Amazon now offers VAT services!

Are you already selling in Europe? Or maybe you are just planning to do so?

Keeping track of all the Value Added Tax (VAT) complications across European marketplaces is one of the biggest issues for Amazon sellers, and even for their private accountants. Some international sellers were hesitating to start selling in Amazon Europe just because they did not want to deal with all the taxes and extra costs for accountants.

Amazon has just opened up their new service called VAT Services on Amazon.

The eCommerce giant has teamed up with Avalara, which will be taking care of VAT filings for the sellers who are opting into this service.

The price? Extremely competitive!

It costs only 400€ per year to file VAT returns for one single country. And the good thing that this service can take care of all the countries where your business is required to be VAT registered. The 400€ fee also includes getting a VAT registration number for you without additional cost.

Support countries at this day: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Czech Republic.

Alternative Services

If you still have doubts about trusting this Amazon VAT service, which looks like is totally automated, you still have other alternatives like SimplyVAT. Their service will cost a bit more, but you might get a better and more personalized customer support.

Original Announcement by Amazon

Here is the original message, which was sent by Amazon to many sellers across Europe around 3rd of July, 2017:

Video Introduction to the VAT Services

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Shai says July 12, 2017

Hi!! Can you please invite me? it’s closed now 🙂

    Augustas Kligys says July 12, 2017

    That is interesting that Amazon has locked this service again.

      Shai says July 13, 2017

      YES i know!!

      Shai says July 13, 2017

      Please can I give you my email for an invite?

      Augustas Kligys says July 13, 2017

      Unfortunately it is Amazon itself who is inviting sellers. Nobody else can do an invitation.

Luke says September 28, 2017

interesting article. If I understand correctly the service only helps with filling side of VAT. The payment has to be done by yourself. Correct?

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