, talking about the reports in Amazon Seller Central. I guess all of the sellers are on the same page – the Amazon’s standard user interface is antique and a pain to navigate and understand. Lots of counter-intuitive reports and information…

Actually, I was recently chatting with Ryan, the founder of Hello Profit and he introduced me to the app they are creating, which is a very powerful replacement for the outdated Amazon’s Seller Central.

Hello Profit pulls all the data from your Amazon seller’s account and makes it easy to track the profit of your products, as well as all the costs involved: PPC, shipping, etc. All the details are presented in a user-friendly and easy to navigate interface.

The good news about Hello Profit is that it costs almost nothing to try, just $1 for 21 days. After that, Ryan has agreed to offer a $20 off a month for the 1st year especially for the audience of the European Private Label Summit…yes, that means you, Friend!

And yes… I was assured that Hello Profit works in Europe!

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