Amazon Seller Feeback Updates 2018

Greg Reynolds, the Founder and CEO of, explains the changes Amazon introduced regarding how the seller feedback metrics are shown on the seller profile. More about ZonSupport read in this video blog post.

Recently Amazon changed how the seller feedback metrics appear on the seller profile and we invited Greg Reynolds from ZonSupport to help us understand it. Here is what he has to say about this topic:

“A lot of people don’t really even look at their seller feedback. Sellers are looking all the time at their reviews and trying to manage that side of things. And so often in Amazon where you can leave a seller feedback. So customers leave a comment there about the sellers performance, not the products, but performance. Oftentimes in there, it’s actually a comment, which is better as a product review. And so there are clients that will simply trace that customer data and ask them to copy it into a product review. It’s basically a five-star review are waiting to happen. But the critical change that’s just come in with that Amazon that they changed this metric, and I won’t go down to the boring details of why? But instead of it being averaged out until the beginning of time, which is when you open your seller central account, they’ve now changed this onto a rolling 12-month average.”

“So, if you what we call a legacy seller, you’ve been on there for several years, you’ll have a lot of seller feedback possibly, and you’d be sitting on 99 to 100 percent. If along the journey you’ve had a product issue or some performance issues and people have complained, it hasn’t really mattered because one or two bad comments and seller feedback when you’ve got such a large number of good comments, doesn’t count.”

“This is critical change, because what it means now is, if in the last 12 months you’ve had an issue with products or your customer service and you’ve had some low star seller feedback and you haven’t even noticed it, all of a sudden your seller feedback metric won’t be 99 percent anymore. It might be 68 percent.”

“For FBA merchants, it’s not quite as critical. But if you’re FBM, that if you have any bad seller feedback, that’s where customers go look and find out about you. So this change with the Amazon is quite critical.”

“What any seller should be doing at the moment is logging in and checking their seller feedback. If there are low scores, the order number is sitting right next to it, so click on the order, reach out to the customer and try and resolve it.”

“If it’s a product review, click on the appeal, go through the Amazon and see if you can appeal it and get it removed. Oftentimes it’s an FBA issue, it’s a delivery issue. And so Amazon will take responsibility. They’ll strike through, your score will lift. It’s just another one of those daily jobs that need to be done that we, at ZonSupport do for clients, but all sellers should certainly be aware of this and looking carefully into this area right now.”


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