7-Figure Sellers Tips for Your Amazon FBA Business

2020 has already brought many challenges to Amazon sellers. To help your business keep going and overcome issues that all sellers are struggling with, we put together some of the best insights from two 7-figure sellers who shared their experience during the “7-Figure Sellers Expert Panel – Ask Them Anything” panel at the

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Amazon FBA and Coronavirus: How to Stay in Control? – Danny McMillan, Seth Kniep, Chris Rawlings

The current Coronavirus situation is strongly affecting businesses and has left many Amazon sellers out of control of their own. Obviously, there are much more extraordinary challenges to deal with than ever before. With the countries shutting down their borders and new restrictions coming into action, many of Amazon experts and sellers happened to be in Prague where the

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Amazon Listing Optimization: CTR, Product Images and PPC – Danny Carlson

Optimizing your Amazon listing is one of the best things you can do to reach a wider audience for your Amazon business. But what a good optimization means? There are some techniques that guarantee your product always lands on the top of the keyword searches, gather more clicks, and eventually, get more sales. In this video, Danny Carlson from Kenji ROI shows you a couple of tricks on how to turn your basic organic listing into a more optimized one through product photography and PPC Campaigns.

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Opportunities to Sell Online in Southeast Asia

While the western markets are the battleground of choice for western FBAs, we look at how you can boost your potential into expanding your business in a fast-rising online consumer market in Southeast Asia (SEA).

We talked with Andy, who for the past year, has given 300 workshops and 40 masterclasses as an Amazon sales trainer and consultant in South East Asia. He teaches sellers in the Southeast Asian region primarily in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, including Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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How to Launch a Profitable Amazon Product – Seth Kniep

Finding the right product to sell on Amazon is the most important yet the hardest thing to do. Basically, you have nowhere to go if you don’t find a profitable product that sells on Amazon – you don’t have huge traffic, your sales are low and, as a result, you become invisible. In this interview, Seth Kniep, the CEO and Co-founder of Just One Dime, shares many valuable tips on how to find and launch a successful product on Amazon.

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7 Steps To Build A Brand with Bernhard Rauscher

Building your brand is one of the most crucial but difficult tasks to do when starting up your business. The baby steps you take with your business will determine how it grows in the future. Today we talk with Bernhard Rauscher, an Amazon seller and entrepreneur, who shares effective 7 brand-building steps that you can use as a guide in starting and nurturing your business venture into success.

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Demo Mondays #59 – Profit Whales – PPC Optimization Software

Profit Whales PPC Optimization Software is a complete tool to automate the optimization of your advertising campaigns on Amazon. Forget about the tasks like bid management, keywords harvesting, adding negative keywords, etc. The algorithm will do the work based on your advertising and business goal while you sleep. You sell, Profit Whales do the rest!

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Demo Mondays #58 – Intentwise – Amazon Advertising Partner

Intentwise is an Amazon advertising partner. Intentwise’s technology platform helps Amazon advertisers achieve stellar results and save valuable time.

Intentwise’s comprehensive recommendations span bid management, keyword optimization, product targeting, account structure design, and more. Automation and simplified workflows enable rapid execution of time-consuming tasks such as bulk bid updates, day-parting, and addition of keywords from search terms. With its robust analytics capabilities, monitoring and analyzing performance could not have been simpler. Try them out for free – they offer a 14-day trial.

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Get Your Amazon Business Plan Ready – Jérôme de Guigné

Starting an Amazon business without a clear long-term plan can be one of the triggers of why your business does not develop the way you’d like. Most of the time, sellers don’t have business plans simply because they’re lacking the necessary knowledge of how important it is and, finally, do not know how to prepare one. This time Amazon business expert Jérôme de Guigné from e-COMAS.com will explain how having a sustainable business plan is impacts your long-term business goals.

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