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For more than 1 year my passion was to test different products and publish their reviews with good quality pictures and a short video. It was not only interesting and fun but also an expensive and time-consuming activity of mine. Product reviews included product testing, photo and movie shooting, production of a short film, finally sitting down and writing the review itself. For each product review I dedicated at least 1 hour of my time, which is a number one currency of nowadays.

You can imagine how unpleasantly surprised I was when I have found out that my reviews are being removed with no explanation or notification of the fact.

Since review rules change in November 2016, Amazon has decided to delete 30 out of my 250 product reviews (more than 10%). That’s 30 hours of my time!

I tried to analyse Amazon’s review removal algorithm, but with no luck.

I did not notice any logic in their algorithms. Some of the removed reviews were written back in 2015. When I attempted to re-publish them, Amazon displayed the following message: “Sorry, we are unable to accept your review of this product for either one or both of the following reasons”

Very interesting, because all of my reviews in 2015 and early 2016 had a disclaimer stating that I “got the product in exchange of honest evaluation,” and that was always within the Amazon’s TOS at that time. However now some of the older reviews are removed…

One of the readers has also shared his thoughts on this issue:

Amazon removed 78% (48 of 61) of reviews on one of my products just a week ago. The reviews were all within the AMZ guideline. They already did this with other sellers last year after they changed the guidelines. <…>

In the last years when they changed guidelines I had the impression that the old status was grandfathered in. Meaning what existed before the change was still ok after the change. Just new entries needed to confirm with the new guidelines. Here they seem to take another stance.

Another Amazon seller has reported that he has lost 60% of reviews in Europe so far:

The robot is crazy it even removes verified as well, out of the 60% – 15% of those are verified reviews.

One thing I could advise you is this: go into your reviews you gave and remove where it says: “got the product in exchange of honest evaluation”;

That’s what the robot is picking up on, then remove that statement. I got my customers to do that and it saved a lot.

It is really hard to tell if the advice will definitely work. That’s a mystery I guess, and, to tell the truth, I expect even more reviews to be removed from my account in the next few months…

If you have resolved this riddle and have valuable information to add to it, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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GISELA HAUSMANN says April 2, 2017

Hello Augustas, “Getting reviews on Amazon” is my expertise. I released a book about it February 2016; and, also a German edition. I have also been a guest in Bloomberg, talking about this topic, as well as NBCNews, plus 4 European publications. Please see my website for details.
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